This ACORN shit.

I am not a cheerleader for ACORN, nor am I affiliated with them in any way, but I’m sick of seeing misinformation and bullshit about them.

The first thing I read about it was when ACORN employees hired to register new voters were defrauding ACORN by filling out fake voter registration forms for “people” like mickey mouse, ie skipping out on their job.  This was presented as “voter registration fraud” during the campaign to try to suggest that obama, who used to work with ACORN was trying to fake votes, when there wasn’t even the allegation that mickey mouse was ever intended to show up at the polls.  In fact it’s the reverse, the voting officials knew they were fake and/or duplicates because most of them were flagged as being likely fraudulent by ACORN before submitting them, which they have to do by law (submit them that is) since it’s illegal to collect voter registration information without turning it into the voting authorities, as that itself would be voter registration fraud.

So yeah, this no more sticks to the people at the top of ACORN than a postal carrier chucking the mail in the garbage and taking a nap sticks to the postmaster general.

But it was spun that way.

And the Glenn Becks of the world ran with it, and a few short months later ACORN is, according to tea party enthusiasts, obama’s private army that will destroy your vote and take over the country, if they’re not too busy trafficking 13 year old prostitutes from Al Salvador. 

I’m not kidding, people are claiming that people from ACORN who sit in an office in poor neighborhoods and answer tax questions are trafficking underaged prostitutes.


Because some assholes with hidden cameras went into acorn offices across the country pretending to be different kinds of criminals like corrupt politicians and prostitutes, asked a bunch of tax questions including questions about how to declare children on your taxes, and then heavily edited the interviews to make it look like they were helping them to start a child prostitution ring, when nowhere in any of the videos did they ever once say a damn thing about child prostitution.  And it’s very clear from the video footage that the people they’re talking to aren’t talking about helping them farm out children for prostitution because they’re doing things like warning them that it’s illegal to have anyone under 16 work for them.

It’s true that both people they interviewed pretending to be a prostitute told them they couldn’t declare “hooker” on their taxes.  I could have told them that.  And I would have too, since regular grown-up prostitution, while not a wonderful career choice in my opinion, is a victimless crime that most people don’t see as any of their business.  So they went into the only two ACORN offices where people didn’t judge them for their lie, and repayed their kindness by smearing them as supporting child prostitution.

What disgusting filth.

And to any anti-acorn birther tea party people who reply to this, I would be leading the charge against these people if I thought for one minute the video wasn’t deceptively edited and reinvented into something awful.  But it’s very obvious that it was.

It is one thing to uncover crime.  It is another thing altogether to fabricate it where none exists for self-promotion.

And they did promote themselves.  They were welcomed glenn beck guests…


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67 Responses to This ACORN shit.

  1. @agnophilo – hmm i never heard that…

  2. agnophilo says:

    @sick_of_dreams – It’s in the un-edited transcripts.They told the people in acorn they needed to qualify for a home loan so they could rescue 13-15 yr old children from being sold into prostitution (totally made up) and then edited the video to make it look like they were helping them get a house loan so they could set up a brothel and sell children for sex.  And fox news then broadcast this lie to millions and is still doing so.

  3. @agnophilo – hmmm I’ll have to check it out.

  4. agnophilo says:

    @sick_of_dreams – The link is in the comments.

  5. @Jazzyful – But the lover of folly is claiming to present truth, which must avoid partisanship.

  6. MonkeeAramda says:

    The disciples of Carl Rove are masters of media manipulation.

  7. coolmonkey says:

    I’m wondering if ACORN can sue these filmmakers?

  8. agnophilo says:

    @coolmonkey – Absolutely.  It’s slander.  You’re not allowed to make shit up about people or organizations.  And if congress de-funds them over this shit the slanderer who caused it is liable for all those lost funds, meaning tens of millions of dollars.

  9. Jazzyful says:

    @soccerdadforlife – Why? A truth is a truth, regardless of whether or not someone expresses their opinion while stating it. And again, I don’t know where you expect to find non-partisan entries on Xanga, fact or fiction.

