How To Get Blog Hits.

I did a blog about how many hits people get out of curiosity.  Some people said 100k+, some said under a hundred.

So I thought I’d give my thoughts on developing an audience.

One, write interesting blogs about things people will want to read about.  Preferably not all about you you you, unless your blog is more of a personal journal or is about boobs (people seem like blogs about shapely boobs too).

Two, comment on other blogs, including featured blogs if you can.  Get in discussions.  This will lead people back to your blog and get you initial hits.

Beyond that it seems to be about how interesting your blogs are times how often you blog.  If you blog like a lunatic you’ll get more and more hits, and if you blog once or twice a week you’ll maybe get a few hundred regardless of how wonderful and insightful your blogs are.

Hope this helps.


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9 Responses to How To Get Blog Hits.

  1. Got it. Blog more often, and blog more about boobs.

  2. amygwen says:

    So? I don’t get the appeal. As long a a couple of people read and comment, I am happy. It is so much work to be on top and so quick to be forgotten. I want to enjoy Xanga not be a slave, addict, junkie, etc.

  3. I think subscribing helps, too.  I think it pushes people to subscribe back / read your blog more. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve grown to hate the “friending” tactic of drawing in readers. I think subscriptions should be more meaningful than just something picked up at the bar.

  5. Dargon says:

    My boobs post and my vaccines post still get tons of hits. The rest, not so much. Then again, I don’t post new content often enough to keep readers interested.

  6. crevis05 says:

    Also…  write blogs that are intelligible…  No one likes to read something that isn’t “smart.”

  7. gmx0 says:

    Pictures help 2! I cant use them because I cant upload without errors from my phone

  8. I just throw different things out there myself. I mostly try to be respectful of folks even if they are not to me. If I hit a topic that is interesting to folks, great, if not its no biggie. I find when I go to other sites and comment I get more traffic, the problem is, I just don’t have time to do that all the time, I have a business to run Anyway, I posted another question on the post I was hoping for atheist’s to give their views, hopefully without being rude and inconsiderate.Hope you have a good Saturday

  9. Anonymous says:

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