Dear Senator

Around 6 million americans are unemployed thanks to the financial collapse, and there will be a lot more if congress doesn’t do something.  Obama had already ready when he went into office a stimulus plan where he would spend billions to rebuild our roads, bridges, power plants etc and create several million new jobs.  The republicans in congress are blocking it and everything he tries to do because they don’t want the democrats to gain popularity.  They literally want the economy to continue to spiral for the next four years rather than have a democrat get credit for fixing it.  They have given many bogus reasons for disagreeing with his plan to help the economy including citing an economic report that literally doesn’t exist and never has.

I just wrote this to my republican senator:

Dear Senator,

It is one thing to oppose a piece of legislation because of legitimate disagreements, but for congressional republicans to transparently hold up relief for the millions of unemployed americans based on fictional economic reports and transparently false arguments goes far beyond partisan politics and is horribly immoral.  To automatically oppose any action taken by the newly elected democratic administration and congress to address our country’s very serious needs and try to sabotage any attempt to save the jobs and lives and livelihoods of american workers simply because your party cannot get credit for it is not only repugnant, it borders on treason.  You are leaving millions of american families who have lost their jobs and cannot find new ones twisting in the wind in the dead of winter in the name of reclaiming republican political power.

I am asking you to try to stop this insanity not just to have some hope of retaining your seat in congress next election cycle, but also to redeem yourself as a human being.


[full name]


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11 Responses to Dear Senator

  1. Justin_DeBin says:

    Yeah you tell’em.

  2. nidan says:

    Activism is a positive force in the world. I commend that.

  3. Who is your Republican Senator?

  4. No kidding? You’re a Buckeye? So am I. Where in Ohio do you live?

  5. As you know Voinovich is retiring. Who do you want to win for the Democratic Party?

  6. agnophilo says:

    @PilgrimOfTruth – “Caucasian” Falls, but I’m moving back to north hill akron in like a month.  You?

  7. agnophilo says:

    @PilgrimOfTruth – Locally I don’t know yet.  I tend to cram for the test before the election.  Been too busy with other stuff, and addicted to national news, which is probably bad for me.

  8. I live in the South Eastern part of the state. Down towards Marietta and Cambridge. For the Senate seat I really like Jennifer Brunner, the current Secretary of State. I think she would be a good liberal voice in Washington for Ohio.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @PilgrimOfTruth – Ah, I’m in NE ohio around cleveland.  So yeah you might as well be on neptune.

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