Is This Bash Agnophilo Week Or Something?

In the last day or two I’ve had one person I’ve talked to for ages make one blog that’s extremely long with like 10 pictures tearing me apart.and two pulses bashing me and calling me a “bully” for simply saying we can know what happens after death on one of her pulses.

Then I find out some dude’s written a blog bashing me for jumping down a christian dude’s throat for saying “thank god” his wife can get pregnant and have a second kid, when in reality I was in the middle of debating that dude about the existence of god in two of his blogs and he spent the last half of the “thank god” blog basically calling me out and saying “na na na, this proves god is real”.  So I then have to spend half an hour at a time explaining to everyone who comments on that blog what bullshit it is and the person from the beginning of this blog chimes in with her insane drama, saying I was a jerk because I made “like 8 posts” after her last comment disagreeing with her and “just wouldn’t stop”.  My “like 8 posts” were actually two pulse comments in response to her last two comments to me, chopped into five 130-something letter sentence fragments by the character limit.

I told her if she freaks out when sentences aren’t stuck together properly she should stick to blogs where people can respond in a single, solid comment, and she replied with something like “if you cared about our friendship at all you’d have sent a PM with no character limit”.




Now, my first thought was that she had totally lost her mind, then it occurred to me that she maybe was somehow embarrassed by my comment, like maybe she had religious family members that read her blog and something weird was going on there.  But even that wouldn’t explain the character limit fiasco.  So I mentioned it and got some other non-affirming weird response.

Now I find out some other dude wrote a blog that’s kind of mocking me (and weirdly talking about a subliminal penis in an imagined picture of my grandmother… read the blog before this for more) and didn’t tell me about it, and the usual characters are there making derisive comments in the comment section.

So wtf people?  I generally never get this shit from people.  Or maybe I do and I just am never notified.


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34 Responses to Is This Bash Agnophilo Week Or Something?

  1. Diva_Jyoti says:

    You’re so vain, I guess you think my blog was about YOU!

  2. nephyo says:

    I wonder sometimes who is talking shit about me behind my back too. Xanga is the kinda place where people sometimes do write negative blogs in protected and then all their protected followers can attack someone in a group herd mentality. I’ve seen it happen before. It’s the dreaded “Xanga Drama”.People are extremely weird sometimes and hard to predict. Really it’s just not worth the worry. Just continue your efforts at crushing bullshit wherever it appears and I and many others will continue to appreciate your efforts.

  3. You cannot tell the truth and be liked all the time. I feel sorry for you that you have encountered so many morons here.

  4. maniacsicko says:

    is it? i mean is it tha week to bash you?  if it is, please do tell me…  i love bandwagons

  5. FalconBridge says:

    Ditto what nephyo said about “crushing bullshit…” BTW I do not read the blogs that you read because I only ever see  your side of these issues.  Which is fine I like your logical way of debating.  If I had to read everything else I’d get confused because so few people write that way.

  6. leaflesstree says:

     Yeah, it’s just crazy drama stuff, perpetrated by crazy people who seek to win readership by posting drama about other people because they have nothing to say themselves and they can’t win in a logical argument. You’ve got intelligence and truth on your side, and they can’t compete with that. So they resort to misrepresenting what you have said and making you seem like an inhuman jerk. Welcome to politics, lol.

  7. royal_diadem says:

    people just need to get a life and stop picking on fellow-bloggers. they need to find something useful with which to occupy their time. seriously, what pettiness.

  8. striemmy says:

    Nope. Not bash agno week. That’s in like April dude. Check your calendar. 

  9. yeah you are an anus. i’m going to write a bully blog about you now too. đŸ˜€ ha ha. 

  10. agnophilo says:

    @And_I_love – I actually get the reference, but your blog actually was about me.I wasn’t going to name you though.@nephyo – Nice of you to say.  Yeah I’ve been accused many times of ganging up on people and bringing my “friends” to a blog just because someone else agreed with me.  I don’t do that shit though.  Once a fundamentalist accused me of bringing an “army” of people to their blog because they got a zillion people, all disagreeing with them all at once.  What had happened was thetheologeanscafe rec’d their blog for kicks and, well, everyone disagreed with them.@northernskylights – Oh the compliments from sexy zebra-assed ladies more than make up for it : )@maniacsicko – Har har.@FalconBridge – So few people write logically?@FalconBridge – Haha.@complicatedlight – Thanks for noticing : )@leaflesstree – Haha.  I don’t know how obama puts up with it.@royal_diadem – Well I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t lie about me.@striemmy – : )@lalalandsucks4ever – Haha.

