The Never Ending Story.

No, not that never ending story…

I logged into myspace and looked at a few of my old groups, and a former hardcore fundamentalist dude I knew on there back in the day posted this.  I thought I would share:

Imagine a film with no end. The characters never die, nothing is ever resolved, no goals are ever met, no tribulation is ever overcome. The cinematographer films forever without break, the actors are always in every shot. There are no trials to be worked out. Just an eternity of footage.

You’re asked to watch this film. You sit in the audience. The movie is never paused. You’re never allowed a moment to use the restroom. You’re given a pen with unlimited ink and a notepad with infinite pages. You’re then asked to write the story.

“I want you to tell me the meaning of this piece,” you’re told. “What is the purpose?”

It is explained that the film pulls from an unlimited amount of literary works. Each literary work it borrows from is just as infinite as the movie. Once you begin to flip through the pages, you discover that they, too, go on and on and on and on without end. Again, the characters never die. Nothing is ever stolen. There is no pain. No suffering. No accomplishments. No victories. No loss. No gain. Just an infinite number of pages chronicling an infinite amount of time.

To find the meaning in the film, you must also understand the meaning of these literary works.

You’re then asked to find meaning in a painting.

The painting extends through infinite space. It spans a plain that you will never fully realize, because it never ceases to continue in all directions.

“What do you see?” you’re asked. “What is the meaning of this work? What is the purpose of this film? What story can be found in these books?”

Your mind searches for an answer.

“But what’s the conclusion?” you ask. “How can I find meaning in a story that never ends?”

“You tell me,” you’re told. “You’re the one who believes in a never ending story.”

Author: Chase, myspace.


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13 Responses to The Never Ending Story.

  1. tsh44 says:

    I thought this was going to be about the movie by that name.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @tsh44 – So did I : D  Expected to see some falcor.

  3. tsh44 says:

    @agnophilo – I liked the luck dragon too was he cute or what?

  4. agnophilo says:

    @tsh44 – Check my profile pics, my dog so looks like him.

  5. tsh44 says:

    @agnophilo – off to take a look

  6. YouToMe says:

    Really makes one think. Will think on this more ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. agnophilo says:

    @wtf_turmoill – I thought so.@mckennawisdom – Wow at the text or the picture?  lol.

  8. @agnophilo – While the picture is priceless…  I was thinking of the words.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. agnophilo says:

    @mckennawisdom – I agree with both : D

  10. Bertram says:

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