mtngirlsouth blocked me, lol.

Then she immediately claimed that I couldn’t defend myself against her religious arguments.

I’m sorry, but you’re the one who had to resort to banning me to win an argument you pathetic windbag.

A few christians immediately started in on bashing me and atheists in general in the blog comments the second she announced I was blocked. 

bakersdozen2 had this gem to put forward:

I’ve found that many atheists who troll Christian blogs tend to use skulls and scary devil faces as their profile pictures…”

This is like the 5th time this week (literally) that a conservative or religious person has mocked my avatar rather than respond intelligently to something I’ve said.  For the record my avatar is a picture of Homo heidelbergensis, a 125,000+ year old fossil that predates humans.

If a fossil frightens you, well what can I say – you’re easily frightened.


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60 Responses to mtngirlsouth blocked me, lol.

  1. gmx0 says:

    This could go both ways.

  2. She gets on my nerves–like recently she tried to “evangelize me”–if that is the right phrase. There is a reason for the block button–but not to use it against those you can’t win. She knew she lost but she couldn’t fess up to it, but whatever and I saw the one right after it–and she was going on and on about how she won it and that her “proof” was so much better. Buggers. LOL—about that whole thing–I blocked that dude as “supposedly” she did, for all I know he is still allowed on her site(she only said that she would)–only cus I don’t want him coming back to harrass– but I think she did the same to you because she thought you to be doing the same. Lol.And I don’t get the whole fuss over your profile pic. It isn’t nothing to go whining over.

  3. tracezilla says:

    Seriously, they likened your avatar to devil pictures? :p That is sad. Clearly, your avatar has nothing of the sort to do with that. I always thought of archeology when I looked at your avatar, although I seriously had no idea it was something as significant as you mentioned in the post. But, looking at it I could see that it looked real (i always thought it was cool) and that if it was it was also probably pretty old. :p I just didn’t know it was THAT old.And, blocking someone because they’re disagreeing with you is stupid. Even if you actually felt that they weren’t backing up their claims or their stance adequately…just ignore their existence? Blocking them is rather useless. It also makes you look kind of desperate, impulsive and at least a little pathetic.Now, if you were spamming her site with actual nonsense, meaning that you weren’t even talking about anything that had to do with the post she made, or you were cussing her out, or any number of things that actual trolls do when they go to someone’s site just to pick fights, then that would be a different story.Just disagree with someone does not mean that you are a troll. Giving reasons WHY you disagree does not mean that you are a troll. If they can’t handle any confrontation, then I don’t see why they have a blog in the first place. :/

  4. Sake_Tatsuyo says:

    i thought you’re pic was cool. it didn’t even register as creepy or scary

  5. NightCometh says:

    Not everyone wants negative comments on their blog.  I don’t really tolerate very much…some people will a lot more than I do.  It’s a choice, and since it’s a personal blog…it’s pretty open to what the person wants.  I’m not involved in this argument.  That’s just my first impression when I haven’t seen any comments from you at all. 

  6. You’re right. Can’t we just respect each others’ views and not try to “prove” what are just opinions? Obviously not.On a completely off topic point, I was looking through your music player and I was very happy to find John the Revelator. It’s my absolute favorite song of Depeche Mode.

  7. gene546 says:

    As I had told you, at least four people had blocked me; so what? Not all people like each other. It is the way life is. Gene546

  8. aililia says:

    I’ve always thought your avatar was very fitting and amusing. I understood immediately it wasn’t meant as a “devil symbol” or anything creepy/dumb, but rather as a statement to human evolution and your position on it. Maybe it’s just being an anthropologist, or maybe it’s just being remotely well educated… I have a ~serious~ lack of patience for people who get classified in my head as dumb for saying something flat out ignorant, and I applaud you for this site and for doing what you do… I could never do this, my temper would push me into murdering someone.

  9. YouToMe says:

    If a fossil frightens you… LOL Haha kristen commented this last year!

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