Population Mechanics And Abstinance Only Sex Ed.

I saw a blog awhile ago, I forget whose, but it was about some video on population mechanics.  The long and short of it was that americans and europeans weren’t breeding enough, so our populations were going to decline, and with it our culture and religion and oh noes the muslims will take us over etc etc.  Setting aside that european and american populations are generally growing, just less rapidly than less developed countries’ populations, the video got me thinking about population dynamics and religion.

I had been giving a lot of thought lately to why people believe in the religion they do, and it comes down to three causes, coersion (“believe in our religion or we will kill/torture you”), indoctrination (“yes Timmy, santa really does live at the north pole”) and desperation (“the only way to get over your addiction/disease/depression, have meaning and hope in your life etc is by faith in our deity” – a monstrous lie btw).  1 and 3 are the same thing, coersion, but to different extremes.  1 doesn’t fly in our society anymore, 2 is everywhere you look and 3 works but not nearly as well as 1 and 2.

Now this got me thinking about population mechanics, because say you need 2.2 kids per couple average to maintain a population size (because 0.2 will die or immigrate to another country or be impotent or die alone etc).  If you have more than that (again assuming that’s the figure, I don’t know the exact number) then the population will grow, and if you have less, the population will decline.  Well religious populations work the same way.  Most of the biggest religions tell you to go forth and multiply, as well as requiring that you indoctrinate your children.  Imagine if say the catholic church with it’s 1.1 billion adherents lead a strong movement against indoctrinating impressionable, mentally under-developed youngsters, and promoted the use of effective birth control.  Think their numbers would continue to increase?

There’s a song American Jesus that has a good line in it, it goes “I don’t need to be a global citizen ’cause I’m blessed by nationality, I’m a member of a growing populace, we enforce our popularity.”  In science, in philosophy, ideas and beliefs live or die based on their merits.  But in the evangelical world, the popularity of beliefs are enforced, foisted upon us by people convinced they know what we ought to be thinking, and population dynamics are one way this occurs.

So what does this have to do with sex education? 

Abstinance-only sex “education” as it is laughingly called, is basically “keep it in your pants until marriage” education.  Tell kids to abstain and dear sweet jesus whatever you do don’t tell them about condoms.

The problem with this is that any decent parent or child psychologist will tell you that that’s the best way in the world to get your kids pregnant.  “Don’t” is the greatest aphrodesiac in the world, and especially to a rebellious teenager. That’s why you don’t tell your 17 year old “don’t”, you tell them why they shouldn’t, otherwise when they hit their rebellious streak all your “don’ts” will be on the top of their “do” list.

So abstinance only programs seem to be either ineptly designed, or they’re designed to get teenagers pregnant (and kill a whole lot of them in the process, as well as cause a whole lot of abortions to be sought).  Policy makers know that even if you think premarital sex is the crime of the century AO programs don’t actually stop it, the teens from religious schools with AO programs and “abstinance pledges” have sex before leaving highschool at the same rate as the kids that learn about condoms and STDs, except they’re more likely to get pregnant or catch a disease.

So why have these programs been pushed for so much?  They’re morally bankrupt, ineffective and there’s no reason for even a well-informed puritan to support them in their current form.

But what if religions are promoting them because they have known for over a century that the number 1 way they get new converts is through people indoctrinating their kids?  Basic population dynamics, if say catholics have more kids than protestants, there will be more catholics.  And of course more tithes and more political influence.  Think of how strong the push is for evangelism is in this country in the christian religions compared to judaism and islam and other religions, you don’t think they’d manipulate people?  These are the same organizations that lie to addicts and tell them they can’t get cured without christianity and suppress information about new drugs that help lessen alchohol cravings among recovering addicts.  We’re talking about the catholic church that until veeeery recently has had an official policy of telling peope in africa how sinful condom use is knowing that many of them will die of AIDS as a result.

They wanna save your soul, they don’t care so much about your body or your mind.


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62 Responses to Population Mechanics And Abstinance Only Sex Ed.

  1. tracezilla says:

    This is pretty scary, but at the same time it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve heard like-opinions before, and they seem pretty sound to me.I doubt that the general congregations are in on this sort of a conspiracy-level crusade against safe sex, but I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that on the higher levels of the inner workings of the churches its not just a question of being inept or uninformed. I’m sure its deliberate.But, on the general congregation’s level, I think they’re just spitting back what they’re told and what they’ve always believed because that is what they were told. Safe sex is still sex, and sex before marriage is bad, if you tell the kids how to be safe they’ll know what to do and run out and have sex because its like giving them permission to do it, etc.Either way, it furthers the goal.I think that this is despicable. Either its deliberately a conspiracy, or its just coming from stubborn ignorance. I think that its a bit of both. Not teaching people about their bodies, about how to protect themselves, etc. is the same as playing with their lives for your own agenda, whether it be stubborn ignorance or deliberate conspiracy.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @tracezilla@lovelyish – You might find this amusing.  Wish I’d included it in the blog at the time, lol.And yeah I thought you thought this was an intolerant crackpot theory?

