Blog Talk Crazio.

I suggest all the liberals, godless heathens, fornicators, anarchists, commies etc who subscribe to my blog (you know who you are) go to blogtalkradio and contribute.

I can’t listen to a political show on that site without it being some insanity about how obama is a secret muslim who is sending acorn to kill senior citizens, oh and glen beck is my hewo…

This site needs a serious injection of rationality or at least a level playing field, it’s a lot more conservative (in the bad scary sense, not the “we want lower taxes” sense) than xanga.

So if you’re not too busy and you’re up on the issues and good at on-your-feet logic and argumentation, I suggest you make a blogspotradio show every once in awhile and/or call in.

I think I’m gonna do one soon.  I’ll make a blog about it so you all (including those I disagree with of course) can call in and tell me you love me or hate me or don’t have any opinion about me but have too many cell phone minutes.

Hope you’re all having a pleasant evening.


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5 Responses to Blog Talk Crazio.

  1. Following logic and being proficient in argumentation gives you no guarantee that your opponent will show the same respect or courtesy. Sadly though, I lack the ability to respond quickly to things anyway. Too cautious to debate at any realistic speed. I’ll leave it to others.

  2. agnophilo says:

    I’m very good at it actually.  I once called into some sleazy evangelist’s internet radio thing (not on that site) and someone tracked me down with just my first name and what state I was from, found an old business email and contacted me to tell me how well I debate.But yeah, there just needs to be a presence of general sanity.

  3. I am the same way ellitottstrange.  i can sometimes, but if the other person is combative and rude I tend to feel overwhelmed.  I’m very good at picking out logical problems in arguments.  Seemingly less good at explaining them.  

  4. agnophilo says:

    @Rain_of_Mystic_Sorrow – I can respond to combative and manipulative people at like light speed.  In my head it feels instantaneous, like lightning, you see it after it’s happened. I know why something someone is saying is wrong before I even have to think about it almost.It’s weird.Doesn’t always work of course, but generally.

  5. hmmcclish says:

    @agnophilo – That’s pretty amazing.

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