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My evilushun blogs.

If anyone wants. Link The bottom four are especially good, and the bottom one was my first blog on xanga.

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My Tags : )

I was looking at my blog meta tags here and some stretches of them were humorous: dogs dollar douchbag douchebag douchebaggery douchetards douchey dowadiddydiddydumdiddy fraud freedom freewill fuckedup fuckers fuckingloonyconspiracy fucknutcrazy fucktard fuckyou sanchez sarahpalin scam scandal My most frequent … Continue reading

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Science Is Real : )

Disable Playlist Above First

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My Nominee For “Most Retarded Article”.

According to the Huffington Post the movie Avatar was a clear ripoff of… Disney’s Pocahontas.  They even made a mashup trailer with the audio of avatar’s trailer and scenes from Pocahontas to illustrate the point (no pun intended), which you … Continue reading

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So Many Classy Xangans.

I did a blog calling trunthepaige a troll and almost felt bad for doing it, even though she’s reeeeally a troll.  Then she freely admitted to being a troll and getting off on it in the comments. Then I get … Continue reading

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Is This Bash Agnophilo Week Or Something?

In the last day or two I’ve had one person I’ve talked to for ages make one blog that’s extremely long with like 10 pictures tearing me apart.and two pulses bashing me and calling me a “bully” for simply saying … Continue reading

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RE: Nidian Evolution/Time blog.

Nidian made a blog here in response to something I said to him in a thread awhile ago entitled “answering agnophilo” which referred to me consistently in the third person, often mocking me to his readers, and didn’t tell me … Continue reading

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