Anyone Know What Happened To CelestialTeapot?

His xanga has been shut down.  I don’t think he would do it himself, was he phished or banned or what?

He’s been gone awhile now, anyone have any information?


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26 Responses to Anyone Know What Happened To CelestialTeapot?

  1. bukeshow says:

    no, but thats strange he was on here pretty much everyday.

  2. LydJaGillers says:

    I thought he posted something about leaving? Maybe that was someone else. Who knows anymore. Ppl have been threatening to leave since forever. 

  3. MangoWOW says:

    SilentSeekr left too. I’ll try to IM celestial though.

  4. MangoWOW says:

    He (celestial) says xanga was consuming his life and that he wanted to just start new.

  5. @MangoWOW – No ones is going to miss SilentSeekr, I would think. If anyone ever failed to debate with me logically and with any consistency, it was that tool.

  6. musterion99 says:

    He used to be Huggin, so maybe he opened under another new name but doesn’t want anyone to know it’s him.

  7. Dargon says:

    He tends to be a bit abrasive, but not enough to get himself banned, unless he pissed off the wrong person of course. I want to know where he went too.

  8. rhiannonator says:

    but I like your songs!

  9. I believe he’s now using a brand new site, with a username that has the word “lemming” as part of it. One of its first posts had 3 pics: One with a crow (or some sort of bird, depicting his “huginn” xanga), then a broken teapot, and then a lemming. I didn’t bookmark it or anything, but he should be around. 

  10. QuantumStorm says:

    He was last seen between Earth and Mars.Seriously though, I don’t know what happened. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious.

  11. agnophilo says:

    @bukeshow – Yeah it is.@LydJaGillers – Yeah, that’s annoying.@MangoWOW – I wouldn’t notice, he (silentseekr) banned me ages ago.  And you can’t IM celestialteapot, I know for a fact his site it shut down.@MangoWOW – At least he left without being banned/hacked.@ElliottStrange – I concur.  Was banned from his site almost immediately.@musterion99 – I don’t get why people do that.  But to each his own.@Dargon – I don’t have any confirmation, but read the other comments.@musterion99 – Could be – in which case I apologize.@rhiannonator – Thanks.  : D  I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on them, and one guy who said it’s annoying to have an auto-playlist.@Unstoppable_Inner_Strength – Well if he doesn’t want to be found then so be it.  Just glad he doesn’t appear to have been phished.@QuantumStorm – Doesn’t appear to have been, from the comments.

  12. MangoWOW says:

    @agnophilo – Lol. Im one of the lucky few he chose to keep in contact with. I feel special. And yea, I have his AIM screen name. lol

  13. agnophilo says:

    @MangoWOW – Oh ok.  Well nevermind then if he wants to cut off ties.

  14. MangoWOW says:

    @MangoWOW – And yes, he does have a new screen name.

  15. MangoWOW says:

    @agnophilo – He’s just tired. He wants to keep it simple. Only a few people.

  16. @ElliottStrange – LMAO. Oh god silentseekr the fucktard.

  17. gmx0 says:

    I thought he banned me or something. It was when I disproved all he said about how evolution was testable. Its not.

  18. agnophilo says:

    @gmx0 – It is actually.  Very.@MangoWOW – Fair enough.@northernskylights – Yup.

  19. gmx0 says:

    Well not in the way celestial teapot presented it. I disproved all that in one sentence.

  20. agnophilo says:

    @gmx0 – How did he present it?Were there pictures of jeeps or something in this blog?

  21. nephyo says:

    hmm. loonsounds and celestialteapot gone. godlessliberal barely posts. progressive ranks on xanga appear to be thinning.

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