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I wrote a ton of poetry when I was in my teens, here’s one of the ones I’m proud of: Wisdom Wisdom is a constant teardropthat knows no living end,for half are born from beautyand half injustice send. Wisdom is … Continue reading

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Music and Life, Alan Watts

A little eastern philosophy from one of my favorite philosophers (animation by the south park guys). Link

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I did something that made me feel ashamed of myself.  I almost never feel shame, I hate it.  I try hard to do the right thing 100% of the time, and even when I fuck up I do so pretty … Continue reading

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Had a bad week…

I read some blogs on here that were pretty personal.  Really personal, actually.  So I thought I should post some info and a blog or two at the very least because I realized it’s pretty lousy to read someone’s personal … Continue reading

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What do you consider the single most important event in your life?

My conception, presumably.    I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

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Science and Religion.

  Alot of religious folk are attacking science these days because they think that if science contradicts their beliefs, that science must be wrong.  But this is extremely arrogant because it assumes their theology is infallible.  But history tells us … Continue reading

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Hi everyone! I’m just getting started on Xanga… Drop me a comment if you’ve got some ideas on what to do first – or just to say, “Hi!” 🙂

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