A little slice of crazy.

I write a satyrical blog about how I don’t support obama because (among other reasons) he’s an “uppity” vampire, and three or four people agree with my blog and think I’m being serious.

America should seek professional help.  Maybe canada can help or something.


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19 Responses to A little slice of crazy.

  1. I don’t think Canada wants all of our nonsense 😉

  2. Oh goodness. This, I have got to see. 

  3. agnophilo says:

    @NoGraySunflowers – I don’t think anyone does.Just our money and protection.@ElliottStrange – It’s actually quite sad.

  4. Casbahmaniac says:

    I agreed. He is a Vampire. A sexy one that can go outside on cloudy days and swoop up on high school age girls. Is it Barack Hussein Obama or Barack Hussein Cullen?

  5. @agnophilo – Yeah… I didn’t want to believe it but… wow. There are no words. Wow.

  6. @agnophilo – @ElliottStrange – You guys know people don’t like to read. It takes up valuable commenting time. And you also know that sarcasm doesn’t actually exist.

  7. musterion99 says:

    You weren’t serious?  Wow, you’re such a good actor. 

  8. agnophilo says:

    @Casbahmaniac – I’m not hip enough to get the reference.  I thought of home alone, lol.@ElliottStrange – Yup.@NoGraySunflowers – Heh.@musterion99 – I’ll take that as a compliment : D

  9. ………i’d facepalm, but i think i’d break my face.

  10. You are blessed if you didn’t get the Twilight reference…

  11. I had no words reading those comments.@Chinese_Sait0u – I did facepalm.

  12. @one_more_path – the force of my hand would destroy my facial structure.

  13. agnophilo says:

    @Chinese_Sait0u – I actually lol’d.@Rain_of_Mystic_Sorrow – Probably am.  Ugh, shows that appeal to teenagers and under-estimate their intelligence.  I can’t even see what’s on comedy central, “scrubs” is always on.@one_more_path – They’re crazy people.@Chinese_Sait0u – Haha.

  14. asrial86 says:

    Wow they… really do need help.

  15. The FIRST LINE of that post screams “sarcasm!”  It’s scary, indeed.

  16. Yeah, we Canucks got our own rightwinged nutjobs to deal with, A.K.A every west of Ontario haha.  Thanks.

  17. maniacsicko says:

    what?  seriously?  you mean he’s not a vampire?  but i’ve already called buffy!

  18. tau_1 says:

    you need help. You are to intelligent and have to much important important information to play a game for this. Now grow up and write some constructive informaton.God bless U

  19. agnophilo says:

    @haloed – Yep.@Unstoppable_Inner_Strength – Yeah I know.  The very first line.@nimbusthedragon – It’s like the end of that twilight zone episode where the astronaut gets put in a zoo by the martians and says “you were right, people are the same everywhere!”@maniacsicko – Heh. @tau_1 – What?

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