Child Abuse (With Applause).

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15 Responses to Child Abuse (With Applause).

  1. jenessa1889 says:

    That is fucking terrifying

  2. HereInMyVoid says:

    wow. how disturbing.

  3. Uek says:

    Not as bad as being in the room when a 5 year old white kid calls your co worker a “Nigger” in middle of his tantrum (Hmmm he learned that somewhere!).

  4. Well shit.  That is disturbing.

  5. The mini-Hitler at the beginning was the worst in my opinion.

  6. drung888 says:

    Shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a poster atheist kid, right?  There’s got to be more than just one fairy scientist

  7. red_rook says:

    I can’t resist.  Hitler and Stalin.  I think the young zombies have a singing future.  Compare and enjoy.

  8. wow thats just wrong does anyone let kids be kids anymore?

  9. Dargon says:

    I figure they are simply imitating what is viewed as good and admirable. Daddy looks up to preacher, or maybe daddy is the preacher, and everyone looks up to him. So I wanna be like preacher. Anyhow, yeah, indoctrinate them young and indoctrinate them hard.I think number 4 and 7 gave the most convincing sermons.

  10. I don’t know, I think it’s pretty hilarous that these adults take these little actors and actresses seriously.

  11. GaiaReigns says:

    What? Girls up on the pulpit?? Blasphemy! J/k

  12. agnophilo says:

    @Uek – Heh.  Yeah I can imagine that would be a tad bit awkward.@the_peach_assailant – I thought the last one was probably the worst, though a few of them should’ve been in their crib.@drung888 – That’s weird but even that is not comparable.  But yeah, interesting video.@red_rook – The first one was funny, the second one wtf?  Haha.@samanthabecicka – Yeah really.@Dargon – They are programmed like good little computers.  My only hope is that when they hit their rebellious streak it’s enough to tell them to run like hell.  Probably won’t be, but yeah.@gottobereal64 – Yeah.@GaiaReigns – Haha.  My favorite comment so far, lol.

  13. GaiaReigns says:

    @agnophilo – Hehe, glad to amuse 🙂 This is actually pretty scary stuff, though. o.O;

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