  11. Diva_Jyoti says:

    Like I said.EGO BOYI didn’t even have a thing against you! but if you insist that my blog was about YOU, wtf, what can I say?  you insist, you insist!

  12. Diva_Jyoti says:

    @the_rocking_of_socks – Rocking, are you talking about me?  If so, we need to talk.

  13. @And_I_love – That was you?  I’m sorry.  I assumed it was someone else.

  14. @the_rocking_of_socks – Nah, you called it: bitch is crazy.

  15. @agnophilo – just so you know, you are one of my favorite subs. keep it real, brother.

  16. @ElliottStrange – =(  Don’t be mean.  She’s a sweet lady.  

  17. agnophilo says:

    @And_I_love – One, it was.  And two, YOU SAID IT WAS.  Wtf?@the_rocking_of_socks – Still daffy.@northernskylights – Thanks : )  Always nice to hear.@the_rocking_of_socks – I wasn’t trying to.  I didn’t mention who it was, she decided to say “IT WAS MEEEEE!” in the very first comment.

  18. @the_rocking_of_socks – Yeah and I’m the pope.Had a “run-in” with this one before she copped-out and ditched her old account. Jumped down my throat and blocked me for disagreeing with her politely. So, pardon me if I take the kiddie gloves off for this round.

  19. gmx0 says:

    Well, today is bash the ‘bash agnophilo week’ day! Apparently…

  20. The_ATM says:

    Agnophilo, I feel you do not always approach all issues with objectivity– mostly in politics, sometimes in religion.There… that is my contribution to bash agnophilo week.  I was going to make it a ‘compliment sandwich’, but I figured that would defeat the purpose of bash agno week.  Then again, personal attacks always make one’s truth truthier.

  21. agnophilo says:

    @The_ATM – That’s not bashing, so much as criticism.  Not constructive criticism though since I have no specific examples to work with, but thanks for stopping by : )

  22. Shy___Away says:

    You don’t have to defend yourself! As both the fiancee of someone, and a someone who is a master in engaging in internet drama, I have learned that the best way to make your point is to not repeatedly defend yourself. Arguing is a sign of insecurity in your position. (Debating is a separate issue). You make your point, in either a post, or an initial comment, and then you leave. All that can happen after that is that they start changing your words, saying “Nuh uh! You’re wrong!”, or just in general disagree with you, and you can’t make anyone agree with you. Just a time-saving tip.

  23. agnophilo says:

    @Shy___Away – Well the point is that some of the people who read that asshole’s blog also read mine.  I’d like to clarify events.  If that’s the thing you were talking about.@Sounds0fLaughter – Thanks : )

  24. Your playlist sucks me in every time. Great music.

  25. agnophilo says:

    @Ex_Adyto_Cordis – For a second I thought you were saying “your playlist sucks”, I was gonna say “wh wh wh what?”: )   Yeah thanks, everyone likes it.

  26. Shy___Away says:

    @agnophilo – Yeah, I don’t know, ultimately, my point is, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. If people read your blog, they read it because they like you, or they think you have something worthwhile to say. When people bash me, I just shrug it off. I don’t need to explain myself to anyone, and neither do you. I have been sucked into that vortex of replying to comments for hours, and it’s just not worth it.

  27. Diva_Jyoti says:

    @the_rocking_of_socks – thanks for trying to defend me friend.@ElliottStrange – wow, you  are a long time grudge holder aren’t ya?  I think it was a year ago and I don’t even remember what it was about.  O, and BTW.  I never said I wasn’t crazy, so there you go!

  28. agnophilo says:

    @Shy___Away – Well the point is the guy distorted my words in a way that, if it were true, would make them really shitty.  Plus I believe in, as someone commented on my blog recently, “crushing bullshit wherever I find it”.

  29. Diva_Jyoti says:

    @agnophilo – yes, I did take responsibility for writing the bully blog.  why wouldn’t I? It was an excellent blog.  I’m a good blogger so call me an asshole or whatever.  I’ll try not to kill myself.I wonder how come none of the other people I tagged in that bully blog didn’t freak out, but instead just continued to talk to me in a civilized manner?I have always been supportive of you and your blog and you know that’s true.  I think you’ve kinda blown things way out of proportion.

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