My Tags : )

I was looking at my blog meta tags here and some stretches of them were humorous:

My most frequent tags were obama, bible, christianity, featuredq (featured question), evolution, god, healthcare, religion, republican and xanga.

How about you?


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6 Responses to My Tags : )

  1. Abstinence, ban, contraceptives, crime, death, education, disease, government, love, murder, religion, sex.

  2. This is a fun site if you like that stuff:

  3. agnophilo says:

    @Ex_Adyto_Cordis – Tried to make one of my tags but got an error message and lost interest : (

  4. misuriver says:

    I rarely do tags, except if I actually give a damn.

  5. agnophilo says:

    @misuriver – I often put funny ones in there.  I used to do it all the time then got bored with it.

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