OMGZ! Don’t Get The H1N1 Vaccine!

It will kill you!

65 million people have gotten the vaccine and, er, well so far it hasn’t killed anyone.  But it will!

And when it does that means if everyone in america gets vaccinated then 1 in 65 million will have a bad reaction and die, so that’s THREE people.  Dead, because of OBAMA!  Who we all know invented vaccines and is pushing them on innocent kids and babies and nuns and things.


And why should people in high risk groups get vaccinated?  I mean the virus has only killed about a thousand people so far, psshhh, that’s nothing!




Please Rec this blog so that everyone can know how evil obama is and save old people and those with immunodeficiency from this terrible, terrible vaccine.


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19 Responses to OMGZ! Don’t Get The H1N1 Vaccine!

  1. My finger hurts from clicking the rec button

  2. MagisterTom says:

    I haven’t had one. But, I haven’t had a flu shot since probably junior high anyway.

  3. MangoWOW says:

    Exactly. I was considering getting the vaccine but everyone is scaring me and making me nervous by telling me I’d end up with problems and die. Fack. 

  4. agnophilo says:

    @schallerbrandon – : D  That’s either a compliment or a commentary on my recent rec’whoring spree.  Or a little of both : D@MagisterTom – I’ve never gotten the flu jab.  I’m young and healthy, don’t need it.  But this paranoid bullshit conservatives are being fed about how it’s so dangerous will kill people who aren’t so young or healthy and could use the vaccine.@MangoWOW – It’s bullshit.  Don’t pay attention to it.  Science nerd here.@LyricallyCharged – : D

  5. MagisterTom says:

    @agnophilo – I too am young and healthy. I have read the reports, and saw the videos, of people who say not to get it because of whatever reason. And, I think there is some valid concern there. But, like anything else in life you way the pros and cons. For me, I’m not likely to get H1N1, and if I do I’m not likely to be anything more than inconvenienced by it. A mild inconvenience compared to the expense and slight risk of the vaccine puts me on the side of not getting it.

  6. @MagisterTom – @agnophilo – ” I’ve never gotten the flu jab.  I’m young and healthy, don’t need it. “”Adults aged 18-40″Young and healthy is not much of a consolation when dealing with this particular virus. Oh, and you were right, it was a bit of both.

  7. Parsimony says:

    A co-volunteer was discussing how unsafe the vvaccine was, she said it isn’t labelled properly and wasn’t tested properly either.

  8. I live on a huge college campus. They’ve somehow predicted that 50% of the students here will get H1N1 by the time this school year is out. That means they think that over 20,000 students will have swine fu. Sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Especially since I haven’t heard of a single person with it.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @MagisterTom – So far the risk of having a serious reaction to it and being more than “slightly inconvenienced” is 0 in 65,000,000

  10. agnophilo says:

    @schallerbrandon – The article you linked to said:“Who is most affected by swine flu?Adults aged 18-40 and those with compromised immune systems. According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pressbriefing on Monday, May 4, 2009, the median age of confirmed cases is16 years with a range of 3 months to 81 years. There are 35 knownhospitalizations in the United States with the one reported death. 62%of the confirmed cases are under 18 years of age. “The one statement contradicts the other.@Parsimony – He watches too much fox news.  They bash obama for not testing it enough before administering it one day and then the next for not rushing it to high-risk patients fast enough.It’s all partisan political bullshit.Like I said, 65 million people have taken it – 0 deaths.  Out of 65 million people in the US 3,705 will be murdered in a given year.So you are 3,705 times more likely to be murdered this year than die from the H1N1 vaccine.@Sounds0fLaughter – Most people just call it the flu and don’t get diagnosed.

  11. I’ve already caught and gotten over it. Had it for several days back in October. Honestly, the evil apocalyptic H1N1 was more or less akin to a really nasty cold. That’s it.The biggest downside for me was it triggered and asthma flareup afterward, which was worse than having the actual virus. Kept me down for a week, but even then, was hardly life-threatening. It just sucked.What I’m trying to figure out now is if I should bother with the vaccination since technically I’ve already vaccinated myself by catching the darn thing.

  12. agnophilo says:

    @The_James_Blog – I don’t think you should, you should already have antibodies.The vaccine is for people who are at-risk (or can’t afford to lose work) to give them antibodies ahead of time to make it less severe if/when they do catch it.

  13. Haha, “Loudness!!” made me laugh. Everyone knows the louder you are, the more correct you are.

  14. @agnophilo – True. But every student at my school gets free doctors visits, so it’s not like they wouldn’t because they can’t. 20,000 people?! That’s craziness.

  15. MagisterTom says:

    @agnophilo – Well, there is the video of a girl who is supposed to be permanently paralyzed from the shot. Unless that was found out to be something other than from the shot, or to be a hoax.

  16. agnophilo says:

    @TheRiverIsEverywhere – DAMN MUTHERFUCKING STRAIT!”!!!!!!!!!” was my favorite bit : D@Sounds0fLaughter – It’s not too far-fetched, it’s the flu.  Lots of people get it.You haven’t seen anyone with the sniffles this year?  Also they might have predicted that “up to” 50% will get it.  But whatever.@MagisterTom – Well her doctor is a known quack who “treats” his patients with things like “urine therapy” (I shit you not), injecting filtered urin into his patients to “cure” them, as he apparently claims to have “cured” her.  If you’re wondering, there’s no scientific evidence that “urine therapy” even works, it’s on the same level medically as blood letting and exorcism and is done largely because it’s prescribed in the bible and the koran…  Like exorcism, ritual animal sacrifice etc.  You should check out the biblical cure for leprosy sometimes.  Good science there.But yeah, I’m not in the mood to delve into this insanity any further at the moment, but it’s not exactly above-board whateverthell it is.  And it comes from fox news – who’d have thunk it.

  17. Diva_Jyoti says:

    Ah hahahahahahaha.  I didn’t get the shot, but then again I never get a flu shot.  I just don’t, that’s why!Hey, this was a funny blog!

  18. tracezilla says:

    Lol, this is hilarious! I’m glad that not everybody is so crazed and panicked about the H1N1 virus and its vaccinations. :/Seriously, no need to confuse and scare people further. o.o;

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