Funny Christian Graphics From Myspace.

I logged into myspace and saw these real pro-christian/ID graphics a christian person had made.  Below are some of the comments.

“…and I’m coming to kill you.”  (from me)

“Wow.   Keep in mind, I grew up loving horror movies, still do, but this is the creepiest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve seen ventriloquist puppets move and speak on their own accord that wouldn’t scare small children as much as this.”

“She could use a bigger bust.”

“I thought she was pretty well endowed already. Could use a neck reduction though”

But my favorite:

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17 Responses to Funny Christian Graphics From Myspace.

  1. Lol, the first one’s in denial. The condom broke!

  2. agnophilo says:

    @rhiannonator – I know, it looks like a parody but it’s for real, a 35 year old woman cranked out a ton of them.@FearlessMonstrosity – Would explain the mammaries.

  3. Ampbreia says:

    Those are disturbing.  I wonder what the point of being that disturbing is?

  4. misuriver says:

    I think I peed my pants. I laughed so hard.

  5. oulck says:

    wow super creeeepy

  6. Da__Vinci says:

    A bible in one hand and a pair of panties that says ‘hold me’ in the other, lolz

  7. look at those eyes! they will hypnotize you to…health care evil. must…break…windows…need brick….

  8. I have been mentally disturbed by viewing these images.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @Ampbreia – I don’t think they’re meant to be disturbing.@misuriver – : )  They are pretty good.@oulck – Yup.@schallerbrandon – : )

  10. SamsPeeps says:

    The eyes in both of those scare me!!!I freaking LOVE the comments after…. LOL

  11. What the heck is that????????

  12. ccarothers says:

    Those are really creepy.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen those before. 

  13. Shes_a_lady says:

    they look like Stepford wives….but 10 times more frightening.

  14. anon says:

    real sad

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