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Atheist/Skeptic Tunes Update.

I added some more music, you should check out satan is my motor, freewill, limelight, tom sawyer, the beautiful people and get born again which are all about free thought, religion etc. Some of the lyrics: Get Born Again (alice … Continue reading

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Added Lots Of Atheist/Skeptic Tunes.

To my playlist.  Starting with the seether, disturbed etc tunes near the bottom. Added seether, disturbed, bad religion, green day, danzig, corporate avenger and bloodhound gang songs.  In addition to the various skeptic tunes sprinkled througout my playlist. Am up … Continue reading

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Mark 3:16

For god so loved the world, he sent his only begotten sun to be bludgeoned and impaled to death rather than just forgive them their trespasses. Oh, and if you didn’t get the title, my name is Mark.

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There Is No Racism In The Anti-Obama Movement.

(Angry black man slitting uncle sam’s throat) (the doctor who distributed this was later an “expert” guest on the glenn beck show) (published in the NY post, run by the media company that owns fox news) (Emailed out to people … Continue reading

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Have you ever been a victim of discrimination?

I’ve gotten a little resentment from one or two black people for being white, but nothing major (no violence or anything).  Mostly religious discrimination.  I’ve had people physically run away from me at the mention of atheism, shut down and … Continue reading

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Bush vs Obama, a little perspective.

George Bush initiated almost every policy Obama is getting flack for.  The federal debt?  Bush and the republican congress operated the federal government at 20% (or about half a trillion dollars) over budget for 8 years, amassing 5 trillion dollars … Continue reading

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Re: Contraception and the Not So Unexpected Consequences

I logged out to read yet another revelife blog and what a load of bunk it was. The jist was that birth control makes us have less regard for women, because we see them as merely a tool for our … Continue reading

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