Obama’s School Address (crazy scary shit)


The text of obama’s speech which was supposedly going to be “communist indoctrination”.

It’s actually a pretty kickass speech if you wanna read it.


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50 Responses to Obama’s School Address (crazy scary shit)

  1. SerenaDante says:

    That is most DEFINITELY a kick ass speech.

  2. i actually just posted the whole speech on my blog lol. i hope people read it. especially the crazy right-wingers. if they have any sense left at all, they’ll realize what idiots they’ve been about “indoctrination” and whatever other shit once they do read this…

  3. Nice.I don’t have much interest in politics; I hate being lied to. So I don’t know if Obama is a good president or not. But he’s certainly one hell of a public speaker and frankly, it’s a thousand-fold improvement on the last chimp who had his job.

  4. “Sure, it sounds innocent enough. But you know they’ll be pumping the actual telecast with enough subliminal messages to fill a heavy metal album from the 1970s.”I’m waiting for someone to make the above accusation. And mean it.

  5. That’s a terrific speech, almost gives me the motivation to start doing my ecology lab report.

  6. SirNickDon says:

    Do you think the administration intentionally positioned this in the middle of the healthcare discussion to discredit critical voices on the far right?

  7. @SirNickDon – I think so, but apparently my opinion doesn’t count for much.  Kickass speech???  I will ask the kiddos tomorrow & let you know.   

  8. QuantumStorm says:

    @SirNickDon – My considerations exactly.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Way to edit out the part about killing jews.

  10. Obama is a communist forcing our children to think commie thoughts like him!  And you’re a commie for linking to this disgusting speech. I hope you burn in hell along with Hitler.

  11. agnophilo says:

    @SerenaDante – I just saw him give a speech before the members of AFL/CIO and it was even better.Can’t wait until he addresses congress.@fatal_is_life – Well that’s just it – they’ll claim he changed it at the last minute, that it really was about communist indoctrination, even though that claim was based on absolutely nothing.It’s a slow week for bashing the president so they’ve resorted to bashing him for things he would have done in the future if we’d just given him the chance.  So they are criticizing his not-actions in an alternate timeline which have been prevented, presumably causing a paradox.  I’d need charts and graphs to explain the logic properly, but the long and short of it is republicans can apparently travel in time.  This may cause the universe to collapse, which I believe is their solution for the economy.@ElliottStrange – Damn skippy.@ModernBunny – I wouldn’t even be slightly shocked at this point.  How sad is that?@TheRiverIsEverywhere – Haha.  But yeah, it is good.@SirNickDon – What a thought.  If they did they’re geniuses.But I doubt it.  If the republicans really thought he was going to try to indoctrinate school kids with communist propaganda they’d have waited and let him do it, then crucify him for it.@LifeNeedsProtection – You’re not going to hide their virgin ears from the communist message of this anti-christ terrorist non-US citizen?

  12. @agnophilo – LOL…only if their parent wrote  a note.  

  13. agnophilo says:

    @QuantumStorm – You used the word consideration wrong I think, but yeah.@C0ll33Ncorps – HAHAHA.@LyricallyCharged – The sad thing is I can never tell for sure when comments like this are serious anymore…

  14. agnophilo says:

    @LifeNeedsProtection – How pathetic.There’s nothing about democrats and republicans or specific policies or anything anywhere in it.  Are you saying that the kids’ parents have to specifically request to see the speech?  Or that permission slips were sent out?  Either way it’s retarded.

  15. chaospet says:

    You’ve got to read between the lines my friend, this is insidious communist propaganda through and through. It’s all explained here

  16. QuantumStorm says:

    @agnophilo – How is saying that I gave careful thought to it a misuse? 

  17. @agnophilo – And that is our system of freedom.   Whether you agree or not.  

  18. Randy7777 says:

    It’s a good speech.  I like the personal stories. -but really -getting up at 4:30am to do school

  19. Ugh, I’m totally annoyed. At church yesterday, people were all, “HE’S TRYING TO INDOCTRINATE OUR CHILDREN!!!!” Today my classmates were all, “Someone needs to fight him, he needs to resign or be impeached.” Annoying people…..

  20. laytexduckie says:

    It’s a wonderful speech. I was surprised and dumbfounded that one parent in a CNN article said, “Obama’s always talking about what is wrong with the country and what we can do to fix it. I want to teach my kids that America is the greatest country in the world, not that America has flaws and that they need to help fix it.” To say that America has no flaws mean that his eyes are shut, his ears deaf and his mind closed.

