What Carbon Monoxide Actually Does To You (And Why It Doesn’t Matter If Global Warming Is Real).

Carbon Monoxide is produced by combustion of fossil fuels, gas engines, wood fires, coal power plants etc.  When you breathe it in, it bonds with the hemoglobin in your blood, which prevents it from effectively bonding with oxygen to oxygenate your cells, essentially suffocating you no matter how much air you’re breathing into your lungs.

I bring this up because according to the EPA we (the United States) pump roughly 214 billion pounds of the stuff into the air every year.

Is it just a coincidence that the number one complaint doctors hear is exhaustion and tiredness?  Why shouldn’t we be tired, we’re being suffocated by carbon monoxide emissions.

Global warming, even if it’s really happening, is a red herring against environmentalism.  The fact of the matter is even if global warming were a hoax, it still would be a good idea to poison ourselves a little less by reducing carbon emissions.

In places like LA there are now smog alerts.  Meaning they warn you on TV that it’s better to recycle the air in your home than it is to go outside, because the air outside is too toxic.

Come on people!


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51 Responses to What Carbon Monoxide Actually Does To You (And Why It Doesn’t Matter If Global Warming Is Real).

  1. agnophilo says:

    @ProudToBeAChristianFruitcake – While as a huge science nerd I enjoyed the read, it doesn’t have any practical impact on my point.  Which would you say produces more carbon monoxide?  A car in a closed garage or a house with 10 people in it and closed doors?As the chart says, cars produce virtually all of the carbon monoxide emissions, and carbon monoxide is produced when there isn’t enough oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, which also means in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine.Are you saying that all carbon monoxide, when diluted in regular air, quickly is converted into carbon dioxide?

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