Trunthepaige (or trollthepaige as I think I’m going to call her from now on) is bashing me, saying I don’t like battlestar galactica because of it’s religious elements.

I wrote this blog about the end of the show, and she, in classic troll fashion, bashed me passive agressively in a pulse I happened to see.  Something she’s done a number of times to me specifically and who knows how often in general.

The exchange on her blog:

Trun: “To read someone complain about the unrealistic ending of battle star galactica because it hinted at a deity made me laugh.”

Me:  “That isn’t what I said.  In fact it’s the exact opposite of what I said you disgusting person.”

Trun:  “No its not the opposite at all. You thought it was a stupid ending due to the God aspects”

From my blog (emphasis not added, it’s as it was in the original blog):

“…they put it off until the last episode and then “explained” the innumerable plot twists by saying that there is a god after all and he magically made all that shit happen for no discernible reason.  Oh, and Starbuck wasn’t a cylon, she was an angel and she ::poof:: disappears.

“Now this is not merely offensive to me because I am not religious.  I don’t mind religion in fiction.  I enjoyed movies like constantine just as much as the next guy, and if they wanna create a scifi universe where there actually is a god, so be it.  What pisses me off is that they made shit up, stringing along millions of fans waiting for an explanation they had no intention of giving.  They did a little mini-documentary thing just before the last episode where the creator of the show admitted that they had no idea how they were going to end the show when they were writing the last episode.  They made random things happen with no intention of ever explaining them.”

I don’t generally blog about quibbles like paige’s shit, but she is just a troll.  She mindlessly antagonizes people and that’s pretty much all she seems to do on xanga.  It doesn’t even seem to matter whether she agrees with them or not.  She’s the kind of person that antagonizes everyone so much you never even know what her position is half the time.

Or maybe I just don’t know the “real”, non-bitch, non-troll trunthepaige.

Rec’ if you think trun is a troll, comment if you don’t.  Lets see how many adoring fans you have trun.  Versus how many think you’re a wart on the ass of xanga.


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90 Responses to Trollthepaige.

  1. doraemonxo says:

    Bears.  Beets. Battlestar Galactica .

  2. SKANLYN says:

    It’s a TV show. Who gives a fuck why someone thinks you liked it or didn’t like and for what reason? Nobody’s going to turn Christian over what Miss Paige said so stop getting your panties in a bunch. As one who sometimes feel compelled to “troll” (it’s great fun; if you’ve never done it you should try it sometime), there is no greater feeling of achievement than when you get some dimwit to take the time to write a response blog on some bullshit you wrote.

  3. cyberbear says:

    Being a relative Newb, I haven’t heard of her until now.  The DW’s have steered clear of me so far, with one exception.

  4. HappyLemming says:

    I think I’d like to meet Trun in real life– just to see if she’s as peculiar as she is online.

  5. The Battlestar Galactica ending pissed me off, for the same exact reason. The journey, for the most part, was enjoyable though, so I try not to ruin the experience by retroactively applying the finale’s explanation to the earlier episodes.Similar experience with Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.

  6. agnophilo says:

    @cyberbear – DW’s?@HappyLemming – Heh.@Dewdropsonthegrass – I don’t think I’ll be up to even trying for a long, long time.  Still pisses me off to think about it.

  7. @agnophilo – Oh come on, that’s low. I’m with your post, but only in so far as you do not do the same things that you complain that she does. How is implying you “live in your parent’s basement” different than “she must be off her meds?”  Both are insulting based on a presumed standard of normalcy versus non-normative losership or craziness. You support a disabled parent, I have many friends with non-normative views of reality. I’m not defending Trun so much here as what I am perceiving to be a pejorative treatment of people traditionally labeled insane or crazy for the sake of silencing their concerns. I’m all for calling a spade a spade and I think it’s great you chose to do so. (Oh, wait, the historical connotation to that has to do with labeling someone’s race in a pejorative way.) Critique, but remember to be self-reflexive here, combat statements based on statements, not based on character attacks. 

  8. agnophilo says:

    @dragonflyshine – I’m not mocking her because I think she has unusual views, I’m criticizing her because she’s a combative asshole who repeatedly mocks others on her blog.  I talk to plenty of “odd” xangans, so long as they’re not pricks.

