The Skull Thing.

I mentioned in my recent blog about mtngirlsouth blocking me all the conservatives and religious people mocking my avatar rather than addressing my comments.  Your responses were very amusing.  Here’s just from one trunthepaige blog comment section in like the last two days since I posted that blog.

“whatever dude no one is interested in a fight between me and some guy using a big tough skull avatar,  who is still living with momma”

– Trunthepaige

(“who is still living with momma” is a nice touch, when I mention in my profile that I support and care for a disabled parent who is also a veteran)

“As Rush would put it, you are a “young skull full of mush”   Ahhh, your profile pics matches perfectly Hahahaha”


XD  If I gave these people more credit I would think they had read my blog and were being ingeniously funny.  But sadly they are not.

Just thought I’d share for all the people who commented about the skull thing in the other blog.


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38 Responses to The Skull Thing.

  1. gene546 says:

    Hey man how can I put my picture on my profile? Gene546

  2. Like I said, trunthepaige is a raging moron, who *thinks* she’s intelligent. It’s quite hilarious, actually., how she cracks me up. The scary thing is that she seriously thinks she knows…well, anything at all.

  3. Huh. I thought the skull was interesting, actually. I’m more of a nerd than most, though.So what is the story behind the skull?

  4. Uek says:

    (“who is still living with momma” is a nice touch, when I mention in myprofile that I support and care for a disabled parent who is also aveteran) – That is quite a sick thing to say to someone caring for a disabled parent, especially a vet. Can’t believe even a nutjob republican would resort to that. 

  5. @Uek – She once made fun of an autistic guy. For that piece of scum, anything goes when it comes to attacking someone she disagrees with, especially when she’s getting defeated intellectually. Which, granted, is virtually every time that anyone even slightly intelligent confronts her. Heh, heh.

  6. @Uek – Agreed, that is messed up. -_-

  7. ithiliya says:

    Reminds me of the time someone attacked me for being “obsessed with death” *LOL*

  8. striemmy says:

    @In_Reason_I_Trust – Then in that respect perhaps she should remind me of you.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @gene546 – By the xanga icon in the top-left corner under “visiting: your site” click “photos”, and the options are in there for uploading pictures and making one your default.@apyus – : )@In_Reason_I_Trust – She seems just brimming with bile more than anything.@ShimmerBodyCream – Hmm?  Reminds me of the “fuck the skull of jesus” animated .gif@The_James_Blog – For me personally there is none, I just thought it was cool, not being human and all : )  The technical details are in the blog linked to above.@Uek – I’ve gotten that particular insult many times actually.  I’m pretty sure they actually read my profile looking for ammo.@In_Reason_I_Trust – Reminds me of the coulter “people like you are the reason we lost the war” remark to a multiple amputee war vet.  But yeah, kind of funny that she had to resort to personal attacks when debating the mentally ill.@ithiliya – Is your avatar of like a vampire, artwork or a book cover or what?

  10. Uek says:

    @agnophilo – you should remove it then if it bothers you. That or fall in line and make comments that only agree with the post. If you did that you’d probably get sympathy from the same people that use it to attack. Some people have no throttle I guess. 

  11. @agnophilo – Gotcha. I thought it looked a bit pre-human.

  12. Obviously they didn’t have anything intelligent to say.

  13. misuriver says:

    When she starts spouting things that are more ridiculous than her usual, that means you did good.

  14. I can’t believe you are still getting a hard time from people after you JUST WROTE ABOUT IT on the 24th. People can be so… ignorant.

  15. who have some idiot fans LOL

  16. gene546 says:

    thanks Agnophilo, gene546

  17. agnophilo says:

    @Uek – I generally just call them out on it and make them look bad : )@The_James_Blog – Good eye.  : )  I take it you accept the whole “pre-human” thing?@edgarallenpwn – Well yeah.@misuriver – : )@Jenesaisquack – I just am laughing that they did it twice in a row, lol.@northernskylights – Yup : )@gene546 – Welcs.

