How Many Hits Do You Get A Week?

I get about a thousand hits a week if I don’t post anything and am not active throughout the week, and about 3k-3500 hits if I blog and comment and don’t get anything featured.

Pretty respectable.

My featured blogs have gotten about 3k or so hits in a few days, but I remember someone did some lame blog about makeup tips or something on an ish site that had about 25k hits, wtf?

Meanwhile social relevance and being featured on the xanga homepage gets you 3k hits, lol.


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13 Responses to How Many Hits Do You Get A Week?

  1. Heh, I only get hit by web bots. 

  2. I think I get around 500 🙂 Poetry isn’t a very accessible topic, heh.

  3. I used to get… 20… 30… and wonder what it’d be like to get 100.Heh, now I average in the higher 100’s (or so I have in the past couple weeks)–occasionally 1,000-something.It’s amazing what a bit of active participation will bring to one’s blog, lol.

  4. I get about 30,000 to 35,000 footprints a week.  When I was focused on my blog and posted 4 times a day, I was at 100,000 footprints a week.  In fact, I averaged that for a full year.  I am thinking about getting focused again.The reason that a post gets so many hits on an ish site is that the post is first put on an ish site that xanga is friend botting.  They have about 40-50 thousand friends.  Then the posts with the most comments go to the top rotating box on the front page and can spend a day or two or even longer in that box.  That can sometimes get it thousands of hits.  Then the post is featured and it will stay on top of featured content for over half the day or sometimes a full 24 hours.  In other words, the ish sites just get more exposure.

  5. well so far it is tuesday and i have 732i usually get like 2000ish a week?

  6. LydJaGillers says:

    1 or 2 hits a day (sometimes no hits at all). I stopped the bots by locking my site (they were giving me about 400 footprints but I didn’t consider those real, which is why I locked my site). 

  7. I’ll be happy if my blog EVER gets 100 hits. 

  8. I get between 20 and 60 hits per day… about 150-ish in a week, give or take, depending on how interesting my blogs were that week… Not bad, considering mine’s an online journal. But I get in discussions on the satellite sites as well as other peoples’ sites, so I think that draws more people in.

  9. Ro_ad808 says:

    10-15 a day, if I post something new. I’m happy with breaking 100 in a week.

  10. Dargon says:

    Usually five to ten per day right now, (though at one point I was getting 300+ a day).

  11. Some thousand. And I feel dreadfully sorry for all of those people. ha ha.

  12. zero haha. I don’t write shit. 

  13. oroiko says:

    I average between 300-400 hits, mainly from web bots and most are either from Texas or unknown.  Robots love me.

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