Self Quote Of The Day (Update)

“I can’t believe you just said people on the right were less reactionary to criticisms of bush than people on the left were of criticisms of ‘Barrack Osama’.

Gee, I fucking wonder why.”

– Me, in response to this blog.  You may remember the author’s previous theory about obama’s plan to sabotage nasa to cut off our “escape route” from satan (link).


He later gave this comment:

“…look at how often Bush was drawn as a monkey, vs. the reaction people gave when Barack Osama was drawn as a monkey ONCE.”


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14 Responses to Self Quote Of The Day (Update)

  1. I’m starting to wonder where people are getting the notion that broad generalization is useful or realistic. Who is teaching this crap and why hasn’t anyone broken their kneecaps? Kidding about the kneecaps, naturally… but I’d rather like to know how that particular misunderstanding has become so prolific.

  2. agnophilo says:

    @ElliottStrange – Yeah really.  And broad generalization is useful.  To politicians and pundits and evangelical assholes.  Just not to you, me or the vast overwhelming majority of human beings.

  3. @agnophilo – I’ll agree with you there – I suppose it would be more accurate to say it is not useful if you wish to maintain a clean conscience or any credibility. 

  4. agnophilo says:

    @ElliottStrange – Yeah.  Ethical, logical people have no use for it.

  5. apyus says:

    imperialistic war for oil then stock plunders after insider trading on word of offshore drilling legislation and you don’t believe in god

  6. agnophilo says:

    @apyus – You lost me.  But I am considering making a “most impossible to decipher comment awards” blog now.

  7. apyus says:

    @agnophilo – im after your trust fund

  8. That augustus dude is…how can I say this nicely? He’s a fucking raving mad fruitcake. I don’t talk to people like that. It’s a waste of breath (or keystrokes.)  But, that’s just me. 

  9. YouToMe says:

    Well, you know i dont like reposting what other ppl say, but the escape route for satan is priceless. Somebody took a right on crazy street

  10. Well well, thanks for promoting my page.  You really are my atheist friend, or wait, I guess it’s agnostic friend now.  Keep up the good work.And to everyone commenting here, any of you are welcome to come and argue with me on my page if you think you’re up for it. 

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