  21. chaibunni says:

    @chaospet – you’d prefer dead beat kids? some people do need encouragement or someone to tell them they need to get their act together froms someone of importance otherwise they won’t do it on their own. i think the purpose of this speach was to try to get motivation in there, not demand it, in the end, it’s still their choice rather to do it or not. he isn’t forcing them to. freedom of speech, even the president has the right to that. that’s just my opinion. and you have a right to yours. :]school for me started already though, he’s a bit late with some of the other kids haha.oh and don’t accuse me of being an obama supporter, i have no opinion about him. he hasn’t been in office long enough for me to judge that. and i don’t expect him to change everything in 6 months like a large majority beleive. he has a lot to clean up and a lot to do behind closed doors. and i know how the legislature is ran. he deserves no judgement as of yet.

  22. Talk about inspirational.@ModernBunny – Second that. Surprised I haven’t seen one yet.

  23. agnophilo says:

    @QuantumStorm – Just sounded funky.  It’s not a big deal.@LifeNeedsProtection – Yes, people are free to be as crazy as they wish.And I am free to call them out on it.@Randy7777 – Yeah that’s pretty crazy.  To quote louis black “there’s nothing you can learn through one bloodshot eye.”@Undercover_Librarian – Actually the church is kind of part of the problem.  Christian churches teach people to believe things based on faith, or because of how the belief makes them feel, and tend to look down on logic, evidence and science.  So many religious people have a sort of loose relationship with reality, and have no real capacity for critical thought, because they’re taught that belief and obedience are good, and skepticism is sinful.When the republican party lost it’s mind entirely the better part of a year ago the polls showed that every single group and demographic supported their party less, not old people, young people, conservatives, liberals, rich people, poor people etc.  Not one single group stayed at the same level of support except for one…  Frequent churchgoers.@laytexduckie – I couldn’t agree more.  That kind of rhetoric is only useful for politicians who are good at getting elected and ignoring our problems – in other words the assholes who got us into the mess we’re in now.Elect leaders that don’t try to address our problems?  What the fuck would we be PAYING them for?

  24. agnophilo says:

    @one_more_path – Most of his speeches are about as good.  He wrote an address on race at the time of the reverend what’s-his-name stuff, and it was awesome.

  25. QuantumStorm says:

    @agnophilo – //Christian churches teach people to believethings based on faith, or because of how the belief makes them feel,and tend to look down on logic, evidence and science. //That’s a wee bit of a generalization, especially considering how the Catholic Church has denounced Intelligent Design (with the exception of a few idiotic bishops), for example. There are many cases that would contradict your generalization.

  26. agnophilo says:

    @QuantumStorm – I didn’t say all churches do this, only that they tend to.  Your example of the exception to the rule ironically is one of the greatest example of opposition to science and social progress.  They opposed evolution for 150 years after it was accepted by scientists, and you’re calling them progressive…  That’s like saying an organization is open minded about science and forward thinking that doesn’t accept the existence of electrons and won’t until about 2050.

  27. oulck says:

    what an evil speech!!!!! he’s gonna take over the world!!! 😉

  28. QuantumStorm says:

    @agnophilo – The Church had no official position against or for evolution, since it was a matter of science. Please show me where the Church officially opposed evolution. 

  29. thekeyhole says:

    I loved the speech and read it word-for-word. Thank you for sharing the link. I think it’s great.

  30. Iobot says:

    OH NO, the president just brainwashed me into doing well in school and becoming smart. The Right Wing will be having none of that!

  31. C_L_O_G says:

    Not scary at all.  Its a great motivational speech for school age students or college students for that matter.  Reminds me of all the others I’ve read and heard in life.  

  32. agnophilo says:

    @QuantumStorm – Um, even according to you some bishops still do.Regarding the last pope saying evolution was “more than a hypothesis” the current pope said:”The pope (John Paul) had his reasons for saying this, but it is also true that the theory of evolution is not a complete,scientifically proven theory.”So yeah.

  33. agnophilo says:

    @thekeyhole – You’re welcome, so do I : D@Iobot – Heh.  Good thing republican children will be spared…  that’ll work out well.@C_L_O_G – : D  I agree.

  34. QuantumStorm says:

    @agnophilo – Bishops =/= official capacity of the Church. Like I said, you’d need to demonstrate that the Church has an official stance for or against evolution, and even the Pope’s statements on it are irrelevant – why? Because the Church, by its own rules, cannot have an official statement for or against evolution or any scientific theory/hypothesis/advancement/etc., since it’s a matter of science, not faith and morals. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19956961/Look at the last paragraph in this section:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution_and_the_Catholic_Church#Pope_Benedict_XVI

  35. MonkeeAramda says:

    @LyricallyCharged – are you even remotely sane?

