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Update On That Fox News/Glenn Beck Blog.

Glen Beck apparently had a total meltdown on the air recently, it’s below. I must warn you though that the clip is followed by Glenn Beck and Bill Oreilly talking, which studies show can be hazardous to your mental health. … Continue reading

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This one goes out…

To all the republicans still butt-hurt about the election. Song. (right click to open in new window) Lyrics: Lotta knots, lotta snags, lotta holes, lotta cracks lotta crags. Lotta naggin’ old hags, lotta fools, lotta fool scum bags. Oh it’s … Continue reading

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But Isn’t Universal Government Health Insurance Socialist And Therefore Bad?

Well first things first, ALL health insurance is essentially socialist whether or not there’s a profit margin attached.  Socialism doesn’t mean “communism” as some people seem to think, all socialism means is paying for something which is too expensive or … Continue reading

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When People Say Fox News Is Full Of ****, This Is What They’re Talking About.

Please watch the beginning of this clip, starting at 1 minute it shows clips of Fox News’ own Glenn Beck being a stunning hypocrite. After you watch that, read below. Those of you who follow the news may recall a … Continue reading

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Despite The Hype, America Still Getting More Liberal (Or At Least More Democratic).

With all the “outrage” against president obama, the screaming mobs in townhall meetings railing against healthcare, the pundits attacking him day in and day out, it’s easy to suppose that we’re swinging back to the right after the last election. … Continue reading

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Poverty And Religion.

I routinely check out the latest gallup polls, and they often have ones about religion.  I just saw this one: People were asked if religion played an important part in their daily lives, the dark green states said yes with … Continue reading

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Muslim Creationists Debate The Shape Of The Earth (Video).

Check it out.

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