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Message From CelesialTeapot (under his new account).

 He writes:Hi! This is CelestialTeapot! I noticed your entry query. I’m sorry for the confusion with the abrupt site closure. Xanga was becoming too addicting and too involving for me. I found that I was too easily sucked into the … Continue reading

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Macy’s Day Parade (Green Day)

I thought this was a good song, especially if you listen closely to the lyrics.  I thought it was a good thing to post with all the black friday capitalism-on-steroids stuff.   If you want to listen to the song, it’s … Continue reading

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Anyone Know What Happened To CelestialTeapot?

His xanga has been shut down.  I don’t think he would do it himself, was he phished or banned or what? He’s been gone awhile now, anyone have any information?

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On Nudity.

I read this and immediately thought of our own culture.  In ancient rome women walked around with one or both boobs exposed, as do women in parts of africa, and it’s not considered sexual or taboo.  It’s taboo because it’s … Continue reading

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Can We Have A Christian “Ish” Site Without Censorship?

A lot of xangans, religious and secular post a whole lot of blogs about religion – positive, critical and everything in between.  But I hear story after story of blogs being heavily edited before being featured on revelife (sometimes they … Continue reading

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Revelife Does It Again.

I wake up this morning, check my messages and find this:   So I click the link, and find: As expected. I didn’t even know the thing had been submitted.  And while it’s awesome that whoever did it and other … Continue reading

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My Latest Blog…

Has 22 views and 21 comments.  I know y’all love me but not that much : D  Glitchy xanga, you’ve come home!

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