Mentality On The American Right.

I was watching some pundit show and they were talking about how the dems need to hope the economy gets better in the coming months to “minimize their losses” in the november mid-terms so they don’t completely lose their majority, and it occurred to me that this seems to be the mentality of the right in this country:

Give Bush and the republicans 8 years and ten thousand chances to do their jobs right before turning on them, then when the country has burst into flames give obama and the dems 1 year to not only put out the fire, but make everything awesome again.

Now I’m not a huge fan of either party but that seems like crap to me.

I’m all for the bar being higher for the people in charge at the moment but that’s just not realistic.


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11 Responses to Mentality On The American Right.

  1. It only took one year to realize that Obama was a complete disaster.  It took 8 years of pounding anti-Bush propaganda day and night to get people to turn.And Bush just sat there like a ninny and let it happen.  If you walk off the field the other will win the game whether they are good or not.

  2. jmallory says:

    I blame both parties… screw our system.

  3. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – Agreed. Bush should have Nationised all communications in this country and put Rupert Murdoch at the head of the Bureau of Information to insure only positive information about his administration would be circulated.

  4. red_rook says:

    It’s pretty normal for the president’s party to lose ground in congress.  I think it makes sense psychologically.  Those that supported the president are going to always be expecting more than one figure head can give.  Those that are against him are going to be rallying in force to keep from repeating their previous loss.  It doesn’t matter who is in office.  It is not good to be in line with him at the 2 year mark.In the end, possession is 9/10 of the law in congress.  Most incumbants will keep their seat until someone quits or dies.  At times it seems like rational thought has nothing to do with elections.  It is just waves of emotion like the stock market.

  5. Mugo60 says:

    Lets get it over with..Let the conservatives have it all. This will perhaps put enough of a squeeze on the middle class to revolt. Plutocracy will not work. Let me fight these bastards with the training The US Army and my Vietnam experience provided while I am still young enough to do so. I do not advocate killing but I think it will come to that and Neo-cons are cowards. The upper one percent cannot maintain 90% of the nations wealth.

  6. And in 2012, everyone who decried that Bush be given 4 more years will vote Obama out of office for doing his best to fix that mess. Politics is cyclical.  After the Republicans screw things up (differently this time) again, a Democrat will be elected and people will expect miracles again. 

  7. helvetebrann says:

    …WTF.  The economy already IS better.

  8. helvetebrann says:

    edit: There is still a lot of room for improvement, but seriously, are people fucking blind?  There is a ridiculous amount of positive change away from the recession and a whole shitload of economic recovery.

  9. cringercat says:

    I definitely agree with you, wholeheartedly. šŸ™‚ I’m so sick of hearing this from the right, it just makes me roll my eyes now. I don’t even get mad. I just think its more childishness. Which is sad, since these are supposed to be adults.

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