  3. tracezilla says:

    @agnophilo – I don’t remember ever saying that. o.O; I’m not one for conspiracy theories, in general, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the people on the more important levels of the church are fully aware that their AO education is really just going to cause more unplanned pregnancies in the target groups. Although, I think the general congregation is not likely at all in on such a conspiracy.But, I’ve never been in favor of AO education.What my grandpa was talking about and the way I see it aren’t quite the same. For one thing, he had no beef with AO education. His issue was with all Catholics, even down to the lowest of the congregation, because he thought every single last one of them was purposely foregoing birth control and still having sex just so they would have mega-huge families with the purposeful and willful intent on each and every individual couple’s part to take over the world and make everyone Catholic just simply by outnumbering everyone else. Also, AO education was not what grandpa cited as his idea for this, it was just the birth control thing. Grandpa didn’t have a beef with AO education, he was of the utmost opinion that girls should not have sex before they’re married. But, since it seemed to be acceptable for men to have sex before marriage, I really don’t know who he thought they should be having sex with if no woman would do it…I think it is kind of ironic that grandpa came from a family of 13 kids, though. Nobody in the family is or has ever been Catholic, though. :pTo me, though, the idea that the conspiracy would be on such a huge level is taking it a little too far, though. However, I do think it extends beyond just Catholics, either way. :p I mean, Catholics are not the only ones who preach the AO education, and most other denominations of Christianity are discouraging birth control to teens, saying that they shouldn’t be having sex so they shouldn’t have access to it.I think its just a case of the congregations/followers simply listening to what their church leaders say and not really questioning it so much as just simply looking for reasons to support it (or just blindly listening without looking for reasons to support it, simply because they think if their church leaders are saying it then it must be important to the religion). Looking for reasons to support something isn’t always the same as questioning, though. Its often used in a different way, where you ignore all the information against your cause, and just pick out and hold up the things that are for it, not bothering to stop and think about the entire picture and the arguments against it along with the arguments for it. That is not questioning. 😦

  4. agnophilo says:

    @tracezilla@lovelyish – It’s possible your grandpa didn’t really think it out that far, or it’s possible he just had different standards for his family than for the rest of the world.  I mean a young guy wants a young girl to like sex, and a father wants his daughter to wait until she has a PhD and a blackbelt in karate before she goes on her first date, lol.I don’t get why anyone would have 13 kids.  That’s like eating 50 doughnuts in a day or owning 200 pairs of pants.  I just see no reason for it.  People probably do either because of religion or because they grew up in a house with tons of kids and that’s normal to them.And yeah, I don’t think all the parishoners are in on a big conspiracy.  But I think those that set policy are.

  5. tracezilla says:

    @agnophilo – His parents just simply didn’t use birth control, but it wasn’t because of any particular reason, other than I think his father just found out inconvenient.

  6. tracezilla says:

    @agnophilo – His father was not a very reasonable man, nor was he a very nice man. Having a lot of kids around didn’t matter to him, they were all scared of him so they didn’t act up in front of or around him, and taking care of the kids was not the father’s job but the mother’s as far as he was concerned.

  7. agnophilo says:

    @tracezilla@lovelyish – It’s always impressive when someone has bad parents and turns out even halfway decent.

  8. tracezilla says:

    @agnophilo – Heh, yeah. Grandpa had a sense of responsibility that his father didn’t, and he knew how to think for himself. He was an alcoholic, just like his father, and he could be loud and violent. But, he was never that way with his family even when he was drunk. By contrast, his father was always violent with grandpa, his siblings, his mother and anyone else who happened to get in his way. But, grandpa had a different idea of how you treat your family — especially your wife and kids. He and grandma only ever mentioned one time when he got violent with her. He came home and he was drunk and grandma was nagging at him and for some reason that time it was just too much and he shoved her against the wall. But, even though he was drunk that sobered him up pretty fast because he couldn’t believe he did that. He sat down and cried and apologized — and then he decided not to drink anymore. That was the first and last violent incident between him and grandma.He still had old school ideas, though. I mean, there were still things a woman did that a man didn’t have to around the house, and things a man did that a woman ought not to have to around the house. But, even with those things if grandma wanted to do something he wouldn’t have a problem with it just simply because that was what she wanted to do. Like when grandma wanted to go to work. Grandpa always managed to make enough so that he, grandma and mom didn’t have to worry about anything, but when grandma wanted to get a job he didn’t tell her no. The only time I ever heard of him making her stop working somewhere was when she was babysitting for a family and she came home one day and was talking about how the husband of that family was hitting on her and getting pretty suggestive. She didn’t know what to do, but she didn’t want to stop working, either. He told her she had to stop working there, but he also helped her get a different babysitting job (since that was still what she wanted to do) instead. And though he considered cooking to be woman’s work, he often cooked anyway. :pHe always said if you loved somebody, things like that shouldn’t matter, if they wanted to do something and it wasn’t hurting them, then there was no reason to deprive them of the opportunity. Even if you might think its silly.Usually, from what I’ve heard, there are two ways that a person deals with having grown up in a bad home situation. Either you end up continuing the cycle, or you do your best not to. I guess grandpa decided that when the really bad stuff was concerned, he wasn’t going to be like his father. He had a pretty strong will. :p Sometimes that worked against him, though. But, sometimes it didn’t.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @tracezilla@lovelyish – On the whole he sounds pretty decent.  But yeah, anyone who grew up before the 70’s basically grew up with one foot in the dark ages.  Wonder what the next generation will be like.

  10. tracezilla says:

    @agnophilo – Psychotic, probably :p

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