Re: Contraception and the Not So Unexpected Consequences

I logged out to read yet another revelife blog and what a load of bunk it was.

The jist was that birth control makes us have less regard for women, because we see them as merely a tool for our own satisfaction.  I’m sure before the invention of condoms the thought that women could be used for pleasure hadn’t even occurred to men.  Not even once.

I mean it’s not like we’d had prostitution and rape and abuse of women for thousands of years. 

No, when condoms were invented it suddenly donned on men “hey…  I can use women for sex…  GENIUS!”

Sorry, but the invention of contraception and the sexual revolution was accompanied by the women’s rights movement, during which women obtained the right to vote, work in real jobs and be taken seriously by the cops when they were beaten by their spouse.  Before womens’ sexual and social liberation it was legal for a husband to rape his wife.  He was considered to have a right to use her body by law, and she was considered to have a legal and moral duty to let him.

So don’t give me this nonsense about how only with the invention of condoms did men treat women badly.

Seriously, what stupidity.  And this nonsense gets featured on revelife.

[edit: apparently it wasn’t featured, but rec’d by someone.  Apologies to the douches who run revelife for not being lame this one time]


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52 Responses to Re: Contraception and the Not So Unexpected Consequences

  1. @agnophilo – yea I probably didn’t express myself clearly enough I didn’t say i was against condoms or pro anything else. Anyway you’re just gonna make jokes about everything aren’t you?

  2. agnophilo says:

    @mysterygirl3000 – What’s your problem?  I wasn’t making fun of you or suggesting you were pro or anti-condoms.Yes, I was making a lame joke but it wasn’t malicious.

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