RE: Obama Hasn’t Done Anything In His First Year.

A lot of people, especially those on tv whose opinions are bought and paid for in advance, insist the president hasn’t gotten anything done his first year in office.

On the contrary.  Politifact’s “obameter” keeps track of anything and everything he said he’d try to do in office, and he made 510 statements that could be called campaign promises. 

Of the 510 he’s already kept 91.  275 more are “in the works” (many waiting for congressional approval) and so on.


The Obameter Scorecard

At this pace he could conceivably be the first president in history to actually DO most of the shit he says he’s going to do while in office.

And that’s with the republicans doing everything they can to hold up congress.


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21 Responses to RE: Obama Hasn’t Done Anything In His First Year.

  1. lol  I like how they included “get his daughters a puppy” on the list.

  2. Getting the puppy is change we can believe in.

  3. anaraug says:

    It’s all selection bias.  Republicans are going to focus on every little thing he’s done wrong, and democrats on every little thing he’s done right.  I prefer to just be content with hating everyone equally.

  4. bukeshow says:

    @methodElevated – thats how ridiculous this list is I know. The actual priorities of his campaign and his parties like HC and Gov takeover have failed miserably. This guy’s a joke along with the rest of his cabinet.

  5. I got into an argument with my neighbor about this. I’m not totally on board with everything Obama does, but I think he is doing a pretty good job. I told me neighbor this and she replied “He said he was going to be transparent. Why, then, did he not tell his own children that his cousin is a murderer?” … She thinks she’s right, to a degree where nothing can challenge it. That’s dangerous. I don’t mind media outlets saying what they do about the President. Technically you can say what you want about a public figure if it concerns their job performance. I do think they ought to be sued if they claim unbiased reporting and are in fact blatantly biased. Some media outlets are also a good lawyer away from a libel suit…If Obama wasn’t so busy with that job of his he probably could prove malicious intent, if “saying whatever you want to get ratings” counts. (honestly, I’m commenting because a Cake song came on, and I wanted to listen to it. 🙂 Awesome playlist. )

  6. helvetebrann says:

    I had someone tell me that the website was a bunch of bunk and was obviously biased and therefore meant nothing.*sigh*

  7. leaflesstree says:

    I’m all for puppies. Puppies are awesome. And hey, that was, technically, a campaign promise. If you can’t keep promises to your own children, what kind of person are you??Anyway, yeah. it’s amazing how much people can distort facts.

  8. agnophilo says:

    @Jimbo1023 – I actually did a blog about that last year : )@bukeshow – Mindless partisan drivel.@MysticalInverseDrummer – Thanks, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about my playlist.  And yeah, I’ve talked to people like that.  I’ve stumbled on one or two places on the net that are just an endless spiral of sheer hatred for obama and there are lots of insane conspiracy theories that make the “he was born in kenya” stuff look like nothing.@Rain_of_Mystic_Sorrow – Yeah I saw that.  Wanted to do a blog about it.  I think I will : D@helvetebrann – Politifact is famously non-partisan.  But if you’re reading “”, then anything rational seems biased in his favor.@leaflesstree – True, technically it was a campaign promise, and his daughters are constituents.

  9. gmx0 says:

    By not doing anything, they mean Obama not doing anything they want done.

  10. jaydedheart says:

    Those voices are the same ones who made him president to begin with. They put his face on all the magazines. They told people he was anti-war while his words clearly weren’t. We’re always sold the president. Just another wasteful appliance taking up our lives.

  11. jaydedheart says:

    I also find it disturbing how we’ve come to the point where we can compliment someone for having already broken numerous promises, as setting a higher standard.

  12. It’s always refreshing when someone has something nice to say about Obama.  The man’s done a lot for his first year.  People forget that he inherited eight years’ worth of fuck-ups.  He’s not magic, he can’t magically fix everything at once.

