If You Enjoy Dr. Who Or (Decent) Scifi In General…

I was watching the Dr. Who episode Planet Of The Ood, and thinking about how not everyone would be touched by a show like that, and it occurred to me that the feeling I get from transcendent fiction (much of which seems to be of the “science” variety) is similar to the feeling I get from truly awesome music.  Anyway, it reminded me of a song which is the only science fiction classic rock song I know, and it’s one of my favorites.  I thought if someone liked a show like Dr. Who they might appreciate it.

It’s ‘Children Of The Sun’ by Billy Thorpe.

It also just so happens to be number 167 on my playlist : )

And these happen to be the lyrics.  Enjoy:

People of the Earth can you hear me?
Came a voice from the sky on that magical night
And in the colors of thousand sunsets
They traveled to the world on a shivering light

The people of the Earth stood waiting
Watching as the ships came one by one
Setting fire to the sky as they landed
Carrying to the world Children Of The Sun
Children Of The Sun

All at once came a sound from the inside
Then a beam made of light hit the ground
Everyone felt the sound of their heartbeat
Every Man – Every Woman – Every Child

They passed the limits of imagination
Through the door – to the world – of another time
And on the journey of a thousand lifetimes
With the Children Of The Sun – They started their climb

Children Of The Sun
Children Of The Sun

No more gravity, nothing holding them down now
Floating endlessly, as their ship leaves the ground
Through the walls of time – at the speed of light
Flies the crystal ships on their celestial flight
(On their celestial flight)

Children Of The Sun
Children Of The Sun
Children Of The Sun
Children Of The Sun


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8 Responses to If You Enjoy Dr. Who Or (Decent) Scifi In General…

  1. Yeah, I can see the relation. Dr. Who friggin’ rules.

  2. DarthPatriot says:

    I miss that – I have been watching SG Universe a lot.  Makes me think of the life boat scenario mixed with The Lord of the Flies.

  3. agnophilo says:

    @DarthPatriot – Dr. Who should come back soon I think.  New Doctor though : ( ::passes out black armbands::I’ve been watching SGU too, it’s not too bad so far. I hope it doesn’t go all galactica on us and just be a random soap opera where they’re making it up as they go along.

  4. DarthPatriot says:

    yeah i totally think its going somewhere good.  i want to see what sorta aliens they uncover in season 2

  5. agnophilo says:

    @DarthPatriot – Season 2?  They’re on season 3 or 4.What country are you in?  Or are you watching it in reruns or on dvd?Also the show has technically been on for much longer, it’s actually the longest running scifi series of all time.  There have been a total of 753 episodes since 1963 – the new dr. who is a continuation of the old series.Holy shit, ya know?

  6. DarthPatriot says:

    Oh no I meant SGU – its an extremely new series.  Yeah Dr. Who has a extremely rich history behind it.  I actually had netflix send me some of the old episodes the last time I checked my que.  

  7. agnophilo says:

    @DarthPatriot – Ah.  Yeah I hope they get some kind of central plot going that’s sustainable and it doesn’t just become a soap opera.  It kind of has been a bit with all the relationship stuff and people sleeping with each other.One thing I liked about SG1 and atlantis was that they just had friendships and maybe flirted with the idea of more for fun but never really went there.

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