I made this comment on one of my blogs, thought it micro-blog worthy:

Clairvoyants are frauds, all of them.  They deliberately make predictions that are not specific enough to be disproven or even predict anything before it happens and can easily be applied to countless situations after the fact.

For instance many would-be clairvoyants claim that they predicted 9/11 but where the fuck were they on 9/10?


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9 Responses to Clairvoyants.

  1. There’s a guy in my bible study that claims to be a prophet and directly in communication with God… He speaks in tongues, etc. quite frequently. He’s also (borderline?) autistic.Of course there are different types of these people… clairvoyants, prophets, psychics, whatever. Some take different approaches to it than others, and some may be more or less realistic than others…I’m constantly reminding myself as a Christian that it is biblical for some of these things (“gifts”) to exist, but also constantly reminding myself as a psychological scientist (I’m a psychology major) that I need to be skeptical and look for logical explanations and causal inferences…One might say that being a Christian inhibits my being a scientist, and another may say that being a scientist inhibits my being a Christian, but I think they keep each other in check. The government of my mind is a two-party system with checks and balances… :PI somewhat agree with your comment.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @nodnarbassoon – If every religious person were scientifically trained I might not dislike religion so much.  Unfortunately most peoples’ logic is not kept in check and actually many are taught that skepticism and open-mindedness are terrible sins.

  3. I agree with your comments, and would add that those anointing clairvoyants deliberately seek these types of syntheses with a vigor bound to produce results albeit however insufficient and feign satisfaction in spite of their own absurdity.  

  4. @agnophilo – Really, from my experience, that is usually caused by people being afraid of losing their faith. And I mean, yes, it is possible for someone to be carried away too much into the secular world that they walk away from Jesus, and yes, it is better to be safe than sorry, but if people just maintain a steadfast love for him, it’s not a bad thing to want to investigate the world which has been created for us…idk, people can debate around the argument in many directions, but that’s what I believe.Also, keep in mind that I DID say that I DO believe that SOME cases are real… When I posted that status a while back about 1 Corinthians 14, that chapter talks about spiritual gifts, meaning that they are real and do exist. Basically, what I’m saying is that the DSM and the Holy Bible hold equal levels of validity to me…. so it goes both ways… Some scientists try to prove what they want to find. Some Christians try to prove (or be) what they think they are (or have).

  5. Also, I am talking about a fairly different type of “clairvoyance” than you… this post just reminded me of a situation I’m in… I’m on a little bit of a tangent.

  6. misuriver says:

    Stop shattering my fantasies!!!

  7. agnophilo says:

    @schallerbrandon – I am fairly sure I agree with you, lol. A conversation from the show Monk:Cop: “Psychics have been documented to provide accurate information to the police..”Monk: “Of course they do, 100 psychics make 10,000 predictions a year, some of them are bound to be right.”@nodnarbassoon – Dude, the bible says necromancers, wizards, familiars, witches etc are real, talking animals etc.@nodnarbassoon – There are more than one type of clairvoyance? @misuriver – : )

  8. @agnophilo – There’re spiritual gifts and demonic gifts, and then there’s just people being weirdos thinking they have a gift, or trying to pretend they have a gift.As far as mythical creatures in the bible, all of the verses that I have been told refer to them are false… don’t actually describe any such thing. If you do have a verse, I’d like to know. In addition, the DSM lists really bad PMS as a psychological disorder, and in the past has listed homosexuality too, so It goes both ways.

  9. splinter1591 says:

    they are all anarchist, and were sipping their tea on 9/10

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