Tea Party Protesters (A Brief Rant).

I posted this on some guy’s blog, he was talking about boycotting tea to hurt an already hurting industry in a time of recession to protest against…  the other guy getting more votes than their guy.

I was pissed, and wrote:

What a pathetic bunch of wimpering babies.

The boston tea party was a rebellion against taxation without representation, against having a KING who they didn’t vote for.

You are pretending to have the same righteous cause when you’re complaining about exactly the opposite. You’re pissed off that the other guy got elected instead of your republican regime being in power forever. You’re pissed off that the democracy the ACTUAL tea party protesters were fighting for WORKED AS IT SHOULD.

Yes, boo fucking hoo. Go protest taxation WITH representation you bunch of babies with no grasp of history.


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41 Responses to Tea Party Protesters (A Brief Rant).

  1. dlm0908 says:

    Amen! Thank you for pointing this out….

  2. MangoWOW says:

    What a fucking loser. lol

  3. That sounds about right comming from the nutjobs. Boycotting Tea (which has nothing to do with anything).The Boston Tea party was about a TAX CUT for the East Indies not a Tax Increase.Morons. Idiots. Fools.

  4. heh. im seriously amazed at how so few people grasped that concept when talking about the “tea parties” that were going on. if it was on the news, that would’ve been HILARIOUS. 

  5. We should start burning federal flags instead and protest the actual government

  6. Casbahmaniac says:

    They just wanted a movement they could latch onto. A forum to voice their insane beliefs about how the guv’mint is takin all their liberties. Hey, did you hear that the secessionists in Texas are trying to get the governor to secede?

  7. agnophilo says:

    @dlm0908 – Welcs : D@MangoWOW – Couldn’t agree more.@tendollar4ways – Yeah I know.  They couldn’t be more ass backwards if they tried.  It’s almost brilliant in a way.  But yeah, who says “the government is taxing us, so fuck people who make tea!”@Chinese_Sait0u – Yeah.  But it wasn’t.  And wouldn’t be.@SwearNoAllegiance – Yes, fuck flags!  Too many of em’ around I say!@LyricallyCharged – Yup.@Casbahmaniac – Yeah I heard about that, but I don’t know of any recent developments if there were any.  I joke about the texans wanting to recede, that we put other countries to shame because we have nationalism on a state level, heh.  But yeah, what idiots.

  8. agnophilo says:

    @SwearNoAllegiance – Actually that’s sarcasm, but whatever.

  9. @agnophilo – lol…As was my comment, but whatever.

  10. LydJaGillers says:

    Amen to that! I’ve been saying the same thing to those who were bragging about attending such tea parties. Losers, don’t know a thing about history or what the original tea party was about. 

  11. I don’t understand at all.  They protested on tax day – except that was last year’s taxes under Bush, not Obama. They boycott tea – which makes absolutely no sense at all.  They complain about not being represented, just because they lost this time.  They try to claim its a grassroots movement, when they are just following the orders of the talking heads in charge of them via Fox news and talk radio.  My dad and brother go to them… looks horrible and idiotic from the pics they show

  12. agnophilo says:

    @Rain_of_Mystic_Sorrow – You seem to understand pretty well actually…@LydJaGillers – Yup.

  13. LydJaGillers says:

    @Rain_of_Mystic_Sorrow – Ya, I don’t get how protesting taxes that were passed under Bush’s Admin is going to effect Obama…or change anything. Some people are just blind followers I guess. 

  14. Dargon says:

    Let me make sure I understand this. The gentleman above (and I use that term loosely) is attempting to send a political message by boycotting something completely irrelevant to the situation? Now I know many conservatives and libertarians who support the tea party movement, many of them rather well educated and able to present a good argument on their position, so it bugs me when this guy ends up being the spokesman for all of them, but still….idiot.

