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Calling In To Evangelist Guy’s Show.

Someone asked me to call into an evangelist guy’s show tomorrow, I mentioned it in the blog comments and several people asked for the link/time I’m calling in. That’s the link to the webcast page, I intend to call … Continue reading

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Why Would They Say It If It Wasn’t So?

Someone made one of those “why would the apostles be persecuted if their claims weren’t true” blogs, and I posted this as a response.  Thought it was worth a blog: Yeah I know.  Harry potter got smeared, scorned, lost friends, … Continue reading

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A Spot Of Scripture.

A few ideas I betcha didn’t know were in the bible. “I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.  For … Continue reading

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I Hope My Neighbor Has An Abortion.

Well, my ex-neighbor actually.  She’s a horrible person in addition to being a drug addict who also makes drugs to sell (the hard stuff, not pot, cooks it up in her basement).  She has two kids already, and when she … Continue reading

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Biblical Prophecy

Biblical prophecy: An event which is claimed will happen in the future at some non-specific point which is then later claimed to have happened without verification long after the fact.  (See also: every other religion)

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RE: Congrats on Your Graduation From Christianity!

Revelife just published a blog by the above title, which I had to log out to read (thanks again revelife).  The author was left with the perplexing mystery of why young people are leaving christianity.  It apparently didn’t occur to … Continue reading

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A Shout-Out To All My Peeps In The Tea Party Movement.

Just a quick note to the conservatives once again mindlessly repeating the same bullshit about obama indoctrinating school kids and copying and pasting the same three links of people who are not obama indoctrinating school kids, I have one question … Continue reading

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Barrack Xerxes Obama.

I was reading through Fundies Say The Darndest Things the other day, and I just had to share this quote. Quote# 65953: “This world has gone insane! Has anyone seen the movie “300”? Remember the character of Xerxes? Does anyone … Continue reading

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Blog Talk Crazio.

I suggest all the liberals, godless heathens, fornicators, anarchists, commies etc who subscribe to my blog (you know who you are) go to blogtalkradio and contribute. I can’t listen to a political show on that site without it being some … Continue reading

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Xanga cowards.

An asshat just sent me a huge long rant in response to a post I made on his blog, then informed me in the last line that he’d blocked me so I couldn’t reply. What a wimpy little chickenshit.

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