  36. MonkeeAramda says:

    What is the problem with people man I can not believe this insanity. How can anyone have heard that speech and not be proud. After eight years of a retarded Christian nut bag with the pronunciation skills of a third grader, we finally have a thoughtful intelligent leader and everybody is freaking out. Blows my mind.

  37. MonkeeAramda says:

    @LyricallyCharged – Thank God, you never know these days though I read many statments like that that were how the poster actually felt.

  38. @MonkeeAramda – I know, it’s kind of scary such things are said with a straight face.

  39. MonkeeAramda says:

    @LyricallyCharged – I can’t believe the way some idiots are reacting, I mean where were they when Bush was actually taking away their rights and turning this country into a facist dictatorship. Oh that’s right they were waving flags and screaming support the troops. These are the dill holes that secretly hoped Darth Vader would win.

  40. LydJaGillers says:

    Read it and enjoyed it. Was going to post the link on my xanga but then realized that was Dan’s job so I opted out. 

  41. agnophilo says:

    @QuantumStorm – Are you actually saying the catholic church doesn’t take a position in scientific issues?Also the idea that the pope and bishops saying something doesn’t mean the catholic church teaches that because of some by-law is absurd.  They teach what they teach.I went to a catholic school, there was nothing about evolution in our science book.  Or if there was, we skipped over it.@MonkeeAramda – A thoughtful, intelligent, black leader*@MonkeeAramda – I know.  I get serious comments like that on my blog.@MonkeeAramda – Yeah, like when glenn beck claimed the cars for clunkers website’s TOS said the whitehouse could listen to your phonecalls and was “outraged”.  But when bush was actually listening to millions of peoples’ phonecalls where the fuck was he?  Counting his money probably.@LydJaGillers – : D  Glad you enjoyed it.  He’s a damn good public speaker.

  42. QuantumStorm says:

    @agnophilo – //Are you actually saying the catholic church doesn’t take a position in scientific issues?//No. What I’m saying is that they cannot take an official position on any scientific theory (that is, for or against the theory), because it’s a matter of science. When ethics is involved or anything regarding morality, then they can be involved (eg: speaking on the ethics of Stem cell research). But the Church cannot come out and say that “as a part of our faith, we must hold to theory A” or “we must not hold to theory A”, because it’s not a matter of faith and morals but rather science. //Also the idea that the pope andbishops saying something doesn’t mean the catholic church teaches thatbecause of some by-law is absurd.  They teach what they teach.//There is a difference between what the Church teaches regarding faith and morals, and what Bishop A from podunk archdiocese feels about scientific theory X. Since you claim to have gone to a Catholic school, you should be aware of what it means to speak “ex Cathedra”, and its significance regarding the teachings of the Church, not to mention the Church’s stance on Divine revelation and its relationship to science.//I went to a catholic school, there was nothing about evolution in our science book.  Or if there was, we skipped over it.//Then your school board was a bunch of fucktards. From my experience, my Catholic school did an excellent job of covering evolution, as well as addressing the fallacies of the so-called “Intelligent Design science”. We labored through many classes that dealt with scientific rigor and the importance of the scientific method, as well as how the ECF’s regarded non-literal interpretations of Genesis (and since the Church has historically accepted non-literal interpretations of Genesis, well…..). In the end I knew more about the mechanics of the theory of evolution and the wealth of evidence in favor of it from the various fields of science, to the point where I could only look with horror upon my friends who were gravely misinformed in non-Catholic and public schools. I ended up defending evolution in arguments with more non-Catholics than with any other group of idiotic kids.

  43. Great Speech.I love how paranoid everyone is about Obama turning America into a communism. It’s so fucking hillarious to me.

  44. striemmy says:

    You know it’s funny.. you never really know where people on xanga stand until something like this comes up. It’s like the moment at the poker table where you realize, after many, many tasteless jokes, that one of the people playing is a member of the group of people you’ve been making fun of. 

  45. “The story of America isn’t about people who quit when things gottough. It’s about people who kept going, who tried harder, who lovedtheir country too much to do anything less than their best. “I love it.  I wanted him to be president from the speech he gave about racism in response to the whole Rev Wright thing.  The ways he speaks to you, rather than at you, and addresses the issues rather than just saying meaningless phrases and cliche responses.  It isn’t the president’s job to do everything, but if he can inspire citizens to do it themselves, I think that is pretty damn good.  If only people were more willing to listen.

  46. coolmonkey says:

    Won’t matter.  Conservatives won’t bother reading it.  They’ll just wait for Glenn Beck to cut it to bits and take it out of context and regurgitate it to them.

  47. storyslut says:

    Yes it is a great speach.  The best part is some little kids will think the President actually cares about them.  How is that a bad thing to anyone?

  48. Adrian says:

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