  15. agnophilo says:

    @LydJaGillers – It’s worse than that.  The people at one of these “protests” were all angry saying “no more taxes!”  And a guy got up in front of them and asked how many of them make under 250k a year, and they all cheered because every damn one of them does.  And so the guy told them that under obama’s tax policy their taxes don’t go up and if they make under 150k a year their taxes go down.Were they relieved?No, they got angry and booed him off the stage.It’s not about taxes, it’s about people hating the black pro-choice “liberal” president and hanging their hat on any bullshit conspiracy theory or claim or rallying cry against him.And the republicans know this of course and are desperately trying to legitimize their hatred with all these orwellian fantasies.

  16. agnophilo says:

    @Dargon – He doesn’t represent all tea party enthusiasts, but he certainly represents a lot of them.

  17. agnophilo says:

    @Dargon – Oh and yes you understand it.  He was quite enthusiastic about doing lots of financial damage to the industry.

  18. agnophilo says:

    @sophia – I like people who like me : DI looked at your latest blog, glenn beck claimed americorps was obama’s private army (organization founded by clinton that promotes volunteerism) and that they just got half a trillion dollars in funding (6 billion over the next 5 years).What a total shit.

  19. @agnophilo – Oh heaven forbid some people actually believe in standing up for what they believe in even if they don’t completely benefit from it.  I’m a student, who in two years will no longer have health insurance, and the thought of the health care bill passing makes me want to get sick to stomach.  I am independent of my family, make less than $250k a year, yet I do not believe in taxing them more.  It makes no sense to merely claim that people should be for something just because they benefit right now from it.  Isn’t that the selfishness that you liberals claim conservatives have?

  20. trulytito says:

    hi agnphilo,i want you know i have read your post.it is really wonderful.best wishes.regards.trulytito(tito dutta)

  21. agnophilo says:

    @hipbonesarein – No, I don’t know where you got that.  And the only tax increase was undoing bush’s tax cuts, the taxes for even the wealthiest americans are still about half what they were under ronald regean.  And I wasn’t saying what you are saying, I was saying what I am saying.These people are wrong about damn near everything, but they desperately want their conspiracy theories to be true.@trulytito – Thank you kindly.

  22. asrial86 says:

    Those guys just keep on proving how f’d up they are.

  23. Justin_DeBin says:

    I was telling T4W the other day that I thought the rest of the country would be so much better off if all Republicans and all Democrats just commit suicide. But there’s a fatal flaw in that plan.We’d have to pick up the mess.

  24. Justin_DeBin says:

    George Carlin once said, if you think you have any answers then you’re part of the problem.

  25. @agnophilo – your idea of relativity of taxes still doesn’t make tax increases right.  And selfishness being a conservative ideal?!  Have you heard what Democrats are saying about insurance companies and those who oppose the health care bill?!  I’ve been called a selfish and coldhearted bitch because I have no desire to have health care reformed in that way.  Those people are not wrong about damn near everything, because guess what, everything in politics is opinion.  Oh my gosh, what a surprise.  Their opinion is what works for them and your opinion is what works for you.  These are not facts, these are opinions.  There is no way to say, 100% without any question, that you are completely right and they are completely wrong and back it up with fact.  The basis of their argument is completely different than the basis of yours and that’s why we have the political system we have today.  Because people are allowed to disagree and have that right to do so without anyone treating them like they are stupid, idiotic, or any other negative adjective.

  26. RogierFvV says:

    Same old, same old, being fair is only interesting when it’s to my advantage, otherwise f.u. We’re still in kindergarten here.

