RE: The Athiest-Liberal Axis of Evil

Lobornlytesthoughtpalace made a blog with the above insane, hateful title, graduating in my mind from crazy person to outright bigot.  She essentially is just throwing hatred at atheists and liberals and blaming atheists for everything any secular dictator ever did, lumping anyone who doesn’t believe in god into one big group.  My response:

An atheist also made the largest single charitable contribution in history to one of the largest charities in the world, founded by another atheist.  An atheist turned down a multi-million dollar NFL contract to join the army after 9/11 and was killed in combat, etc, etc.

So I guess using your logic of “if one member of a group does something all members of that group are good/evil”, that makes me a great philanthropist and an incredibly selfless war hero.

She responded by doing what she always does, calling my argument a “hallucination” and moving on.


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77 Responses to RE: The Athiest-Liberal Axis of Evil

  1. @bosefius – You displaying a pic that shows you to be a ridiculously ugly fat ass skin head with horns is not me insulting you.Change the pic, Dummy!  You look like a troll.  And it’s hilarious when you accuse others of being one.

  2. bosefius says:

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – Really? The day I take advice from you is when I take my own life because I will have fallen so far.

  3. bosefius says:

    @DaRkFaiRy314 – Right, she’s hilarious, in a sad, stupid animal sort of way.

  4. @bosefius – Then quit complaining when people look at your dumb fat ass skin head with horns pic and conclude you’re an idiot.

  5. bosefius says:

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – Luckily, you are the only one making that assumption. Most adults will actually get to know me before deciding I’m an idiot.Now, like I said earlier, shush, grown up talking. Go play make believe or something, since you spend you life their anyway.

  6. Jazzyful says:

    @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – No, a troll is a person who persistently and consistently does nothing but write inflammatory comments and entries that are masterfully designed simply to piss people off.For the sake of making an example, let’s say that I disagree with every Tea Party view (which is true enough for this point I’m trying to make). Now if I see a Tea Partier posting on a liberal’s entry about the Tea Party’s point of view in an educated and persuasive way, that’s not being a troll, nor would I call it that. I may disagree with it, but being a troll requires more than just providing a dissenting viewpoint.What’s trollish about your comments is just how ridiculously outlandish and incitive they are. You can’t possibly believe what you purport to believe. All you’re trying to do is get people to notice you, get people to argue with you, and get more pagehits. Heck, you’ve even suckered me into it right now by prompting me to write this response. Oh well…who doesn’t like to argue on the internet from time to time.

  7. @Jazzyful – No, a troll is a person who persistently and consistently does nothing but write inflammatory comments and entries that are masterfully designed simply to piss people off.You only see my comments as inflammatory because they challenge your view of the world.The Atheist-Liberal Axis of Evil cannot tolerate dissent of any kind.  You folks don’t notice how foul and inflammatory your own comments are.

  8. @Jazzyful – What’s trollish about your comments is just how ridiculously outlandish and incitive they are. They are only outlandish because your own world view is so small. See, it’s okay for you to call me a troll, call my views outlandish, etc., but I’m the one who’s being inflammatory because I dare to express opinions that are different from yours.

  9. T0m03 says:

    @alampi – I was just asking a question. My opinion isn’t that she thinks she’s God. I never claimed to know how she sees herself.

  10. alampi says:

    @bosefius – I think if she looks anything like her picture, she’s gorgeous.@T0m03 – I was just answering the “judging” thing. I hear it asked more often than I care to. “Who are you to judge?” or “It’s not your place to judge.”. It’s used in that sense like it’s a bad thing to “judge”. My comment was only addressing that. Like I said, we all judge all the time. And ultimately, God will judge us, but that’s another discussion.

  11. bosefius says:

    @alampi – To each their own.

  12. agnophilo says:

    @alampi – There’s a lot more to beauty than what is skin deep.

  13. T0m03 says:

    @alampi – It is kind of a bad thing to judge others. After all, you don’t know what they’re going through. What makes a person bad? What measurements does one use to judge others? I’m sure if there was any possibility that this other person would actually affect your life in whatever he/she is doing, that it may warrant judgment. However, what would be the point of judging someone if they are just minding their own business?

  14. alampi says:

    @agnophilo – Agreed.@bosefius – Yes.@T0m03 – You totally missed my point. Did you even read what I said?

  15. T0m03 says:

    @alampi – From what I was understanding, you implied that it was acceptable to judge just because “we” do it all the time.

  16. i read an argument on someone else’s entry where she said she’s actually a man.  just saying.

  17. agnophilo says:

    @bekkabrutality – “She” told me to suck “her” dick earlier, then deleted the comment, so that makes sense.

  18. alampi says:

    @T0m03 – We do “judge” all the time. It’s NOT a bad word! Have you ever looked a a ragged dirty person and “judged” them to be homeless or poor? Or a well dressed women stepping out of a fancy car and “judged” her to be wealthy? Or even the nerdy looking kid in your 6th grade class and “judged” them to be smart? Or have an employer “judge” performance by way of job review? My point it, the word is bandied about like it’s some sort of “bad” thing to do. It’s human nature!

  19. In the 4th dimension, we don’t have to worry about neo-cons or evil liberals, because none of that really matters past the 3rd dimension.

  20. agnophilo says:

    @EpsilonCassiopeiae – Um, the fourth dimension is time/motion.

  21. @agnophilo –  not entirely. Some do believe that, but when I refer to dimensions, I refer to space, and not some abstract one way street. In theory, yes, you are correct, but so am I. šŸ˜› so when I say 4th dimension, think of hypercube. If you were a 2d being, you would have to try to imagine a cube, and if you were a 1d being, you’d have to imagine a square. All of which are next to impossible. So I can see why you believe the 4 th dimension is time.

  22. agnophilo says:

    @EpsilonCassiopeiae – Four dimensions – height, width, depth and time.  Getting into the higher dimensions is more complicated but they’re not places we can live.

  23. @agnophilo – from a mathematical standpoint, I believe the 4th dimension is spatial, but it’s all theoretical so you could be right.

  24. SerenaDante says:

    She’s so retarded it’s almost amazing.

  25. striemmy says:

    You can graduate from insanity to bigotry?

  26. CzarnaHorda says:

    Animals are tasty!

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