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What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

When I was 17 or so I took care of an increasingly disabled parent so money was non-existent because she couldn’t work, and we were always staving off foreclosure on our crappy house and having problems with bills.  Then I … Continue reading

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Biggest And Smallest.

Just FYI these may not be the exact world record biggest or smallest, just more or less. Biggest horse: Smallest horse: Tallest and shortest living adult humans: Smallest primate species (mouse lemur): Biggest manmade hole (diamond mine): Largest rabbit: Biggest … Continue reading

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Soundbyte From My First Blog On Xanga.

Heresy: n. any fact, theory or idea unknown to 1st century theologians, syn: “discovery”.

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“What monopoly?”

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This Is A First… (Link Added For Pervs)

I apparently got banned again, this time for telling someone on a blog about “squirting” that the discharge contains urine.

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I’m Now Xanga “True”.

Feels about the same, lol.

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Funny Christian Graphics From Myspace.

I logged into myspace and saw these real pro-christian/ID graphics a christian person had made.  Below are some of the comments. “…and I’m coming to kill you.”  (from me) “Wow.   Keep in mind, I grew up loving horror movies, still … Continue reading

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