So Many Classy Xangans.

I did a blog calling trunthepaige a troll and almost felt bad for doing it, even though she’s reeeeally a troll.  Then she freely admitted to being a troll and getting off on it in the comments.

Then I get this email from Justin_Debin.  Just to give the context Debin made a blog called “the angry atheist” smearing me by name saying I jumped down some christian dude’s throat because I argued against god/miracles existing because he said in his blog that he “thanked god” for his wife being able to conceive, when in reality the last two paragraphs of the blog (which he neglected to mention) were directed at me and calling me out since I was already debating the guy over the existence of god, miracles, evolution etc in two of his blogs.

So I get a PM from Debin today saying:

“One thing you were absolutely right about is that I never said thank you for all the foot prints. I figured you would respond to the post, but you didn’t have to egg everyone on like that. That was really nice, THANKS!”

To which I replied:

You care how many footprints you get? And they were coming back to read my comments, not your blog.

By the way thanks for lying about me and smearing me in your blog. Stay classy.


To which he replied:

Whatever they came back for, they came back, and they brought friends. (One even posted about it!)

Not lied so much as made it sound worse than what it was. Surely you are intelligent enough to realize that what you said really was rude.

Stay classy.


So yeah, total douchebags, both of em’.

I’m sick of this drama crap, but I just wanted to shine a little light on debin’s attempt to compensate for his tiny, tiny genetalia.

The irony is his blog bashing me got like 600 views which he said (partway through when it had much fewer) doubled his page views.  Which means he gets fewer page hits than my site on a week when I am not active : )


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15 Responses to So Many Classy Xangans.

  1. Justin_DeBin says:

    How did you know my nads were small?Did Stewieismyhero tell you my secrets?

  2. Uek says:

    stay classy skull

  3. I don’t think I’d get 600 views in an entire decade, haha. 

  4. Anonymity (even partially) leads to a whole mess of social dysfunctions in all manner of people.

  5. agnophilo says:

    @Brok3nSpindles – If I’m active I get about 3k a week.  Thetheologeanscafe does like a few posts a day and gets like 200k.@ElliottStrange – That it does.

  6. Nidan and JDB are buddies. What does that tell ya.We talk on message all the time too. But he is a little bitch and expects me to answer all his questions but he will never answer mine. All I can say is he is a FoxNews Wanna be.I dislike FoxNews for the same reasons I dislike Nidan and JDB. They tell me it is cuz I wanna deny Christians freedom of speech…but THIS highlights exactly what I am talking about. They can speak their minds all they want…..if they don’t take tax subsidies. Dishonest little bitches…those too.Yea…he tells me about footprints too. Perhaps he owns, works for, etc xanga. All about da Benjamins den….so I am proved correct. They is FauxNews.S’all good but……Pimping Jesus in Nidumbs case to make $$$$$$$?Guess nothing is sacred.

  7. The_ATM says:

    You need to stay away from the drama.  Seriously, it can tarnish one’s intellect.  Just turn your nose up and move away from the stank.  To give them words and posts, aids the credulity of their readers.But I understand the feeling of just wanting and needing to fight back…

  8. agnophilo says:

    @tendollar4ways – Is it even possible to make $$ on xanga?@The_ATM – True.

  9. Oh the drama!    And they say girls create all the drama!  

  10. agnophilo says:

    @LifeNeedsProtection – Are you calling me a girl?  lol

  11. Justin_DeBin says:

    @tendollar4ways – LOL!!!Nidan’s best buddy fox news wannabe, You find the funniest ways to insinuate I’m a Christian.You even managed to put my name in the same sentence as Christian this time.You are a riot!

  12. Justin_DeBin says:

    Even better, I’m pimping Jesus? ROTF LMAO!!!!!!!!!!I’m glad I saw this it’s great!

  13. gene546 says:

    “We are a reconstructed geocentrists hiding behind Copernican veneer.” Carla Sagan“The full on the hill sees the sun goes down and the eyes in his head see the world spinning around.”  The Beatles“Wrong is wrong if everybody is doing it, and right is right, even if nobody is doing it.”  St. Augustine“Physics is too much difficult for physicists.”   David Herbert“One may understand the cosmos, but never the ego, the self is more distant then any star.”   G. K. Chesterton“…we are at the center of a series of explosions. This is an anti-Copernican embarrassment.”   Halton ArpHubble was one of the 20TH most famous and celebrated astronomers. The “Hubble Space telescope “is named after him, for his accomplishments were astounding. To his utter consternation, however, in 1930 and 40’s, Hubble discovered an inordinate amount of evidence through his work with 100-inch telescope at Mount Wilson, California, that Earth was the center of the universe. As he examined the light coming from stars, Hubble concluded that the spectrum of light, particularly the shift toward the red end of the spectrum, Indicated Earth centrality quite clearly. But since Hubble was an avowed Copernican, he dismissed the geocentric evidence and countered with the fallowing obstinate alternative:…Such a condition would imply that we occupy a unique position on the universe, analogous in a sense, to the ancient conception of e central earth…This Hypothesis cannot be disproved but it is unwelcome and only be accepted as a last resort in order to save the phenomena. Therefore we disregard this possibility…the unwelcome position of a favored location must be avoided at all cost…such a favored is intolerable…Therefore in order to restore homogeneity, and to escape the horror of a unique position…must be compensated by spatial curvature [Relativity]. There seems to be no other escape.From this quote one may see the horror from science, to accept the unique position that we occupy in the universe.Galileo was wrong the Church was Right, pp., 61

  14. @Justin_DeBin – When are you going to answer my question?

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