Banning people.

If you read my last blog you know the whole banning thing with what’s her name.

Like 5 minutes after posting that, trunthepaige, who has several times bragged to me about not banning or censoring people, threatened to ban me if I didn’t apologize for saying “idiot” at the end of a pulse comment.

Now I’m not a mean person.  I get a little pissy now and then, especially when people are being unreasonable (as she was being).  But I’m generally the first one to make nice, especially if I get some sense that the other person will reciprocate.

If she had just asked for an apology I’d have given her one.  But saying “apologize or you’re banned”?  Maybe it’s because I just got blocked for winning an argument with a christian, but I’m more inclined to tell her to go fuck herself.

I’ve been pissed off by peoples’ comments to the point of wanting to scream at my computer, I’ve never blocked anyone.  Never threatened to block anyone.  Never even wanted to block anyone.

Awhile ago someone I was getting along with fairly well saw that I had a disagreement with someone else on their blog (ProudToBeAChristianFruitcake, now that I check).  I don’t remember what it was about, but she threatened to ban me unless I apologized to the other person.  I sent her an email explaining that she was not my mother and that my dealings with other people were none of her concern.  I told her I was not one of her students (she was a gradeschool teacher).  I said that she can nuke our comments off of her blog if she likes, but she’s got no right to threaten me to get me to say anything to anyone but her.

Now while all of this was going on I’d been PMing with the other person who said they didn’t think I owed them an apology.  We talked, and I apologized to them regardless just to be polite, but didn’t tell the person who was threatening to block me because, like with trunthepaige, fuck them.

So they blocked me.

If you’ve banned anyone, unless they’re s spambot or were posting pictures of penises on your site or sending you death threats or something, let me just say on behalf of that person, go fuck yourself.


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38 Responses to Banning people.

  1. SirNickDon says:

    Yay, I’m exempt from the self-fucking.

  2. crazy2love says:

    I’ve only banned one person, because he was very creepy and stalking other friends of mine.

  3. QuantumStorm says:

    I’ve had numerous situations like this with others who can’t handle losing an argument. Personally I rarely block unless if it’s a bot or someone who is hurting/flaming someone else on MY site.

  4. trunthepaige is beyond fucked up. i am wondering if she is not suffering from any mental dysfunction. she is one of the luminary idiots here. so fucking blinding in their luminosity.

  5. I only block if a person is making a bunch of comments and that is especially in the first 25 comments because they are whoring up the first page.  I have been consistent about that rule for 5 years.  You can come to my site and say you hate me or you want to kill me.  Just try not to leave 3-4 comments in the first 25-50 comments and I will heal from everything else.  I have blocked 100 sites but 70 sites were run by one person who commented me 2000-3000 comments a day every day for a few weeks.  Almost every site I have blocked, xanga shuts down so those people are generally spamming everyone.You should private message Trun and maybe you can work it out.

  6. I normally just stick to the nice comments. If someone wants to be douchey with me I usually just ignore it or will be at least someone douchey respectful back (I like to mix the two) ha. I only block perv creepers from my site.

  7. trunthepaige says:

    All you need to do is stop starting every sentence with you idiot, moron, etc. You have been asked to stop it in the past, so i have been more than tolerant of you. So you can apologize and stop doing it or you will not be welcomed back. As you know from personal experience, I am more than willing to apologize when I go to far. I am not asking anything speical out of you.It’s all up to you if you can’t live by such simple rules as ‘don’t insult people too often’. Why would anyone want you around?

  8. musterion99 says:

    Now I’m not a mean person.That might be true but you do come across as mean and rude. (not to me yet). Even if you’re right, I don’t see the point of using cuss words to offend Christians. That’s my opinion.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @SirNickDon – Kudos.@QuantumStorm – I can’t remember someone else ever getting flamed on my site.  I tend to draw most of the unfriendly fire myself, lol.@crazy2love – That’s understandable.  In the death threat-like category.@northernskylights – She’s one of many people whose blogs keep popping up who is really into hating on and villifying “liberals” and groups of people, rather than discussing ideas and treating people like individuals.  That sort of thing seems more like an outlet for something else than their genuine views.  “Husband hits the wife, wife hits the kid, kid goes outside and kicks the cat” sort of thing.