  9. maniac_rose says:

    Justin_DeBin wrote about what a meany you are too. Your going to end up as big as Dearricky. lol *sigh* Lucky dog. 

  10. agnophilo says:

    @maniac_rose – Dear ricky is “big”?  I know the guy who runs xanga submitted one of my blogs for featured (and revelife deleted it from their list of candidates).  Wish I could make money blogging on here : ( I just looked up the justin debin blog, thanks for the heads up.

  11. maniac_rose says:

    @agnophilo – someone told me to add google adds to my blog once, i tried, but it didn’t show up. maybe if anyone paid for premium, I don’t know.

  12. agnophilo says:

    @maniac_rose – No it’s against the terms of service.

  13. trunthepaige says:

    @haloed – Lost I made a joke about that but you had to be there. Its just funny to see someone else said it

  14. trunthepaige says:

    @Shy___Away – So that what that was about. That was one hell of an obsession he had for a long while. Trolls live for that you know@tendollar4ways – Getting wired and I even agreed with you couple of times now. Your comment made me curious about this  entry. I was just expecting to see hector contortion here.@cindyhs – Yeah you tell him @Pandiie_Bear – What you have not read me. That’s not stopping most of the rest of my detractors. @Amoralis – I remember you, we were once friends. You are a very good poet but about had a nervous brake down on my site. No one is on my blocked list by the way. You were asked to go away not blocked. Your not a bad guy just emotional.

  15. trunthepaige says:

    Since I am a troll I must be the very best troll to get this.  thank you for all the attention because your atention is what I dream of

  16. Pandiie_Bear says:

    @trunthepaige – I do once in a while. But I’m not the bashing type. lol

  17. agnophilo says:

    @trunthepaige – You basically just said “yeah I’m a troll, I do it for the attention”.

  18. trunthepaige says:

    @Pandiie_Bear – I would have guessed you were not, as I have read your site

  19. trunthepaige says:

    @agnophilo – I certainly am and thank you for biting

  20. Pandiie_Bear says:

    @trunthepaige – I bite sometimes, but other than that I prefer to remain drama free. I just watch form the sidelines and eat popcorn- er..bamboo…

  21. @agnophilo – your response to J H made me laugh, though I generally like Paige. ::shrug:: She’s a’ight.

  22. misuriver says:

    Darlin’ most of us know that the girl is special (ed)… why give her anymore attention. That’s what she craves. She’s probably getting off on this post (literally) right now! Just laugh at her, as I do. Find any way you can to annoy her. It’s a fun hobby.

  23. misuriver says:

    @trunthepaige –  No duh! Whatever we can do to make you feel special, doll!

  24. trunthepaige says:

    @misuriver – You guys do your best with that. I have no reason to think that will ever end

  25. misuriver says:

    @trunthepaige –  Of course not, then what will you have to live for. It’s my new favorite hobby actually.

  26. trunthepaige says:

    @misuriver – An odd hobby, but this is America. Live how you want to live

  27. misuriver says:

    @trunthepaige – Well thank you! I have you know, I take pride in it. It’s a wonderful catharsis.

  28. gene546 says:

    My position was clearer than water; the earth is the center of the universe. It is easier to be inert in space than to rotate in its axis, around the sun, and fallow the sun through the center our galaxy. I gave yo some examples of the centrality of the earth, and the qualities of the “firmament” (ether), that accounts for the rotating universe. the word is steel not steal. I’ am sorry about.

  29. agnophilo says:

    @gene546 – Whether it is “easier” (whatever that means) is irrelevant.  Scientists didn’t decide the earth was moving at 60kmph around the sun just to make their math work harder.

  30. gene546 says:

    The problem with physics, nowadays, is that math cannot explain many physical phenomena in our universe. A simple equation it doesn’t meant that it assumption is correct. Hubble discovered that we are in an especial place in the universe, where the density of matter is very much less than other places of the universe. Our spot is privileged because according to NASA, the universe looks very different from Mars or any of the other planets of our Solar System… As He stated, “It seems like we are in a privileged place where the universe looks isotropy (the same), in all directions but this unique spot cannot be accepted for philosophical reasons.” [That God putted the earth there]. For instance the equation: t=t₀ (1-Z) ^-2/3, this equation from the very beginning, assumes that the age of the universe, is 13.5 billion year old. However, this debate is very constructive for both parties.

