Awful Religious Billboards.

I logged out to read the revelife “would jesus buy this billboard” blog and the billboard in question was mildly offensive, so I figured I’d post some of the really messed up ones.

Yes I know not all christians are bigots and idiots, just some of the ones that invest in billboards : )

A classic:

And my personal favorite:

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34 Responses to Awful Religious Billboards.

  1. TheGreatBout says:

    All of these are horrible.

  2. The last one made me laugh so hard!

  3. striemmy says:

    The first one is dumb. Civil War leads to America. 

  4. Woohoo, West Virginia where I live. Christ…

  5. LauraG0929 says:

    What? That last one threw me for a loop, haha.

  6. Apparently, this is what the last one was supposed to be before it was photoshopped.

  7. What the hell?  The last one got me.

  8. @methodElevated – That one makes more sense.  Still an asshat thing to put on a billboard, though.

  9. agnophilo says:

    @TheGreatBout – Yup.@striemmy – Haha, very good point.  I hadn’t thought of that.@Ex_Adyto_Cordis – Well hopefully you’re in the “good” part of WV.@LauraG0929 – Apparently it’s photoshopped, read above.  I won’t correct the blog though, the fake version is too funny : )@methodElevated – I saw that in my search too, I figured they were two different ones.  But yeah, that makes more sense.  Still funny : )

  10. agnophilo says:

    @hesacontradiction – Read the comment above yours : )

  11. maniac_rose says:

    WTF?! That last one is messed up.

  12. LauraG0929 says:

    @agnophilo – Oh, I gotcha. It’s pretty fucked either way, but being married to a Korean I found that last one to be pretty funny. =p

  13. God bless photoshop, ay?

  14. Uek says:

    2nd one I like.

  15. misuriver says:

    It’s all retarded. I think the activists made their point, albeit however slanderous… or whatever.

  16. cyberbear says:

    Spam the Wolf.  Birthers are wasting my tax dollars!  The other billboards sucked, too.

  17. Tiger11007 says:

    That’s not religious that’s just plain ingnorant!

  18. Justin_DeBin says:

    I don’t get the second one!

  19. wow. the first reminds me of the West Borough Baptist church…look those screwballs up.those are pathetic.

  20. The last one is a Photoshop hoax.

  21. MangoWOW says:

    That last one cracks me up. 

  22. alampi says:

    @methodElevated – Thanks for the correction. Too bad the photoshopped one is still posted here. 

  23. YouToMe says:

    The last two are the worst. I cant even believe how horrible they are. Ugh. I mean i cant even make out why the jihad cartoon is there – it makes no sense.

  24. Axis_of_Doom says:

    @methodElevated – Me too… but more of a “wow that’s REALLY fucked up on multiple levels” laugh. Does that make me slightly evil? That reminds me… I need to take your good/evil test.

  25. Wow..  insane.Haha. everytime I come to your blog, your music makes me happy.

  26. MagisterTom says:

    What does Jesus do for Asians that don’t want to be Asian anymore?

  27. @methodElevated – oooohhhhh. hahahaha i was like WOW THERE’S HOPE FOR TWINKIES AFTER ALL.

  28. Re: Asian’d expect a better bullshit detector from someone as smart as you.

  29. PervyPenguin says:

    *facedesk* this is why I’ll never, for the life of me, go to the south.

  30. cindyhs says:

    they’re all offensive and take ignorant to a whole new level

  31. Gerard says:

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