For We All Live Under The Reign Of One King…

If you own a radio you probably recognize that as the last line from a popular Creed song. 

I really liked creed when I was like 14 or so (their guitarist was really good I thought).  Then I realized one day every single song of theirs I knew was about jesus.  That kind of killed it for me.  Not because they’re a christian band.  I have nothing against religious music so long as it’s good music.  I have plenty of christian songs in my playlist, from “turn turn turn” by the byrds which paraphrases half of ecclesiastes 3 to lacrimosa, part of a christian funeral mass by mozart.

What I didn’t like about creed was that they did nothing but drone on about jesus, which is like a band that does nothing but sing about pain or love or boys.  That ain’t art.

The first album I ever bought was the black album by metallica, it had a song about the sandman myth, multiple personalities, two about religion, one about injustice, america, werewolves, cosmology and human destiny and several more I can’t even summarize.

All in one album!  To me, that’s music.

Anyway, my opinion of the lead singer was further ruined when I saw his music videos, which were just him walking in slow mo in a “look how awesome I am” way.  They were beyond obnoxious, and he appeared to think he was jesus.

Then I found out that the lead singer scott stapp, married with two kids, had made a sex tape (that was later released) of him and kid rock getting blown by four groupies. 

Not a lot of people know about that bit, so I thought I’d make a little blog about it.


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20 Responses to For We All Live Under The Reign Of One King…

  1. MagisterTom says:

    I didn’t know about the sex tape, but I knew he had turned to alcoholism and he admits that he had quite the problem with pride.I think Creed is actually back together now. Hopefully his repentance will hold true.

  2. renzughent says:

    Wow, I never knew that but I’m honestly not surprised. I always had the impression that the singer to Creed was a d-bag though. I was never a fan of their music though.

  3. HereInMyVoid says:

    wow, didn’t know about the tape, but i’m not entirely surprised. i used to be a fan back in the day, too..before i realized he was a tool.

  4. You’d think celebrities would quit making sex tapes. 

  5. notjus4ne1 says:

    I still a a few of their old songs.  I’ve never been a fan, to have bought their cd, but they had a few good songs…IMO.  As far as the sex tape goes I’m not surprised.  Not much that goes on surprises me anymore.

  6. BobRichter says:

    @TheModernBunny – Only if you thought people were smart or learned from history.I can’t say I seriously care about the character of the guy doing the singing. Some of Creed’s stuff actually rocks pretty hard, and it actually does deal with a fair variety of subjects. I could actually argue that most of Metallica’s stuff is really just about feeling different. That’s just generalising, and it’s kinda what you’re doing here saying all of Creed’s stuff is about Jesus. Their vids always did suck. Most music vids actually do. 90% of everything is crap, and just because a band can make a good song doesn’t mean they can make a good album doesn’t mean they can make a good vid.I know Creed bugs a lot of people. No truly good band doesn’t. That’s art.

  7. @BobRichter – Yeah, I probably expect too much. 😛 These days, anyone with even half a brain wouldn’t make a sex tape. 

  8. gmx0 says:

    Contemporary Christian music is not even Biblical. Im against it, so whatever.

  9. aaronmcnees says:

    @TheModernBunny – hey now…that’s kinda harsh.i mean, i have lost a few brain cells,,,but half? people are so picky.

  10. The_ATM says:

    Lucky me.  I always thought their music sucked and that their guitarist was overrated.

  11. Casbahmaniac says:

    Scott Stapp swears they weren’t a Christian band. Now, some Christian bands are actually great. I don’t even believe in God, but I can tell you this….Switchfoot and U2 are pretty good Christian bands. Okay, so U2 is a great band. MxPx was all right too. Maybe it’s because they rarely mention their faiths in those bands. Hell, I just recently found out that The Aquabats were fronted by a Mormon…a genius one at that. He created Yo Gabba Gabba and still performs in the Aquabats.Now, X-tian bands that suck? Any of the Tooth And Nail records bands.. and just about everybody else.It should be noted that Mr. Stapp is a complete douchebag. And it’s always those kinds of assclowns that cheat on their smokin hot wives. Hey, the ugly dude who replaced him as lead singer(Altar Bridge) had a Jesus complex going on too. Creed sucked anyway. It was like they were trying to be Pearl Jam only didn’t have the artistic depth to really pull it off. It was like a generic ass version.

  12. agnophilo says:

    @Casbahmaniac – I know U2 and have heard of switchfoot, and that’s it from your list of christian bands, lol.  U2 is a christian band though?  I did not know that.  But yeah, a mark of a good christian (or atheist or anything else) band is that every song title not include the word jesus.Bad Religion, Disturbed, Tool, A Perfect Circle and many other bands are atheistic, but they just make one or two songs here and there about religion.

  13. asrial86 says:

    I used to like their music until the themes and even tunes got very repetitive.  “All their songs sound the same” started to become true of people saying it.  As for the sex tape – I never knew about it, but I never thought much of those douchebags.How can you preach about Jesus and then have a sex tape gang bang oral party with 4 groupies while you’re married with children?  I tell you, hypocrits need to have their balls removed…

  14. epiginoskete says:

    I think Creed might have been one of the ones the music store wouldn’t take when I went to sell them all that stuff I hadn’t listened to in years, ’cause they had enough (too many) already from other people who sold ’em. I wish I could be surprised about the sex tape thing, but I’m just not. Except that Scott Stapp was partying with Kid Rock. That’s a whole lotta unattractive man for one sex tape. :-/

  15. Casbahmaniac says:

    @agnophilo – U2 is more political now, but they started out as a Christian rock band…or in the past considered themselves as such. In the case of Switchfoot, they rarely mention  Jesus by name..or even say HIM. The themes are implied and not really dominant. I forgot to mention POD as a bad Christian band.

  16. agnophilo says:

    @Casbahmaniac – Any christiany U2 songs you know?

  17. Casbahmaniac says:

    @agnophilo – Not really, but that was their own description in the early days….according to a guy who knows a guy who knew a guy.

  18. Casbahmaniac says:

    @agnophilo – Apparently, Bono must have said something to the effect of them being a Christian band when they he, The Edge, and Adam Clayton all joined some church in Dublin during the recording of October. They were even considering quitting the band because their newfound Christianity conflicted with a rock and roll lifestyle.

  19. agnophilo says:

    @Casbahmaniac – Apparently it didn’t conflict with it too much, lol.

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