Barrack Xerxes Obama.

I was reading through Fundies Say The Darndest Things the other day, and I just had to share this quote.

Quote# 65953:

“This world has gone insane! Has anyone seen the movie “300”? Remember the character of Xerxes? Does anyone see the parallels between Xerxes and our president other than me?”

– Mike Hoover, Facebook


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19 Responses to Barrack Xerxes Obama.

  1. dlm0908 says:

    okay—is it just me or….oh just insert a sigh here. parallels between xerses and obama…really.

  2. Obama has some piercings I don’t know about?

  3. Axis_of_Doom says:

    I love reading FSTDT. Srsly.

  4. agnophilo says:

    @dlm0908 – My response was less sighing and more uncontrollable laughter.  That guy is fucknut crazy.@LyricallyCharged – Yeah really.  I think it’s basically that the guy is substance-blind.  Only sees skin color.@Axis_of_Doom – Yeah, though it seems less funny and more depressing now.

  5. xerxes had some pretty eyes, no homo.and the answer to his question is….no.

  6. dlm0908 says:

    so I went and check out the fundies say the darnest things….oh sweet jesus….I’m amazed….and speechless….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow.  Just…wow.

  8. Thank you for showing me my new favorite website.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @dlm0908 – @mysterylad – Yeah I know.  My favorite quote on that site was one arguing that evolution was impossible because of the laws of thermodynamics, because thermodynamics requires that the earth be an open system (one with energy flowing into it) for life to be possible, and that there would have to be something pumping massive amounts of energy onto the earth for evolution to be true.  It ended by saying “if there were such a power source, scientists would know about it by now.” Good grief.@TheRiverIsEverywhere – : D  It is a side-slapper.

  10. I like that one of your tags is “fucknutcrazy.”

  11. agnophilo says:

    @TheRiverIsEverywhere – I usually try to make my tags entertaining actually.  You’re the first person who’s noticed (and told me anyway).

  12. helvetebrann says:

    Oh!  Yay!  Another humorous website that makes me feel more intelligent =)

  13. epiginoskete says:

    Well… Xerxes would have agreed that Kanye West is a jackass.

  14. @agnophilo – Woo! Well it made me laugh and I will have to be on the lookout for them.

  15. Jimbo1023 says:

    They’re both… tall? Or is this one of those “Birther” things?I’m sure that, given enough time, anybody can find parallels between one person and anybody else in the world. Heck, I probably compare to Hitler in a whole bunch of ways (white, male, of European descent, lived in Germany for a while, &c.)

  16. Actually, I enjoy Bidenisms a lot better!  

  17. agnophilo says:

    @helvetebrann – : D@epiginoskete – Heh.  And both of them are mammals.@TheRiverIsEverywhere – I’ll try not to disappoint, though I’ve been blogging less lately.@Jimbo1023 – It’s one of those “crazy” things.  The guy is nuts and sees obama as foreign and scary because he’s not a white guy named john smith.@LifeNeedsProtection – Yeah he’s a bit of a jackass.  I remember there was a skit on the daily show or SNL or something that said obama is this that and the other, and joe biden is… the luckiest man in the world.  Haha.  He’s surfing on obama’s coattails.

  18. TheSutraDude says:

    We need a reality show….”America’s Got Dumb People”. Sadly, I don’t know if this quote would make the quarter finals. 

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