Elder Scrolls: Morrowind – the game that NEVER ends (updated).

This game is perhaps the single biggest game ever.  It goes on and on and on forever.  You can literally never start the main story line and play for months and months without coming close to finishing every quest.

How to explain just how vast this game is?  Here is the map of the second town you come across, it’s a little above average, most towns have maybe 10-15 buildings.

I had to scale it down a bit so it would fit on the screen (more or less).

The graphics are purty too (that town):

Pretty big town though.

Here is the world map, each block is a town.


Each of those blocks though is a frigging TOWN or city.  It takes ages to get from one end of the map to the other (without teleporting of course).  And  there are TWO expansions, each of which add an additional continent.

You might think the game is just the same carbon-copy town over and over again.  Think again.

The towns and scenery varies greatly:

So, at this point you may think the game is all walking around, but I assure you there’s a ridiculous amount of quests to match.  In the town above there’s a mages guild that gives you tons of quests, a thieve’s guild, fighter’s guild, the “blades” quests, etc.  When you are done with that, no worries – other towns have more chapters of each with more quest-givers!  And then you can also find the assassin’s guild, this secret society that frees slaves that gives quests, house hlaalu, house televani, house redoran, the tribunal, the morag tong, the imperial legion, the imperial cult, or for kicks you can get infected with vampirism for some interersting vampire quests!  And countless other little side quests.

And the map above doesn’t even show the countless dungeons, dwemer ruins, daidric shrines, tombs etc, etc.

In soviet russia (and everywhere else), Morrowind beats you.


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24 Responses to Elder Scrolls: Morrowind – the game that NEVER ends (updated).

  1. Ro_ad808 says:

    Epic choice; I also love the way the npc enemies scale with your level such that they can continually be a challenge.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @striemmy – It’s pretty amazing.  Kind of ridiculous really.@Ro_ad808 – Actually there’s a difficulty slider, if it’s too hard you can scale it back a little, and if it’s not challenging you can make it harder : D@bukeshow – Heh, liar.

  3. bukeshow says:

    @agnophilo – damn you got me. I finally gave up. I buy games to beat them but this one was just to long.

  4. Dargon says:

    I played the hell out of Morrowind up to the day that Oblivion came out. Now I play the shit out of Oblivion (even though I think Morrowind was better). Not sure I got all the side quests, and I definately haven’t got all the dungeons, but I have finished the main quest (including both expansions), the mages, fighters, and theifs guilds, all three houses (yes, that means three separate characters), and the Imperial cult. Good times…

  5. agnophilo says:

    @bukeshow – You can’t beat it, lol.  It just keeeps going.  Awesome though.Wouldn’t it be an awesome MMORPG?  You could play like 10 characters and lvl them up never doing the same quests.@Dargon – I’ve done all the mages guild, fighter’s guild etc ones, main quests.  Did the second expansion, doing the first now.  Haven’t ever done the pilgrim’s path so I could do the temple quests, lol.

  6. bukeshow says:

    @agnophilo – its got to end somewhere doesn’t it? Surely.

  7. bukeshow says:

    @agnophilo – I’m lost in Africa playing FarCry 3 thts a good one to.

  8. lorelei says:

    I have morrowind for my xbox. I walked around a bit but don’t play games enough to really get into it. 

  9. agnophilo says:

    @bukeshow – Well sure technically.@bukeshow – I started to play far cry ages ago but didn’t have enough ram and it lagged like crazy.  Now I have more… hmmm…@suggestivetongue – Shame, it’s a really nice game.

  10. bukeshow says:

    @agnophilo – I love it. Your free in africa what else could you want.

  11. Argh, I must start playing this again! I have both this and Oblivion for PC now.

  12. misuriver says:

    I was thinking about playing morrowind, but I was busy with Guild Wars… and then I got bored. I might pick this one up. I need new RPG.

  13. agnophilo says:

    @The_James_Blog – @helvetebrann – I tried oblivion but my PC can’t handle it : (@misuriver – Is guild wars good, or just mindless leveling/grinding?

  14. It’s too big, and I can say that, because both with Morrowind and Oblivion while the world was beautiful, it seemed like a lot of copy paste landscapes once you got outside of cities, which made for a lot of mindless wandering. I always got annoyed and lost in vivec since all the buildings were virtually identical from the exterior.

  15. agnophilo says:

    @FearlessMonstrosity – That’s what the map is for.And the landscape changes a lot, from swampy terrain to green fields to the ashlands, to the island areas, and snow etc in the expansions.

  16. @agnophilo – That’s still a pretty basic palate. So there’s a bit of terrain change, there’s still nothing for miles and miles on end that you get to traverse. It all looks pretty similar after about 5 mins of walking and coming upon nothing.

  17. helvetebrann says:

    @agnophilo – Personally, I hated Guild Wars.  I felt very much “alone” in the world and I didn’t care for it.  It felt very repetitive without any redeeming unique quality.  (To jump in on another question =D)

  18. agnophilo says:

    @FearlessMonstrosity – I don’t agree.  Not to mention that it would be retarded if the terrain dramatically changed every 5 feet.There are trees, a plithera of different plants, flowers, mushrooms etc, swamps, rivers, hills, mountains, a volcano etc, etc.  Exactly what else do you want?  The way you talk about it you’d think it was all flat, empty terrain.

  19. Truth be told what I want is less filler. It may mean cutting down the size of the map, or it may mean adding more unique features to make it interesting. There may be terrain diversity but there isn’t much texture diversity so to me at least if you saw one rocky crag or murky swamp or desolate waste you saw them all very few unique attributes separating one area from another. A lot of the map felt generic, and most of it was because the focus was on the main areas you interacted with and making them impressive, they neglected the inbetweens even though you often spend weeks traversing them.I did like harvesting plants for alchemy, just about everything could be harvested too. Nothing better than jacking your character up on drugs.No worries, I simply can’t be pleased when it comes to most games.

  20. agnophilo says:

    @FearlessMonstrosity – Apparently not.And if you don’t want as much filler, simply don’t play every quest.@johnny_hopkins – Yes, I thought so : D

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