RE: JFK Got It Right, Obama Still Clueless.

ProfessorTom did a blog with the above title which consisted of just a video of JFK saying the best thing to do in times of recession is cut taxes.

My response:

Kennedy cut taxes to the tune of about 54 billion dollars (in modern money), obama cut taxes by 282 billion.  Google “biggest tax cut in history” and you get the obama tax cuts.  I await your “obama got it right” blog.

I’m not holding my breath.

He won’t do an “obama got it right” blog even with this new information.  And that says just about everything that needs to be said about his kind of partisan crap.


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31 Responses to RE: JFK Got It Right, Obama Still Clueless.

  1. But ya see, Obama cut taxes for the bottom 95% of Americans.  That doesn’t count as a tax cut in the way that many conservatives define tax cuts.

  2. I’m wondering when Hannity is going to admit that O’Keefe was a fraud. Politics aside, I just wish people would be transparent. Keep dreaming, I know.

  3. blackspiders says:

    That’s interesting, I didn’t know that.I don’t particularly love Obama, but if I’d been able to vote at the time, without question I would’ve picked him. Especially considering the alternative, haha…

  4. agnophilo says:

    @Rob_of_the_Sky – They called them “boutique” tax cuts.@stephenandginny – If*  If hannity is going to admit that he’s a fraud.@blackspiders – I voted for him : )  I’ll probably vote for him again too.  In my wildest dreams I don’t imagine the republicans will field a better candidate for the job.

  5. BobRichter says:

    Kennedy, of course, was wrong. Tax cuts are a weak response to recessions. The natural human response to a recession is to save money, so letting the few people who are still working keep more of their income will only inspire them to squirrel it away, not contributing to an overall economic recovery.The key problem in a recession is that not enough money is being spent. The most direct fix to that is to spend more money. It’s actually generally more sensible to raise taxes during a recession to control inflation from deficit spending.This will, of course, not be popular with the people who still have money and are trying to save it.

  6. Uek says:

    There’s a logical flaw in that. I think his argument was over the course of an entire administration, not a single cut. He may or may not still be wrong, but without more defined parameters, its semantics.

  7. Shy___Away says:

    I’m so goddamn tired of conservatives blatantly ignoring that which Obama has done. It doesn’t help that FoxNews is just outright LYING to everybody, either. Fuck Sarah Palin.

  8. blackspiders says:

    @agnophilo – I’m inclined to agree, except Ron Paul is alright, even though he’s very pro-life.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @BobRichter – True.  But my response was a more direct way to prove the guy wrong and demonstrate that obama did better than kennedy who he says “got it right”by his own standards, showing him out to be a huge hypocrite.

  10. agnophilo says:

    @Uek – True the other tax cuts were spread out more, but whatever.  The point is the guy’s an idiot who is attacking obama for not cutting taxes.@Shy___Away – Well said.And no I’m not being sarcastic.  And yeah palin is just ambition wrapped in skin, nothing more.  Did you know she’s having someone write a sequel to her book, did standup comedy on the tonight show and is pitching a reality show, and she supposedly stole 40 pairs of headsets and a bunch of other shit from a pre-oscar or whatever party.

  11. agnophilo says:

    @blackspiders – At CPAC they did a strawman poll to see who the crowd wanted as the next president, ron paul won, then they booed him massively when they announced it and cheered for the second place guy, mitt romney.  Sarah palin was a close third.And ron paul is smart but he seems to propose things that are more academic than practical.  That and the lunatic republican party doesn’t like him so they’d walk all over him.

  12. blackspiders says:

    @agnophilo – Wow. Just… wow. How the hell does Sarah Palin still have a political career, anyway? That just astounds me.

  13. It’s really upsetting to go to classes and hear classmares complain about Obama and his lack of tax cuts. I was pretty shocked at the tax returns for college kids. I’m torn between being overjoyed and intesely worried about the national defficit. @BobRichter – I’m not really sure what drives the national economy. It would seem to me though, that tax cuts in a recession do help to a degree if a lot of revenue is generated by the people with the most disposable income. By that I mean, if most of revenue is stimulated by people who are not savers. It’s not necessarily the natural human response to save. I, for example, am somewhat of a tightwad compared to my friends, but I still don’t generally save more than a few hundred dollars, and if I do, it’s my intention to spend it within the next year or so. I still have needs to be met, despite the recession. higher taxes for me would mean that I need to take out yet another loan, while competition for jobs increases.Additonally, if higher taxes mean more people spending on credit, that only makes the problem worse. A lot of credit spending is terrible. eventually the system snaps under it, as it did when the recession started… If someone in a credit line fails, it has a domino effect. If high taxes drive more people to take out loans there are more people in a position where they might fail.If the economy is stimulated by large company lending and lending between banks in the commercial paper market, then rasing taxes might freeze investors. most big businesses trade in large ammounts, and an increase in taxes limits their budgets… In both cases, I”m not sure that raising taxes is the best idea. but maybe it is. I’m no economist, I have no training in economics. I’m just a little confused by your logic.

