For Entertainment Purposes Only.

In many states it is illegal for anyone to claim to know the future, in NY I believe you cannot read tarot cards or be an 1-800 line fortune reader without saying at the end of each session “for entertainment purposes only”.  So certain we are that people who claim to know the future in general (yet cannot ever predict catastrophies like 9/11) or claim to be able to zero in on a specific person’s future miles away on the telephone (yet can’t ever see any lotto numbers) are frauds.

But the clergy, who pretend to know if and when the world will end and what will happen after your death, remain exempt from these laws.  People like Pat Robertson pretend that god tells them about future events like tsunamis, terrorist attacks and the like (which consistently fail to materialize when he says they will) are free to go on bullshitting people.

Now I’m not suggesting we ban religion or anything.

But I do think that after every sermon televangelists at the very least should have to say “for entertainment purposes only.”


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42 Responses to For Entertainment Purposes Only.

  1. I didn’t know that but I absolutely agree!!!Do you even realize how many people have given there life’s fortunes and ended out on the street because of these cocktard televangelists (rip off artists)???These people have no love they are ruthless absolutely heartless evil fucks!

  2. Jimbo1023 says:

    That disclaimer is especially true for some of those churches that features things like singing, dancing, snake-handling, gibberish-talking, &c.

  3. MangoWOW says:

    @ChevalierSeingal@datingish – Your comment reminded me about this almost-cult-like movement a while back.Forgive me, I don’t remember the specifics. But basically a woman swore that she was receiving messages from aliens telling her that they were going to destroy the earth. She was completely convinced that these messages in her head was real and went around trying to convince everyone. She even started “receiving messages” from the aliens saying that if she and other humans were at a specific spot at a specific day at a specific time, they would be taken onto the ship and be saved.She actually convinced a bunch of people! And apparently part of “leaving earth” meant that they had to give up all worldly possessions. They gave away their homes, their possessions, even their clothes and all the money in the bank.They ended up meeting at the spot and waiting till the time came. The hour came… and went… hours passed by. Apparently the tension in the room was real thick. Eventually the lady went into a back room and then came out like 15 minutes later saying the aliens sent her another message saying they (the group of people) had saved the earth by meeting at the spot and believing. Basically these people lost everything, and the only thing that helps them from going totally mad is that they’ve saved mankind.Isn’t that nice? ♥

  4. agnophilo says:

    @ChevalierSeingal@datingish – Yes, I do.  And I agree completely.What you said reminds me of a pamphlet I read when I was younger called “how to deal with 10 of life’s most difficult problems” or something like that.  In the section on financial issues, it said to tithe.  If you don’t have enough, give a bunch to the church which has plenty.To support this vile suggestion they gave a bit of scripture that said store some of your food in the storehouse so you will always have enough.

  5. agnophilo says:

    @awakeningthesoul – Thanks : D@Jimbo1023 – I agree.@MangoWOW – Reminds me of one someone told me about that was similar, some gay dude for religious reasons couldn’t deal with being gay, and for whatever reasons started hearing voices.  Then met up with some crazy chick who convinced him they were “messages”, the voices told him they were messages from aliens and they had to achieve a higher plane of existence, largely by remaining asexual (what a coinkiedink) and denying themselves of pleasure and whatnot.  Anyway, long story short by the end they had to reach this “higher plane” by shedding their physical bodies.Everyone killed themselves.

  6. MangoWOW says:

    @agnophilo – This is why I dont keep koolaid in the house. I swear, it encourages them.

  7. Now that’s what I call a good idea. It doesn’t even have anything to do with faith or organized religion, just pop-culture prophets. I like.

  8. dikdoktor says:

    @MangoWOW – At least they didn’t drink the Kool-Aid laced with arsenic and die. Remember Rev. Jimmy Jones?  He killed about 800 people with his bullshit. 

  9. Ha, interesting. Never thought of that.

  10. MangoWOW says:

    @dikdoktor – That was the connection between my comment. (look two above you lol)

  11. dikdoktor says:

    @MangoWOW – Sorry about missing that. I got a little carried away – skimming across the comments. You hit the nail right on the head though and this certainly is a good post.  I’ll be more watchful from now on.   Thanks G.

  12. Jazzyful says:

    Hahaha, this is awesome

  13. Anonymous says:

    hahahahaWell it’s only fair.

  14. fugita says:

    OMG they should so make them do that… but in defense of the mystics and seers and stuff, the FBI had a report from a psychic about 9/11 *it was ignored*, Abraham Lincoln received a warning about an assassination attempt *ignored*,   and several other major predictions have been submitted months even years *in Lincoln’s case the day before I believe* and they were ignored.9/11 prediction: am not saying there are psychics or that religion is right or wrong just saying if psychic might be real and they have to declare “for entertainment purposes only” then religion should too!

  15. @agnophilo – Amazing! Well after my previous response I don’t have to explain how I feel about

  16. @MangoWOW – That is amazing. My parent’s attend a cult charismatic church which I use to attend and be a part of. We all know who Kenneth Copeland is right? Well years ago when I was caught up in this charismatic cult like christianity I was listening to one of his old “teaching” tapes on faith and well….It happened to me I gave all I had because “God was going to bless me a hundredfold“After I realized what I had done I called Kenneth Copeland ministries back and explained to them what I had done and the person on the other end of the phone prayed for my “unbelief” and hung up the phone on me. This is why half the time I want to tear these christians head’s off, slap them and tell them to WAKE THE FUCK UP!On a positive note there are not many people on planet earth who could ever fool me anymore. I am so good whenever a politician (which is almost always) or any kind of bullshitter start’s talking shit my internal bullshit light goes off immediately. I am so good in fact I am a salesperson. Not because I lie or decieve people like I had been deceived, because I wouldn’t, but because I know and can read people to a T, better then any psychologist could ever wish to.

