Biggest And Smallest.

Just FYI these may not be the exact world record biggest or smallest, just more or less.

Biggest horse:

Smallest horse:

Tallest and shortest living adult humans:

Smallest primate species (mouse lemur):

Biggest manmade hole (diamond mine):

Largest rabbit:

Biggest tree species:

Largest crab:

Biggest “saw”:

More to come.

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17 Responses to Biggest And Smallest.

  1. Justin_DeBin says:

    I want one of those rabbits!

  2. He Pingping recently died. 😦

  3. Alyxandri says:

    Wow. If a crab that size was crawling on my garbage can, I would take that as a sign that I need to move.

  4. MangoWOW says:

    I heard the smallest man died recently?

  5. Dargon says:

    As has been said, the shortest man in that photo died recently. As for the “saw,” That’s an earthmover. And that photo does no justice to it’s size. 

  6. leaflesstree says:

    that crab was very scary. eep. 

  7. I was listening to Bob and Tom and some of their guests talking about the death of the short guy. Someone asked how he died, to which another (jokingly, I think) replied, “He fell off the table.”

  8. Axis_of_Doom says:

    This is extremely impressive. 

  9. AlterEgo909 says:

    So that crap totally creeped me out lol

  10. Pandiie_Bear says:

    I’ve seen that crab before. It crawled out of the shorts of some girl I went to school with.

  11. This is super cool..I’m glad I stopped by. Biggest crab freaks me out…and woah..your music.. Pepper was one of my favorite songs back in the day… I missed it.

  12. Please tell me that crab isn’t real.. I’m pretty sure I would die if that were anywhere near me. 

  13. asrial86 says:

    My dad’s pet rabbit was bigger than that.  Too bad it’s dead.  It was as big as a large dog, and it was taller than my dad as a teen when it stood on 2 legs.

  14. YouToMe says:

    Cute entry. i want the horsey 🙂

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