  10. The only person I’ve blocked is some person trying to convert me to Jehovah’s Witness.  Before that, I politely told him I wasn’t interested, several times.  And Trunthepaige can go fuck herself.  She’s one of the people on Xanga that I’d like to reach through the internet and choke to death.

  11. agnophilo says:

    @TheTheologiansCafe – I replied on her pulse.  Ball’s in her court.And yeah I expect you get a higher degree of shit.  So far as posting many comments, I consolidate them in one post, like so : )@iStephanieMarie – Yeah women also have to deal with the perv factor.@trunthepaige – The reason I called you an idiot (which was by the way the only insult in our exchange, not one of a long string of insults as you suggest) is that everything you said I debunked and rather than respond reasonably you suggested that the volume of bullshit claims you were repeating somehow made global warming questionable.  You had yet to deal with one thing I said, and you were using all of the previous debunked crap you posted as evidence that your position was correct.That is not an honest way of arguing and is more akin to “I am rubber and you are glue”.If I apologize for calling you an idiot will you apologize for not acknowledging a single point I was making and being obnoxious?@musterion99 – First of all, the notion of “cuss” words is a nonsense idea that has zilch to do with the teachings of christ and is just a figment of our pop culture imagination.  Second, I am generally polite but when people are unreasonable or dishonest it annoys the crap out of me.  Some of the discussions you and I have had have annoyed the crap out of me.

  12. agnophilo says:

    @the_rocking_of_socks – I still wouldn’t ban your JW, but the trunthepaige comment made me lol.

  13. I have an extremely long block list, but it’s because I had a stalker.  She constantly harrassed me and my boyfriend, threatened to physically hurt me, and I even considered pressing charges.  (Thankfully, that seemed to calm her down a bit.)  She kept changing screen names and lurking on my site, so I blocked anyone who didn’t have anything written on their blog and/or just made a blog yesterday.  I finally went to friends lock to fix that problem.  I didn’t want to have to resort to friends lock, though.

  14. trunthepaige says:

    @agnophilo – You are forgetting “jackass” and a far lessor insult that I deleted and frankly don’t remember. and the fact that you do this almost every exchange needs be taken into account. I don’t own you any apologies. As you know I do give apologies when i own them.

  15. agnophilo says:

    @methodElevated – Again, that’s a reasonable exemption. Feel free to not fuck yourself : )

  16. agnophilo says:

    @trunthepaige – Then I don’t apologize.And again, you’re a hypocrite for bragging about not censoring people and deleting comments.

  17. musterion99 says:

    @agnophilo – You use words that are insulting to others, whether you think they are or not. I don’t care if my comments have annoyed you. I don’t agree with all of your comments either. You can say whatever you want to others, and they have the right to block you if they choose to.

  18. trunthepaige says:

    @agnophilo – No I never said I did not block anyone. I said I did it very rarely. Right now only a few of hectors fake sites are on it.  Making you oh so rare if you were there. And you are not blocked, you’re just not welcomed around. If I blocked you, after you calmed down and saw that you were being a little jerk. How could you ever apologize?

  19. MangoWOW says:

    Pff. Fuck you back. lol. I don’t ban people unless I have a reason to. People like BunnyParfait And other not-a-trolls are on there among other people who I think start drama for no reason. But I really only block when they affect me. Troll on others pages all you want but once you step on my territory you’re being shut out.

  20. striemmy says:

    Spam and stalkers only. 

  21. Uek says:

    republican rage! 

  22. Yeah…I’ve only blocked spammers so far.  It especially irritates me when people block/delete users/comments that disagree with them, or people who think that disagreement is the same as trolling.  But I suppose there are some people who aren’t actually interested in discussion and simply want to stroke their egos. 

  23. I banned S_K_O_T, if you remember him./fap fap fap fap fap

  24. coolmonkey says:

    Christians and Rightwingers generally don’t like opposing viewpoints or ideas.  It’s in their DNA.

