RE: God Cares About Hati.

Oh shut the hell up.

I saw a revelife post “god cares about hati” and logged out to view it.

I just fucking LOVE when christians stand on the rubble and proselytize within hours of a massive disaster while people are still being pulled out of the wreckage.  Can you shut the hell up about your religion for FIVE minutes or at least not twist the horrifying deaths of countless people into some rationalization for your belief system.

Say what you will about people using 9/11 to criticize the hazards of the theology of martyrdom and the belief that death is not final, but at least they had the common decency to not bring it up while the victims’ bodies were still warm.


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55 Responses to RE: God Cares About Hati.

  1. tracezilla says:

    Well, if its on Revelife is probably just for other Christians. I read the post and I didn’t get anything from it that said that they were trying to preach to non-Christians and tell them this is some reason that people should believe in God. I think it was just that the earthquake in Haiti brought to the immediate attention to a lot of people the state that Haiti really IS in. And the woman that wrote the post apparently had actually been the Haiti before and had witnessed how impoverished they were. Then again, I don’t know if she ever really made it a point to give to any Haitian organizations or to pray each day for the people of Haiti. So, yeah she could be a hypocrite.I think that since it was posted to a Christian site, it was probably just one Christian trying to get the views of other Christians on what they thought, and try to make sense out of something terrible that happened, and maybe try to see something good coming out of something terrible.People do things like that all the time, whether it has to do with religion or not. I don’t see how religion makes it any different. It didn’t seem like an overly preachy post. Although there are some people on Revelife that do get really preachy, as if they are the holiest of holy human beings and find themselves in a position to judge an X amount of people they don’t even know. Those posts are definitely annoying, not to mention hypocritical.Eh, in this case, I think it was just one Christian talking to a community of people that were already Christian and trying to make sense out of something terrible and to see a way to turn it into something good.I don’t see what could be so horrible about that…:/I usually don’t notice you get worked up so much over something like this, though, so seeing the hostility in the post kinda surprised me. :p

  2. Its nice to see I’m not the only one.Nothing wrong with helping when its within means. But  I do get pissed with how this whole Haiti thing is getting out of hand.Let’s help everyone else yet forget the needs of our own country, no wonder we are doing so bad.

  3. @melandollic – Replace Christians with “salvationists” and you’ve a point.  Salvationists being a catchall for say Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Scientology and Brahmaism. 

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