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Peace, Atheism And The GPI, Food For Thought.

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The Ironic Blog.

(rasmussen/fox news poll about distorting data which adds up to 120%)

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Short History Of The Birther Movement.

Birthers: “Obama seems foreign his name isn’t smith and he’s… shall we say ‘tanned’.  I wanna see his birth certificate!” [obama campaign immediately supplies a picture of his current birth certificate, sends away for a fresh copy, scans it and … Continue reading

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Anti-Obama Hatred.

I read a blog by mccanarie just a few minutes ago saying that obama, democrats etc were getting off on the oil spill because it meant they could waste government money for years cleaning it up etc, etc. This was … Continue reading

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A Shout out to Simian_Musings…

Kudos Simian_Musings, for reading my comments on your site about politics and evolution, responding to them, and then immediately blocking me so I couldn’t respond, and showing creationism and your brand of lame conservativism to be oh-so defensible and intellectually … Continue reading

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RE: Buy Gold.

You have to put your money into gold, because when the global economy collapses zombies will eat your family, rain will fall upward and snow will fall sideways, you will have to use your stockpile of guns to fight to … Continue reading

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I LOVE when shit like this happens, haha.

Okay first of all watch this: (Disable Above Playlist First) It was just struck by lightning and burned down: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or … Continue reading

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