Monster Ate My Twinky : (

The above line is from the movie “monster squad” I saw when I was a kid.  Among other classics are such lines as “wolfman’s got nards!”

Anyway, a monster did not eat my twinky, but a popup killed my computer.

Was surfing the net randomly, a popup came up, my computer crashes.  So I reboot.  Everything works fine, I open up firefox and it restores my previous windows/tabs, the popup loads again and my computer crashes.  But this time it won’t reboot, even in safe mode.  I put in the system restore disks and try to do a windows repair and it asks me for the administrator password.  I give the password and it says password not valid.

So there you go.  Monster ate my twinky : (

The real bitch of it is I’d just been invited into a closed beta of an awesome looking game, it took me like 3 tries to get the client to download without crapping out before it finished and I’d just gotten it downloaded. : (

But yeah, at least I wasn’t raped by eskimos or something.


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10 Responses to Monster Ate My Twinky : (

  1. Why is Shatner raping my ears? D:

  2. agnophilo says:

    @edgarallenpwn – It’s actually a good song.  Was like #2 on the pop charts in europe.

  3. Oh no!  What game were you trying to play?

  4. Scrolling through, you’ve actually got a lot of good music up there.

  5. FalconBridge says:

    William Shatner?  Was it Common People?  That songs good.  Sorry to hear about your computer!

  6. agnophilo says:

    @the_rocking_of_socks – Allods online.@edgarallenpwn – I think so : D@FalconBridge – I have that one and I think one other in my playlist, so yeah probably.

  7. BULLshiite rock ain’t gonna “CHANGE” thangs homie

  8. maniac_rose says:

    First off, good blog. Second… OMG at your music player. It’s full of music I have always loved. I can’t believe you got all that Bowie. So cool. And Dream on is awesome. But yeah, sorry about the monster eating your twinkie.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @maniac_rose – Yeah I like my playlist : D  Hope you find something you’ve never heard before : )  Feel free to browse.

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