  18. @agnophilo – it was supposed to be “who has” my lapse hahaha.i have no words for trunthepaige. no words to describe the greatness of her mind.

  19. aaronmcnees says:

    and now i wait for the inevitable counter attack blog, once again it’s another round of adventures in baby sitting, otherwise known as xanga featured content top blogs.sad but is a snippet from a recent post that explains this lame phenomena in greater detail. notice that it did not make featured content: Sometimes a blog is one’s own personal political soap box. I have aggressive political views, but am always interested in hearing dissenting voices of any persuasion. I like rabble rousers. Nothing is better than a properly roused rabble. I just don’t like seeing it done for bullshit reasons. There has been more than enough of that flying around here lately in a sadly desperate attempts to “try and save xanga” from a supposed decline in readership by creating posts with inflammatory rhetoric and comments to go with a counter post, an artificial created flame war ensues, professional trolls jump in for free shits and giggles and then starts the dreaded name calling, death threats and the panty wadding get all outta hand leading to supposed repeated complaints to mission control who supposedly does nothing about it so obviously the only supposed recourse they have left is to blog about it so much it gets featured on the front page of xanga resulting in, yeah, you guessed it…lots and lots of e-props for all!Here, have a mini.

  20. oroiko says:

    Well, I’m amazed people would start mocking your avatar rather than actually “man up” and address any comments you made.  Very immature of them.

  21. soobee72 says:

    I guess it’s easier to mock an avatar?  As to the comment about your mom, well, yeah.  That’s just rotten.

  22. agnophilo says:

    @northernskylights – I take it english is not your first language?  You seem to be implying that trunthepaige has a great mind.@oroiko – Yup.  @soobee72 – Yup.

  23. gene546 says:

    @agnophilo – I couldn’t load up my photo. Gene546

  24. Tiger11007 says:

    All this over a picture? WOW! Ridiculous!

  25. Diva_Jyoti says:

    what a fucking bitchy thing for so called tootpaige to say — but who can be surprised when a fucking bitch says a fucking bitchy thing!

  26. @agnophilo – english is my first language. L1. i do hope my sarcasm is reaching the digital border. i hate trunthepaige with red-hot fury. i think i already commented before that she is one of the luminary idiots here.

  27. agnophilo says:

    @gene546 – Did it give you an error message?  It might have been to large.

  28. agnophilo says:

    @Tiger11007 – Haha, nice skull/devil face avatar : )@And_I_love – True dat.@northernskylights – Sorry, I literally rolled out of bed and read your comment and it sounded like latin to me, plus no punctuation.  I remember you now, seriously sorry.

  29. gene546 says:

    No, there was no error, simply doesn’t load the picture. Gene546

  30. tracezilla says:

    That’s really sad. And it shows they can’t handle a debate with you at all, since they feel that they have to totally go off topic and insult you, which is uncalled for. I don’t see why they can’t handle intelligent conversation. :/ Seriously, if they don’t want someone to disagree with them, then perhaps they shouldn’t be putting their opinions on the Internet.

  31. agnophilo says:

    @gene546 – Did you click “upload photo” at the bottom of the page after selecting the picture?@tracezilla@lovelyish – Many people shouldn’t be putting their opinions anywhere, lol.

  32. Wow, Should I be honored to have been mentioned and even linked in one of your posts? Hahahaha! I guess I need to find out the story behind the skull myself. I have to say though, it is rather amusing how folks your age think they have life all figured out….I did at one time and the older I get to more I see I don’t know! 

  33. agnophilo says:

    @UnworthyofHisgrace – If you think it’s an honor to be stereotypically petty.

  34. @agnophilo – you REALLY should learn to take a joke you know.

  35. agnophilo says:

    @UnworthyofHisgrace – Because what, laughing at it is an improper response?

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