  10. “heavily edited the interviews to make it look like they were helping them to start a child prostitution ring”First, can you prove that it was “heavily edited” or edited at all? Second, I’ve seen the videos, and he makes it clear that it’s a bunch of 13 year old girls over the border who will be prostituting. Acorn will be judged, and judged heavily for their corruption and miss use of tax dollars.

  11. agnophilo says:

    @ShamelesslyRed – The full transcript and audio of the un-edited video have been released, silentseekr linked to it on the page of comments before this one.  From the transcript: (btw “he” refers to her supposed violent ex-pimp who sold her as a prostitute when she was a minor – remember, they made all this shit up):Hannah (Eden): He’s got all these 13,14, 15 year old girls from Al Salvador and what’s what- I need toprotect them like I know what it’s like and I have to protect them andgive them someplace to live.They said they needed help from acorn to qualify for a home loan to save kids from child prostitution, and that everyone else had turned them down and acorn was their last hope to save these kids.These people are scum and should be in jail.

  12. @agnophilo – But didn’t he also say that they would be working out of the house? And she asked how they would go about classifying their occupation for tax purposes? Maybe the “performing arts”.? I’ll go have a listen though. I beleive rarely what I’m told actually happened. I hate conservative media spin as much as I do the liberal media spin…it’s all crap

  13. agnophilo says:

    @ShamelesslyRed – “But didn’t he also say that they would beworking out of the house?” No.  The person was telling them to make sure to have someone that can take care of them during the day and make sure they go to school and they kept saying “yeah but could they work too”.  And things like “I do most business on the weekends, could they work then”.  She said she was a prostitute and the acorn person was saying they have to have someone to cook and clean and take care of them while she’s hooking, and they were using the word “work” because they know it’s a double entendre.  They were trying to get them to say “yes they could work” meaning have a job like most teens do, so they could “get” them and say they were saying they could work as prostitutes, when they had early in the interview established their position as being to try to rescue them from prostitution.It’s confusing, but they just sold a bunch of bull to them and then brought up child prostitution so they could edit out the context of the conversations to make them look like they were doing something they weren’t.  They were just trying to invent dirt on them.”And she asked how they would go aboutclassifying their occupation for tax purposes? Maybe the “performingarts”.? I’ll go have a listen though.” They edited that also, they went in and asked how to declare her supposedly being a prostitute on their taxes and they suggested that they declare it as “performance art” and then showed the clip of the person saying they could do that as if she had recommended it.  This was early in the first interview which was very long, and child prostitution was mentioned in the last few minutes of it, so it had zero to do with child prostitution.They chose prostitution because it’s a victimless crime most people don’t consider any of their business.  If I met someone who was a prostitute I wouldn’t grab their arm and shout “Police!  Citizen’s arrest!”  I wouldn’t care.  And if a prostitute wanted help, I would probably help them.  If they told me they’d been sold into the sex trade as a child and wanted to rescue other children too, I’d be especially inclined to help them.”I believe rarely what I’m toldactually happened. I hate conservative media spin as much as I do theliberal media spin…it’s all crap”Well this stuff is mainly being broadcast by fox news and glenn beck especially, and they just flat out make shit up.  All the other news network spin things and slant them, but fox invents them.  Like these people with the cameras did.  It’s unforgivable in my opinion, especially when you’re making up what are pretty much the most malicious lies imaginable.

  14. embrown88 says:

    @agnophilo – Had to do something, I forgot sorry. Oh I agree but I am not so sure.

  15. agnophilo says:

    @chaospet – Thanks.@embrown88 – You’re not sure if you’re ashamed to agree with me?

  16. It happens every time within every tenure of every president:  Scandals and anything, however miniscule, that can be brought up against the president or the party he represents, in order to defame and lower his credibility.  Piddly shit.  Gossip, libel, and slander is all it is, and it reminds me of school children.  From Pre-K all the way up to H.S., it’s the same story.  I guess we never really do grow up.    

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