  14. Hmm.  I bet I pay a higher percentage in taxes in 4 years with President Obama than I did with the last 4 years of President Bush.Almost every tax cut is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

  15. cyberbear says:

    I paid less in taxes this year than in 2008.  It’s true that most Federal fiscal activity is smoke and mirrors.  Once one gets past the amount of money needed to actually do concrete activities and to be set aside for reasonably likely future expenses, one is in Paperland, and it’s all legerdemain.

  16. BobRichter says:

    @TheTheologiansCafe – I’ll take that bet. Let’s see your 1040s.@MysticalInverseDrummer – I took a 100-level course in Macroeconomics once, so I get to pretend I’m an expert. I can actually try to explain my logic on that one, but it’s a touch involved. And it is confusing, it won’t play into the ways you’re used to thinking of money.Here’s the cliff’s notes version:-Economies are ultimately driven by spending. People spend money when they buy things or pay for services. This is also called “investment.” What you’re used to hearing called investment on the evening news is actually “saving,” exactly as if you put it in a bank or hid it under your matress or bought large quantities of gold.-The more money you have, the less you spend as a percentage of your DPI. This means that the greatest economic growth can be achieved by minimally increasing the DPI of the poorest people (for example, put all the unemployed people in minimum-wage dead-end do-nothing government jobs.) It also means that extreme disparities in wealth create a drag on an economy.-The powerlessness of tax cuts comes from the fact that the people in the best position to aid the economic recovery by spending do not pay taxes.-If you care about inflation, the only way to reduce it is to get money out of the system. Since the best way to fight a recession is spending and your revenues are down, this means raising taxes to raise revenues.This, however, is actually political suicide. No sane person would want to be seen as raising taxes in this very lightly taxed and highly tax-averse country. So you allow a little inflation (massive deficit-spending, that is) as a kind of back-door taxation. When times are better, you can pay your debts off with generated surpluses, and hopefully the additional inflation will be minimal.But more likely, whichever genius replaces you will just cut taxes and put the country back into a death spiral.

  17. @agnophilo – Oh. My. God. I googled “Sarah Palin Reality Show” and darned if you’re not right. D:,,20349054,00.htmlAnd to think they accused Obama of using a celebrity status during the campaign. *stabs self*

  18. DarthPatriot says:

    @Rob_of_the_Sky – Well it would technically.  But since the top earners actually pay the majority of the taxes in the U.S., it is a sorta “close by no cigar” thing.  The idea behind people supporting tax cuts is so that businesses and employers can reinvest back into their businesses or save it.  Largely, most economist agree that savings are what will “fix” things.  The reinvestment potentially entails more jobs.  @blackspiders – I was unaware that she still had any clout.  She’s pretty washed up at this point.  There are a few conservatives that I like to call “nose bleed” conservatives, because they are so far out there that they actually think she would be a decent president *snorts*, and they still believe the idea of a “woman president” might actually sway those who don’t vote based on substance.  Any self respecting conservative realizes she’s not worth her salt. 

  19. tau_1 says:

    very good truth fellow..

  20. agnophilo says:

    @blackspiders – Technically she doesn’t.@TheTheologiansCafe – I have no idea wtf you mean by that.@cyberbear – Come again?@TheModernBunny – I always thought that was bullshit, as if nobody knew who mccain was.@tau_1 – : )

  21. squeakysoul says:

    interesting factoid.

  22. Gunner_Poole says:

    @agnophilo – I’ll go ahead and set myself up for a public beating now – I’ve never voted in my life because I’ve never been presented with a real choice. DON’T message me about social responsibility. I work tirelessly in my community. 

  23. agnophilo says:

    @squeakysoul – Yup.@Gunner_Poole – Lesser of two evils.

  24. bakersdozen2 says:

    @agnophilo - @TheTheologiansCafe - could be what Dan is referring too.  The top 10% of income earners pay 70% of all income tax. Then you have someone like Obama come along and giving out “tax refunds” to workers that don’t even pay Federal income tax. I think Smoke and mirrors is a very generous description for that kind of fraud. 

  25. Diva_Jyoti says:

    @Shy___Away – RIGHT ON!  we are totally on the same wavelength here! 

  26. agnophilo says:

    @bakersdozen2 – What tax refunds to people who don’t pay income tax?

  27. Uek says:

    @agnophilo – Only time will tell if he continues to cut taxes. I’m at an income level where Im sick of paying taxes on my dividends but still not enough to move to a tax shelter. I hope he stops, personally.

  28. Uek says:

    @agnophilo – I browse your playlist from time to time, Im guessing youre in your late 20s/early 30s?

  29. agnophilo says:

    @Uek – Early 20’s actually.

  30. nephyo says:

    Ah. More evidence that as I suspected Kennedy was kind of a bonehead. IMO he’s highly overrated. The idea that tax cats are”best thing to do” for all “recessions” is a ridiculous statement. I’m no expert but from what I’ve read from economists tax cuts can help in situations where you need stimulus, but even then it’s generally not the best way to achieve that stimulus. A dollar spent paying someone who doesn’t have a job to do a job stimulates the economy significantly more than a dollar not collected in taxes when the individual has a strong incentive to horde it and not spend it.But yeah we live in a topsy turvey world. Pro tax-cut people should LOVE Obama, but they are the very people who hate him the most.

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