  31. agnophilo says:

    @gene546 – What place is the amount of matter less dense?  Are you talking about the relative vacuum created by solar winds blasting away interstellar medium?  Or our part of the universe or what?  And the universe does not look the same in all directions, or if it does that’s too vague and I don’t know what you mean by it.

  32. anonymous says:

    I usually don’t approve of people who blog about other bloggers, for a lot of reasons.I’d have to make an exception in this case. Trunthepaige is probably the reason a lot of people have left Xanga. I don’t mind her extreme stupidity, her blatant lies in her blogs, or her utter inability to spell even the most simple English words, so much. People can be stupid if they want. What I do mind about her is that she is, as you say, a troll. She will go psychotic if somebody blocks her, harassing them from some of her alternative pages, of which she has several. She tries to dig out personal contact information on people, in an obvious attempt to harass them in real life for disagreeing with her online. Who is she to suggest anybody else is a loser after that?She personally attacks people and carries out vendettas against them for months over the smallest, most idiotic reasons. I truly believe that she has driven away a lot of high-quality bloggers, and that she has a huge role in Xanga’s decline. People who have talent look at her, look at how many people support her, and recognize that this place caters to the bottom feeders. So, they move on. Smart people come here, get harassed by her because they make her feel insecure, and then leave. And what is Xanga left with? An illiterate, ill-educated, offensive twit. Impressive.That combination, stupid and aggressive, ain’t pretty.In this instance, I think blogging about her is appropriate. After all, she’d do the same to you, and, as you said, she already has. She’s done it to a lot of others too. This is not a quality blogger. She is somebody who probably gets little attention in her real life, and is desperate to get some online. A serious loser, and I can only be thankful I don’t know that moron in real life. I’d recommend if Xanga would let me do that from outside this site. Great post, and more people should see what a freak this person really is.

  33. gene546 says:

    Exactly, we are in a void, we can call it especial void. Where the matter is less dense or the density of matter is just our solar system, and the universe, looks the same in all directions. In an especial place call it the center of the universe.

  34. agnophilo says:

    @anonymous – I take it you logged out before commenting so as not to be hassled by her?I don’t think she’s really got that much pull, or is that big a deal on xanga.  I just felt like denouncing her as a troll because, well, she is one.@gene546 – We do not even know that the universe has a center.  We are in the center of our universe because that is where we reside, just like the country you are born in seems like the center of the universe.In reality the “special” less-dense space exists around all stars, it’s called the heliosphere, and we’ve actually sent probes beyond it.

  35. gene546 says:

    @agnophilo – No, we are in a void very afar from the center of the Milky Way. And we are surrounded by a series of explosions can be seen only from our privileged position. Read the discoveries of Mr. Hubble, the greatest Astrophysics of the past century.

  36. YouToMe says:

    @tendollar4ways - youre a virgin? Or was that a joke? Sry, mark was telling me about this blog and saw your comment. Now I’m curious what she said. Lol

  37. @JulieDeer – I am only going on memory. I think Paige tried to insult me by calling me a virgin. This is quite ridiculus because if I were a virgin, which I am not nor have I been one for several decades, It would be a good thing in her theologies eyes…yet she used it as a insult? She makes no logical sense . I liken it to her calling me a fag as an insult.I am not gay yet if someone calls me a fag or such…I turn it back on the person. Soccerdaddyfor a uber religious right winger called me this and I then said ofcourse sweetie you were great last night…etc and go on about how SDFL and I a gay lovers. This shuts them up or puts them on the defensive and It is silly and childish but..sometimes ya gotta fight stupid with stupid.

  38. YouToMe says:

    @tendollar4ways - agree. Glad you don’t take yourself so seriously. Good for you. I got a taste of what you speak of here earlier. Now I have a glimpse of what you and mark must deal with all the time.

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