  13. ithiliya says:

    I voted for Obama.  I have certain standards that I want him to meet.  I want him to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  I want him to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan (even though this year will be my dad’s last over there, so I won’t have to worry about that anymore, I still want us OUT).  I want him to push this country towards clean and renewable energy.  I want him to help us rebuild the infrastructure.  (I also want him to pass health care reform, but I don’t expect anything that can get passed to actually be any good, so I’ve crossed it off of my list of expectations.)Ironically, I think it is BECAUSE I expect so much of him that I am so far disappointed.  I know it’s only been a year, though, so I’m hoping things will change.  But if Bush were the president still and were doing the exact same things that Obama is doing now, I would be impressed *LOL*  How’s that for logic?

  14. I think that people try to find the smallest flaws in any of our presidents. Seriously I wouldnt want the job they have, they do the best that they can and if it helps the US or even the world then so be it, if it doesnt or if they make a little insignificant mistake, give them a break. I didnt want obama to win but he is our president now so I will support our president and the decisions he makes unless of course they result in the destruction of humankind :p

  15. helvetebrann says:

    @agnophilo – You have no idea how much I argued with this idiot until he went on a rampage to “prove” his point.  Here’s his “research”.Isthat so smarty pants? Well just because I didn’t believe you, andAndrew has such a good point, I just spent an hour of my beautifulFriday on to prove you wrong, here are my findings…In the ‘People – Other Groups and People’ section… There are:Republicans – 99Democrats -70… See MoreLibertarians – 3Independents – 4Constitutionalists – 1Republicans, as well as Libertarians and Constitutionalists are considered right wing, therefore they add up to 103. Inother words, they are checking up on 103 right wingers and 70 leftwingers. Independents are not classified as left wingers but I’ll throwyou a bone we’ll add them, so there are 74 left wingers.103 v 74, difference of 29, but okay… inconclusive right now lets move on.Now… in the’ Pundits’ sectionI classified individuals and groups into left wing, right wing, and unknown. ***Left Wing Groups/individuals listed – 6***(Keith Olberman, Ed Schultz, Rachel Madow, Org. For America, Paul Krugman, Arianna Hufington.)***Right Wing Groups/individuals listed – 16 (more than half the left wing)*** (DanaMillbank, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill Oreilly, Marymatalin, Anne Coulter, Steve Pocy, Thomas Sowell, George will, DavidBrooks, Michelle Malkin, Kimberly Gulfoyle, Bill Bennette, JoeScarborough, Investors Business Daily)***Independent/cannot figure out – 3*** (Bob Beckel, Lou Dobbs, Cokie Roberts)There are 54 fact checks within the total groups and individuals. Fact checks from left wing groups/individuals – 13Fact checks from right wing groups/individuals – 39Ones we cannot figure out – 3Person with most fact checks – Glenn Beck – 10Runner up – Rush Limbaugh – 8 **(Both right wing!)**3rd – tie between Sean Hannity -3 and Keith Olberman -34th – tie between Rachel Madow – 3 and Anne Coulter – 3Obviously,although your beloved website has some left wingers in there, iit isclear to see that your site is slanted to the left. 1. They don’t check as many Democrats as Republicans.2. They don’t check as many liberal pundits as conservative pundits.4.The amount of checks on liberal pundits are far unbalanced than thoseof conservative pundits. (Glenn Beck 10, Rush 8, Then 3 and 3.)*********Now here’s my question….You said and I quote “There is just as much on the site from all sides of the spectrum as there is from the conservative side.”AndrewMatti didn’t have to do this study, he was able to figure this out justby looking at it… You… could not. And… your supposed to have acute little degree and now you claim that your going to grad school. Somy question is… What were you doing the whole time in college? Imean… well what do I know… I’m just a dumb military dude who’snever been to college.Don’t you just love the personal insults strewn in there instead of actually addressing the point?  Not to mention, he doesn’t prove anything.  *sigh*

  16. agnophilo says:

    @helvetebrann – Um, it’s not biased because it fact-checks glenn beck more often than rachel maddow.  Glenn beck lies routinely.Truth and falsehood is not a partisan issue. Well, it sort of is these days, but it shouldn’t be.

  17. helvetebrann says:

    @agnophilo – Honestly, at that point, I gave up.  I had the stomach flu and stopped caring what this idiot believed.  I almost told him that NPR had a whole interview with them, but I figured he’d just call NPR biased.

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