Had a bad week…

I read some blogs on here that were pretty personal.  Really personal, actually.  So I thought I should post some info and a blog or two at the very least because I realized it’s pretty lousy to read someone’s personal information and hide behind the anonymity of the internet.

So I posted a blog about religion and science.  But then I realized that doesn’t quite cut it.  Political views are not really revealing or personal, and that’s still not fair.  But in all honesty my life is not very exciting, so I didn’t know what I could talk about.  So I thought I’d make a blog about something that happened recently that left me feeling violated and unsafe.

I wasn’t raped or anything, don’t worry.

I was ripped off in a bad way.

I’ve been trying to get out of the work that I’ve been doing, building crappy little websites for small businesses.  I only did this work because I had to care for a disabled parent (my mom) whose health at the time I started (at about 17 years old) was very bad, she needed round the clock care.  So anyway I was stuck working from home since the beginning of my adult life being miserable.

About two years later her health starts to improve, so I start applying for jobs, any crappy job to get out of my apartment.  I apply to a ton of them but for some reason they all hire highschool kids ahead of me – I guess they figure they can keep them easier.

Then I get a call back for a job, I don’t really know what it is, the ad was vague.

Long story short they hire me, they say they’re going to train me as a manager and I’m going to make 50k/yr base pay, rapidly expanding multi-million dollar company etc.  They had an office, materials, product samples (fire safety equipment).  I have a few days for it to sink in and I’m thinking finally I’ll be able to take care of my family the right way, finally things are looking up.

They say I have to do sales “training”, which means I have to sell $1k worth of fire extinguishers and other equipment so I can train others to do the same, then I move onto office training and at the end of it I get to pick any city in the country and they’ll send me down to set up an office.  The person who hired me said they were a trainee themselves who had finished the training, and like a fool I believed it.

A day into my “training” I notice a few discrepancies in the price lists and go online to see what this stuff is worth.  Turns out they have us selling it for 2-6 times it’s actual retail value.

I keep digging for like an hour and finally uncover a rabbit hole of fake companies with identical setups who have scammed people.  Turns out it’s a couple of con artists that have been running the same scam for almost a decade, so far as I can tell.  They prey on people who are out of work.  One of the people I interviewed with was some 25 year old kid who said they worked in a 130 degree factory for long hours, they got one week off and they used it to apply for jobs and go on interviews.

I’ve never had financial security once in my adult life.  I’ve barely gotten out of more than one eviction.  I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck not knowing when or if I will ever get paid for any work I’ve done.

I’ve done 20 hours of work for one client (who agreed to pay) only to have them laugh in my face and say too bad before even previewing the work.  I’ve had to cold-call people who don’t want to be cold-called, which is the infamous hell-job, and do it knowing that if I don’t make x amount of dollars by next week, I won’t have anywhere to sleep or any food to eat.

So for the first time in my life I was going to have financial stability.  Every single thing in my life that I hate was going to be rectified.  And it was all an elaborate line of bulls***.

I turned them into the police and they said they’d shut them down.  I don’t know if they did.  But when it sinks in what I won’t get now, I felt violated and unsafe.  I couldn’t even bring myself to call anyone without hitting star 67 to block the caller ID.  I felt like running away and hiding from the world.

And I feel a bit exposed now, bringing it all up again.

So yeah, to the people whose blogs I read, hope that evens things up a little bit.


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4 Responses to Had a bad week…

  1. galthouse says:

    What happened to you was wrong, and I hope the cons are caught and brought to justice.  It was a good thing you did though, doing the digging and finding them to be not what they claimed, and then turning it in to the police.My career advice for you would be to get your foot in the door somewhere and build experience, or try and get a job through a temp agency.  Good luck to you.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @galthouse – Thank you.  And sorry for tearing you a new one in the revlife blog comments, lol.  I thought you were miss poppy whatsername.

  3. galthouse says:

    @agnophilo – its ok.  I’m used to it.  When you stick your neck out, well… someone will take a crack at it.  I hope my responce didn’t anger you too much.  What can I say… I am convinced of it.Any progress or plan in the job department?

  4. agnophilo says:

    @galthouse – Going on interviews, went on one yesterday.  And no I’m not offended, I was a little harsh with you because I thought you were someone else who I’d been arguing those points with.  You have no picture and your post was under theirs, so it looked like a continuation of their post.

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