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Anyone Else Having Trouble Right-Clicking On Xanga?

The last day or so I’ll log into xanga and I won’t be able to right-click on links, but in windows and when I go to other websites my right mouse button works fine.  Anyone else having the same problem?

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Monster Ate My Twinky : (

The above line is from the movie “monster squad” I saw when I was a kid.  Among other classics are such lines as “wolfman’s got nards!” Anyway, a monster did not eat my twinky, but a popup killed my computer. … Continue reading

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The Sun As God Makes More Sense.

Or stars in general. The ancients weren’t all that stupid, they knew what side their bread was buttered on.  They knew that without the sun their crops wouldn’t grow and there would be no warmth and they would all die.  … Continue reading

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This Blog Is Just A Thinly Veiled Attempt…

To spread the joy of truly awesome music : D It didn’t start out that way, but this is what it has become. The shame. The awesome, awesome shame.

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RE: On Evolution (creationist arguments).

Maniacsicko, not necessarily a creationist himself, made a blog with a bunch of copied and pasted creationist arguments. I will repost the bulk of it below, my responses will be in another color: First off, I invite all of you … Continue reading

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More Transitional Fossils (updated)

I kind of gleaned over the subject in my last blog, so I thought I’d provide some more examples of clear transitional forms in the fossil record (especially since one dude was not satisfied).. What Is A Transitional Form? Different … Continue reading

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What Is Truth, And What Is God?

The following is an excerpt of dialogue from one of my alltime favorite scifi series, babylon 5 between an alien dude and one of the main characters who, in the show writes a book and it becomes a sort of … Continue reading

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RE: The Hadron Supercollider Will Make A Black Hole And Destroy The Earth.

I was thinking about writing a blog about this, and when someone mentioned the hadron supercollider in the comments on my last blog I figured what the hell. To create a black hole requires a lot of energy.  I will … Continue reading

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RE: There Are No Transitional Fossils.

Someone claimed that there are no transitional fossils, scientists have never found any. This was my response: Here are some of the transitional fossils that don’t exist: Whale transitional forms (just some of them): (Link to the first picture if … Continue reading

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Heh, this is funny.

One guy (whose name I won’t mention out of politeness) is basically the single most myopic, narrow-minded, crazy fundamentalist I’ve come across on xanga.  He said this about me and I thought I’d share: “The sad thing about you is … Continue reading

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