I Hope My Neighbor Has An Abortion.

Well, my ex-neighbor actually.  She’s a horrible person in addition to being a drug addict who also makes drugs to sell (the hard stuff, not pot, cooks it up in her basement).  She has two kids already, and when she was my neighbor the kids pretty much lived in the parking lot with nothing to do and no attention, barely able to even speak they had so little interaction with her.

When she moved out everyone in the building got roaches from their apartment, they lived in such filth.  (btw this is ohio, not florida, we don’t get roaches).

Anyway, I just found out yesterday that she’s pregnant with her 3rd kid at the ripe old age of… 21.

I can’t help but think that the morality of people who are against abortion, all abortion, and think we shouldn’t teach about condoms in school exists in a vacuum.  They think we live in a perfect world where everyone ought to be a parent (including the occasional 13 year old), abstinence-only “education” actually works at preventing pregnancy, and conditions like diabetes which can make carrying a child to term lethal for the mother don’t exist.

I hope every parent who beats the hell out of their kids and gets pregnant again is a big fan of abortion.  I hope every father who molests their kids has a wife who’s a big fan of abortion.  I hope every parent addicted to drugs/alcohol (especially while being pregnant) is a big fan of abortion.  I hope everyone who can’t have a child or who is at-risk weighs their options so there are fewer widowed single parents out there.

If you disagree with me, that’s fine.  But if you think this makes me a terrible person, then I don’t know what to say to you.


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163 Responses to I Hope My Neighbor Has An Abortion.

  1. helvetebrann says:

    @robynfromaroundthebend – lololololol you find me a doctor that will tell you that a baby is a fetus and I’ll find you a kook.  Like I said, and I did address this, just because the term “baby” is COMMONLY referred to when discussing a fetus, it does not change the fact that a fetus is still a fetus and a baby is not a fetus.  Please look up the definitions.  They don’t change just because some people misuse them.And like I said, if you feel that fetus has a soul, good for you.  I have never once demeaned that point of view.  AT ALL.  I have stated over and over again, and over once more that I don’t care if you think that a fetus has the same type of life that makes a human.  It does not change the fact that it is a fetus and not a baby.  A fetus can have a soul, can have the same spark of life you believe makes us special.  It’s still a fetus though not a baby.  A baby is a young child after it is born.  Not a developing clump of cells in the womb.

  2. ithiliya says:

    @helvetebrann – Thank you for the compliment.I understand why people have such a knee-jerk reaction to abortion, because a) it’s killing a precious baby! (again, with the over-sentimentality with regards to children) and b) it could have been me! I’m glad *I* wasn’t aborted!  I get it.  But if you think about it past that knee-jerk reaction, the picture becomes a little different.  If you are aborted, you either a) go to some sort of afterlife, b) get reincarnated, or c) nothing happens to you – you just don’t exist.  And since you were never aware of what we call “existence” anyways, because you don’t have a functioning brain, what exactly have you lost?  Nothing.  What happened is exactly what would have happened if the embryo/fetus’s mother had not had sex in the first place, or if she’d had a miscarriage, but no one calls abstinence or miscarriages the murder of a child.  It’s like an ant mourning over the fact that he wasn’t born human, or a human mourning over the fact that she wasn’t born a god.  The concept of being a human is beyond the ant’s comprehension, and the concept of being a god is beyond the human’s comprehension.  Just so, an embryo or fetus cannot understand what it is like to live in this world or what it is that they would be “missing out on”; that comprehension doesn’t happen until the child is actually born into this world.  Before that, it’s silly to mourn that which you could never understand was “lost” in the first place.  Even with miscarriages, the mother-to-have-been is not mourning what the “child” lost, but rather what SHE lost.(Sorry, I tend to be a little long-winded.  If you’ve made it this far, I thank you for sticking with it! 🙂   )

  3. helvetebrann says:

    @ithiliya – I think your comments are right on the mark.  You have a really great grasp on the psychology behind the whole ordeal as well as on your own personal situation.  I am highly impressed.  (And yes, I did make it through your whole comment =D)

  4. You have stated some wonderful points. I am not so close-minded that I don’t realize that most babies that are given up for adoption aren’t always adopted and go through numerous foster homes that aren’t always up to par. I agree that some people just aren’t fit to be parents, I don’t have an answer as to what can solve that problem, but I doubt abortion would. Most incompetant parents, aren’t itching to get abortions. Maybe we would agree on something though:http://failureisneveranoption.xanga.com/723110055/the-parenting-license/ 

  5. agnophilo says:

    @FailureIsNeverAnOption – Abortion doesn’t solve the problem, it avoids it.I think the part of the abortion debate that causes pro-lifers to lose perspective is the insistence that they try to relate to and sympathize with a fetus from the moment of conception.  Sympathy is feeling someone else’s pain, empathy is putting yourself emotionally and intellectually in their position to decide what you would have someone do.  The problem with these is that you’re feeling the pain of something that can’t feel pain and putting yourself in the position of something that isn’t you.  That isn’t sentient.  If I were a tree I wouldn’t want someone to cut me down, but that isn’t an argument against deforestation.  See my point?Abortion may be immoral, at some point I believe it’s even tantamount to murder in most cases.  But there is a whole helluvalot of wiggle room and grey area and room for debate, and in my experience anti-abortion folks usually don’t even show up for the debate, they just cut open their heart and bleed all over the stage.  They act like they’re in the fetus’ corner and protecting it’s will when up to a certain point it has no will.  Hell it might not even be capable of forming thoughts at all until after birth.  When it comes to abortion, earlier is better and preventing the unwanted pregnancy all-together is fucking awesome.

  6. “..preventing the unwanted pregnancy all-together is fucking awesome.”Agreed. Who are you? You are giving me carpal tunnel!

  7. agnophilo says:

    @FailureIsNeverAnOption – Who am I?  Just your friendly neighborhood atheist nerd : )Sorry for the chronic finger pain : (

  8. Interesting. Let’s not even get started on religion, hah, could you imagine? A christian and an atheist. Still trying to figure out wether you have a hamburger or a hotdog.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @FailureIsNeverAnOption – I think I know what hotdog means in that analogy but hamburger?  Really?And yeah, I wouldn’t want to start a religious debate.  That would be terrible.

  10. Thank goodness, we’d be at it all day.LOL. yes, hamburger. I’m sticking to it!  Simply put, are you male or female?

  11. agnophilo says:

    @FailureIsNeverAnOption – Male.  Clicking “profile” or “photos” would answer that just as well.  And yeah I would bring up mexican food but I don’t really like the “food” references.  

  12. I figured this much. I could have done just that,  but sometimes I can be a little oblivious and simple things become quite difficult. You’re a very interesting individual.

  13. agnophilo says:

    @FailureIsNeverAnOption – Thanks : )  I try.  And yeah, we’re all dense at times, don’t worry about it.

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