  27. agnophilo says:

    @Justin_DeBin – True.@Justin_DeBin – He also said he deliberately was extreme to provoke thought and entertain people.@hipbonesarein – “your idea of relativity of taxes stilldoesn’t make tax increases right.”  Nor does it make tax *decreases* for billionaires right, which is what is being UN-done by this administration.  This is what republican pundits do, they stir shit up and then say “how dare you democrats make this big mess we just made!”  And republican politicians break everything, change the system for decades to slant it in favor of huge corporations, then say “how dare you change things and upset the established order” when the next guy tries to level the playing field.  It’s like stealing someone’s wallet and then calling the police when they try to take it back.”And selfishness being a conservativeideal?!”  Hey crazy lady.  You’re being outraged at something you just said and I didn’t say.”Have you heard what Democrats are saying about insurancecompanies and those who oppose the health care bill?!  I’ve been calleda selfish and coldhearted bitch because I have no desire to have healthcare reformed in that way.”  A lot of people opposed to this are selfish coldhearted bitches.  They’re saying they don’t want the taxes of the extremely wealthy to save the lives of the very poor.  They’re saying they want the system to stay the same, when reforming it could save tens of thousands of lives a year and reduce the number of individual bankruptcies in america by as much as 60%, because that is the amount caused by unpayable medical bills.That’s pretty fucking cold.  And also exceptionally stupid, since it can also save taxpayers vast sums of money by getting healthcare costs under control.”Those people are not wrong about damn neareverything, because guess what, everything in politics is opinion.  Ohmy gosh, what a surprise.  Their opinion is what works for them andyour opinion is what works for you.  These are not facts, these areopinions.  There is no way to say, 100% without any question, that youare completely right and they are completely wrong and back it up withfact.” The trouble is that this issue isn’t 100% subjective, facts and so-called facts are being bandied about left and right, and almost ALL of them on the anti side are FALSE CLAIMS.I read a blog the other day about this popular email going around that makes 48 claims about the pending healthcare legislation.  Factcheck.org disproved all but 4 of them.  That means over 90% of the claims are just fucking made up.The people who go to these rallies spew misinformation and hatred.  They are upset about things that don’t exist because they watch glenn beck who claims shit like that americorps (organization founded by clinton that promotes local volunteerism) is obama’s “private army” that just got “half a trillion dollars” in additional funding.  They’re not an army and they just got approved for 6 billion in additional funding over the next five years, or about 1/500th what he claims.  This is the shit these people are being fed constantly, they are fucking morons who are being riled up by sleazy, well-paid propagandists.”The basis of their argument is completely different than thebasis of yours and that’s why we have the political system we havetoday.  Because people are allowed to disagree and have that right todo so without anyone treating them like they are stupid, idiotic, orany other negative adjective.”They are stupid.  And the system we have today guarantees me the right to say that.  It’s worth noting that I didn’t just say “derr, they’re dumb, haha”.  I specifically said WHY they’re stupid and WHY they’re wrong which you seem to want to ignore in favor of an academic debate about why it’s not nice to say people are wrong in general.They’re trying to sabotage an industry that does no harm to them for no reason whatsoever.  They’re fucking morons randomly lashing out trying to break shit.  It’s called a tantrum.

  28. Justin_DeBin says:

    @agnophilo – What can I say; the man was a genious!!!!!!

  29. trulytito says:

    @agnophilo, i have read your last comment.i am sorry that i misspelled your user name.best wishes.regards.trulytito(tito dutta)

  30. agnophilo says:

    @trulytito – I didn’t realize you had, lol.

  31. I’m really surprised at the lack of right-wing hate mail in the replies.  If i posted something like this i’d get a bunch of mass-messaged spam and god-knows what else.  Fine post.

  32. agnophilo says:

    @desotoinquest – Right-wingers that know me generally block me pretty quick, so I doubt it reached many of them.  If you haven’t, feel free to rec’ the post if you like and show it to any “teabaggers” that subscribe to your blog.

  33. agnophilo says:

    @desotoinquest – Oh and in case you’re wondering I didn’t delete any comments.I only delete spam.

  34. coolmonkey says:

    @desotoinquest – Because Rightwingers just want to shout out some random Glenn Beck talkpoint and the minute someone like agnophilo calls them out on something, they just pretend it never happened and go off shouting somewhere else.

  35. agnophilo says:

    @coolmonkey – That’s certainly part of it.

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