  17. FalconBridge says:

      That would be great!

  18. hmmcclish says:

    Hah!This made me laugh.

  19. ashay24w says:

    That is a very interesting fact…However I have to disagree that all tele-evangelists should have to say that…but you probably figured I would disagree haha =)

  20. striemmy says:

    If it wouldn’t be considered religious intolerance they probably would.

  21. but but but it’ll dispel the illusion!

  22. crystal_air says:

    I have to agree with you on this one. I can safely say that I despise all televangelists, and am frequently embarrassed when I turn on the tv and realize that these men and women claim to speak for the faith I consider myself a part of. The Bible says no one knows or can predict when the world will end. And I’m pretty sure no one can predict the course of nature (hell, my meteorologist gets paid 50x as much as I do and he can’t even predict cloud level correctly). People like Pat Robertson need to tone it down (or just hurry up and die already, in his case) and stick to what the manual for our faith says, not what stupidity they come up with while getting a face lift or shopping at Neiman Marcus with their viewers money.

  23. Dargon says:

    Interesting double standard, gonna have to think about this…

  24. misuriver says:

    It’ll never happen, but oh to dream!

  25. Pat Robertson deserves a muzzle. 

  26. sophia says:

    haha that’d be nice.

  27. agnophilo says:

    @MangoWOW – : PIronically I do keep koolaid in the house, but I only drink it literally.@ModernBunny – : D  Thanks.@Dare2BDiferentt – Neither did I until the other day : D@Jazzyful – @relaxolgy – @C0ll33Ncorps – @liferemainsbeautiful – @hmmcclish – Thanks : D@ChevalierSeingal@datingish – That’s horrible : (  I got taken in by a con once, went to “work” for a fake company that sold non-existent products.  Had to pay a “deposit” to start “training”.  Figured out it was bullshit before I got in too deep though.@fugita – Yeah but psychics are not real.  Read your own article:  “During the first show she said she had dreamt about a plane crashing into a tower,” a BBC spokesman confirmed.”When she described the dream in greater detail it turned out to be the World Trade Centre.”  It was only the world trade center after 9/11 when she described it “in more detail”.  Then I follow the link to their page where another psychic “predicted” 9/11, and it’s a page filled with vague predictions of things that never happened, several of which “predict” a plane flying into a building “somewhere”.This is the most accurate one:”In the last week I’ve been having a very vivid premonition of a plane – looks like a commercial, passenger aircraft – crashing into a skyscraper and exploding into flames. I think it’s in the US – possibly Chigago?I also foresee two deaths taking place in the Royal family, one soon after the other.Finally, I have an impression of an assassination attempt on the Palestininan leader Yasser Arafat. I’m not sure about this, but I think an explosion is involved.”Yeah, real specific.Psychics and would-be prophets (including pat robertson) do this, they throw out random, vague shots in the dark so they can pretend to have had advanced knowledge if anything they say actually happens.  Pat Robertson “predicted” that we would be hit by terrorists a few years in the future days before 9/11.When you throw out vague random shit long enough, you’re gonna come close or say something that seems predictive.  But none of these predictions said terrorists would hijack planes using box cutters and fly them into both twin towers, the pentagon and attempt to hit the white house.If it said that, the person wouldn’t be considered a psychic so much as a suspect.@ChevalierSeingal@datingish – Nope : D@striemmy – ?@crystal_air – Actually in the bible christ is asked how will you know when the world will end, and he replies by giving a long list of signs that the world will end (including bullshit ones like “there will be many storms in the sea” etc), then says no one will know when the world will end, but that it will happen within one generation.  Which of course it didn’t.Bunch of convoluted nonsense.  But thanks for agreeing with me about televangelists : D

  28. agnophilo says:

    @Dargon – Then my work here is done : P@misuriver – Yeah : D  It would be nice.  I could see this happening in someplace like sweden and we’re getting there.@Paul_Partisan – Unfortunately he owns his own network, TBN “trinity broadcast network”, so he can say whatever shit he wants with no regard to ratings.@sophia – Yup. : D

  29. The_ATM says:

    Pat Robertson is a great example of the kind of nonsense society should dispose of.  People should run commercials about his false prophecies and other nonsense.  I would donate money to that.

  30. striemmy says:

    Be banned I meant

  31. The good Christian people of Samoa could have used some evangelistic prediction of last weeks Act of God tsunami.Or could it be that they did not donate sufficient funds into the evangelistic coffers of His self appointed spokespeople?

  32. agnophilo says:

    @The_ATM – I would too.@striemmy – Ah.  Yeah, it would be.@Ians_Incinerator – Yeah that’s probably it…

  33. All I have to say is that this made me laugh.

  34. fivethings says:

    I once saw a crucifix at a store with a giant sticker that said “for decorative purposes only.” I wanted to take a pen and add “not to be used for actual exorcisms!”

  35. Amen! (no pun intended) XD

  36. agnophilo says:

    @TheRiverIsEverywhere – Which may or may not be a good thing : P@fivethings@revelife – Heh.  Why even bother putting a symbol like that up if it’s “for decorative purposes only.  I’m an atheist but I’d more respect a religious store manager if they put a cross up and said “it’s what I believe and if it offends you too bad.”  Another reason it pisses me off that bill oreilly and his ilk blame atheists for the “war on christmas” we’re not waging.@smoking_snakes – I gotcha : D

  37. How did I miss this?  So true.  Religion gets a free pass way too often.

  38. godgone says:

    @fivethings@revelife – [I wanted to take a pen and add “not to be used for actual exorcisms!”]I thought you were going to say “not to be used for actual executions”.

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