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A Few Stats On The US Congress.

The salaries of the 541 members of the US congress amount to $94,134,000. 40% of US senators were millionaires as of 2003.  They of course “represent” americans of whom approximately 1% are millionaires. Before winning the presidential election, Barrack Obama … Continue reading

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RE: Half Of Americans Don’t Pay Taxes.

This is a common claim used to rile up conservatives, the implication being that if you pay any taxes at all half of the country is somehow freeloading off of you.  The statistic is true…ish. The reality is that 47% … Continue reading

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RE: “Obamacare” Is Not Derogatory.

  Randomneuralfirings did a blog with the above claim and I thought my response was micro-blog-worthy: Um, do a google image search of “obamacare” and this is the first result for fuck’s sake.  But go ahead, pretend like doing everything … Continue reading

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Toys That Shouldn’t Exist.


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The Never Ending Story.

No, not that never ending story… I logged into myspace and looked at a few of my old groups, and a former hardcore fundamentalist dude I knew on there back in the day posted this.  I thought I would share: … Continue reading

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I Wanted To Rec’ This Twice…

Go here, watch the video, click the recommend button, and encourage others to do the same. Seriously.

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Michelle Bachmann, Queen Of Crazy, Lord Of Hypocrisy.

Michele Bachmann is well known for saying crazy and inflammatory things, from suggesting that carbon dioxide isn’t harmful because it occurs in nature (thought nasa strangely prefers oxygen to CO2 on their space shuttles for some bizarre reason), to suggesting … Continue reading

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