  25. amygwen says:

    In other people defense, you do tend to get nasty and attack people within your arguments. In addition, you construct argument that are logical to the point where the average person could not understand them. You need to write a least at the 8th grade level. (not above)Do I need to add “sarcasm” to that last sentence?

  26. asrial86 says:

    I have a few people banned for harassment.  Lobornlyte the bitchfucker would not stop harassing me so I blocked her ass.  There’s a couple other religionist fucks who did the same.  I don’t bother arguing because there’s no intelligence upstairs.

  27. misuriver says:

    Oh, Trunthepaige (or however the hell it goes)… I miss arguing about her ridiculous claims and nonsensical views. It’s so easy to annoy her. If I weren’t so busy, I’d pick that hobby back up again.

  28. agnophilo says:

    @amygwen – Heh.  It’s hard to dumb things down, I don’t really use any special words or anything.@haloed – I’ve had a few people mindlessly antagonize me, but I generally just ignore them.@misuriver – Unfortunately I get feedback and rec’s etc of her blogs and pulses, they’re all just hating on democrats, obama etc.  And occasionally atheists.

  29. Seeing as it’s my site, I’ll block anyone I want and they can go piss all over themselves if they don’t like it. I think this non-blocking whining is shit. By the way, on the trunthepaige things: delusional much?

  30. GodAintGood says:

    Oh please, it’s not like you called her a CUNT or some thing. Trun is a CUNT would warrant an apology.

  31. rafi09 says:

    It’s been so long since I’ve blocked anyone that I had to go see if I still had people blocked. Only one could have been within the past year (since Xanga Credits didn’t exist when I first started out here and I took such a long break)…I still have no idea how it got blocked or why I would block something about Xanga Credits.Anyways, it appears that I haven’t blocked anyone since I was 14/15. I had blocked two former friends because they were trying to help me (well, yelling at me but still trying) get out of my former depressing mindset. yeah, they just became unblocked since they were kinda right. The other one called me names because I had used some of the pro-ana quotes (yeah, I was just slightly messed up back then…) on my site. I didn’t know her and she wouldn’t stop so I blocked her.Can I just go tell my 14/15 year old self to go fuck herself? I’d like to not have to go fuck myself for something I wouldn’t repeat now that I’m actually an adult and, you know, much more mature.It is ridiculous why some (or many…not sure) people block others. Like that one person who blocked me because I showed her statistics on why illegal immigrants don’t damage us as much as some think they do and why we should re-evaluate our position on dealing with them. I wasn’t even mean. ***Side note: Why do my comments always end up being long??***

  32. dprest_kitty says:

    lol.. i block people who “friends lock” their page.. cuz frankly.. i think its rude if theyre browsing thru groups reading everyones public page and not allowing anyone to read theirs.. pisses me off like people who block their number.. what makes you so special that you can freely browse thru other peoples pages but your page?.. nOoooOo.. youre blog is tOoOoo special to read..

  33. snapeful says:

    I think I’m just an angry person in general and block people that just fucking annoy me.

  34. Never banned one- doubt I ever will. (:

  35. tracezilla says:

    Seriously? These little ban wars are so childish. They’re not even high school, they’re elementary school level stuff. Its not being protective of friends to threaten somebody to make them apologize, its just being stupid. Especially over something that occurs on the Internet like this.I agree with you. The reasons that you got banned were bull, they were cop outs. And ridiculous ones.I don’t know if anyone has ever blocked me (not to my knowledge), but I have never blocked anyone. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever, but that I don’t see myself ever blocking anyone for disagreeing with me. Real troll stalking is something I’d ban over.And, really, to most people being banned for reasons that are this ridiculous are not something that anyone loses sleep over. It strikes me as a “ha ha, i got you, didn’t i??” thing to do and that only applies if it bothers someone enough to lose sleep over and to spend countless, endless minutes out of the day worrying over it.Most of the time, you get a couple posts like this, and then people move on. :p Which is what rational, sane people do when they are confronted with the irrational and ridiculous things adults do on occasion.Seriously, let’s all move on up out of elementary school for a while. I hated elementary school. I don’t really feel like going back. :p

  36. Sake_Tatsuyo says:

    I only block spammers. they deserve it.

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